Carolyn Meinel
Chief Technology Officer, BestWorld, leading its IR&D activities on Natural Language Processing and both crowdsourced human forecasting and human/machine hybrid forecasting. She has written many books and magazine articles. Performed the initial technology forecast for 8 Rivers Capital on zero emissions technologies, which led to the Net Power system. Net Power has been hailed as Black Swan technology that promises to play a role in fighting global warming via its 100% CO2 capture system. Better yet, it saves money thanks to its record high operating temperature, enabling a Carnot Cycle, that by the Second Law of Thermodynamics generates a higher percent of power per fuel burned. Her most recent research paper appars in the International Journal of Forecasting. Preprint here ---> Her detailed resume here.


Dr. Dawna Coutant
Science team, Bestworld. Her area of research is factors that lead cultures to either cooperate or conflict with each other. She also was a key participant, along with Cristopher Karvetski and Carolyn Meinel, in KaDSci's award winning effort in IARPA's Geopolitical Forecasting Competition II. In 2020, in GJP 2.0, she was the #2 forecaster for the first half year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and better than the world's top modeling teams run by teams of epidemiologists and data a scientists.. She currently is a superforecaster with both Good Judgment, Inc. and INFER. Formerly, she was a Professor and Department Chair of Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and has authored or coauthored dozens of refereed papers.






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