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Miles Palmer, Chairman of the Board


Miles Palmer


Founder, unicorn 8 Rivers, a clean technology company pioneering the clean energy and climate future through the invention and commercialization of infrastructure-scale technologies to enable the global energy transition. The current 8 Rivers portfolio includes but is not limited to: Unicorn NET Power (founded by Palmer) (NYSE:NPWR); 8RH2, 8 Rivers Energy, TarT, Calcite (DAC), and KC8. - He aso is a member of the board of TROSA, a nonprofit, licensed and voluntary multi-year residential treatment program that has been providing evidence-based care for more than 25 years. Pilot - USAF Astronaut Nominee - Duke Pratt School of Engineering Board of Visitors.


Carolyn Meinel, President


Carolyn Meinel

Carolyn was a founder and president of the nonprofit L-5 Society (now NSS). More recently she was a board member and chief technology officer for th nonprofit Institute for Strategic and Innovative Technologies. She has written many books, magazine articles, and research papers. She performed the initial technology forecast for BestWorld's Miles Palmer at 8 Rivers Capital on zero emissions electrical power generation technologies, which led to the NetPower system. This has been hailed as Black Swan technology that promises to play a role in fighting global warming via its 100% CO2 capture system. Her most recent research paper appeared in the International Journal of Forecasting. Preprint here. See also her activities as a professional forecaster of geopolitical events at INFER, a project of RAND.:

Third highest ranked forecaster, 2023 at INFER
Sixth highest ranked forecaster, 2022 at INFER


Her personal website here. Carolyn can be found on Mastodon, X, and LinkedIn.


Brian LaBatte, SecretaryTreasurer


Brian LaBatte


As a senior Montreal based leader in the energy sector, Brian has spearheaded business development, engineering teams, legal trade cases, and product innovation. He is a founding member of the Good Judgment Project, a prominent group in forecasting political and economic trends. Brian enjoys outdoor sports and hiking with his dogs in Vermont.


Bran can be found on X and LinkedIn.


Dr. Dawna Coutant, Chief Scientist


Dawna Coutant

Dawna's area of research is factors that lead cultures to either cooperate or conflict with each other. As a Professor and Department Chair of Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, she authored or coauthored dozens of refereed papers. She also was a key participant, along with Carolyn Meinel, in KaDSci's award winning effort in IARPA's Geopolitical Forecasting Competition II. In 2020, in a DARPA sponsored Covid-19 forecasting competition, she was the #2 forecaster for the first half year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and better than all the world's top modeling teams. She currently is a superforecaster with Good Judgment, Inc. As a pro forecaster at INFER, she was rated as as the top forecaster of 2023 (user name DKC) despite competing with over 80 of the world's top forecasters along with several hundred other participants.


Her personal website here. Her first Cleo Cooper Mystery, Evil Alice and the Borzoi was released by the Wild Rose Press in 2023. The second one is in press.

Dawna can be found on Mastodon,X, and LinkedIn


Jeremy Lichtman, Chief Technology Officer


Jeremy LIchtman


Jeremy is a solution architect and former hands-on software developer. Born in England, Jeremy lived in southern Africa for several years as a child. Since 1989, he has resided in Toronto, Canada. He participated in the final two seasons of the Good Judgment Project, after reading about Philip Tetlock in the news. Fascinated by the functioning of crowdsourced forecasting in general, he can now be found contributing to the security of the US and allies by forecasting on INFER.


Jeremy's hobbies include obsessively reading the news (focus on markets and macro), historical research (with an emphasis on genealogy), , collecting minerals, watching baseball, and writing science fiction. In addition to his book, Eponymous Plot Device, Jeremy's stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online, and have been featured in several anthologies, including Visions of the Future from the Lifeboat Foundation. He was a round-of-ten finalist for the Amazing Stories inaugural Gernsback Contest.


His personal website can be found here.
Jeremy can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Both Jeremy and Dawna are published fiction authors. Meinel is a published nonfiction author. Examples of their books here --->





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