Carolyn Meinel
Chief Technology Officer, BestWorld, leading its IR&D activities on Natural Language Processing and both crowdsourced human forecasting and human/machine hybrid forecasting. She has written many books and magazine articles with her forecasts of technology developments. Performed the initial technology forecast for 8 Rivers Capital on zero emissions technologies, which led to the Net Power system in prototype test operations in Houston, Texas. Net Power has been hailed as Black Swan technology that promises to play a role in fighting global warming via its 100% CO2 capture system. Better yet, it saves money thanks to its record high operating temperature, enabling a Carnot Cycle, that by the Second Law of Thermodynamics generates a higher percent of power per fuel burned. Her most recent research paper (BestWorld's CEO Dan Maxwell is a coauthor) was recently accepted by the International Journal of Forecasting. Preprint here ---> Her detailed resume here.


Dr. Dawna Coutant
Science team, Bestworld. Her area of research is factors that lead cultures to either cooperate or conflict with each other. She also was a key participant, along with Cristopher Karvetski and Carolyn Meinel, in KaDSci's award winning effort in IARPA's Geopolitical Forecasting Competition II. In 2020, in GJP 2.0, she was the #2 forecaster for the first half year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and better than the world's top modeling teams run by teams of epidemiologists and data a scientists.. She currently is a superforecaster with both Good Judgment, Inc. and INFER. Formerly, she was a Professor and Department Chair of Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and has authored or coauthored dozens of refereed papers.






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