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We are working to reimagine both traditional and social media-based news.


Please join us at BestWorld, the alpha test version. Become among the first of our citizen* journalists, in reporting what's now, and better yet, what's next.


When big news breaks, we'll arm you with an AI that can find people on the scene ready to share their stories with you, and translate if you don't share the same language.


For the "what's next," our community of seasoned news forecasters will collaborate with you and our AI so you also can report how your breaking story may unfold over the next days, weeks, and sometimes, even years. Our team already is experimenting with this concept on a small and partial scale at INFER. You are welcome to join us here and have a chance to win prize money.


BestWorld is a new nonprofit in the process of obtaining our 501 (c) (3) status. Everyone who joins us in these early days will be memorialized as one of our founders.


Our first major experiment will enable you to write brief news stories reports including forecasts of what's next regarding the United Nations. We will make it easy for you to discover what it is doing day by day based on its treaties, committees, UN Security Council meetings, and much more. The big news that you can forecast may include it sending in troops and authorizing invasions,brokering peace, or delivering aid to people who are starving.


You don't need to be an expert to succeed at forecasting. Indeed, research has shown that most people can, on average. see the future better than experts and improve with practice. Also, our specially curated version of ChatGPT, along with our staff of experienced, successful forecasters, will be your research assistants. Because AIs make mistakes, we will include prizes for catching mistakes by our version of ChatGPT.

As your forecasts turn out to usually be true, you will lead others to trust your opinions. Granted, nobody can always predict the future perfectly. However, our research says that most of the time anyone can do so. Indeed, you may discover that you are better than many media stars, especially if you take advantage of help from our ChatGPT version and our professional forecasters.


So, if you've ever dreamed of influencing millions of people, of making a big contribution to the world's peace and prosperity, how about becoming a founding BestWorld citizen reporter/forecaster? For now, simply email carolyn.meinel [at]


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P.S. Anyone who has worked as a professional journalist also is welcome, as long as you properly credit any citizen journalist whose work you might use.


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