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Are you ready for serious hacking? At last, from the head of the Wolf OS development team,Amit Rawat's Guides to Kernel Hacking. Updated April 9, 2010.

Matt Smith gives you fast, easy ways to protect your home computer. Todays tip: file extentions, heh, heh.. Updated April 9, 2010.

Google Warns of China Cyberwar attacks. Updated Jan. 12, 2010.

Karsten Kohl of the Chaos Computer Club announces crackof GSM cell phone code. Three billion users may be affected. Updated Dec. 30, 2009.

How to Break into Banks --without Breaking the Law (would we lie to you?) See how Greggory Peck broke into a bank's computer system, legally.Updated Dec. 28, 2009

Karsten Nohl takes on GSM Encryption. Updated Dec. 27, 2009.

U.S. Spy Drone Video Feed HackedUpdated Dec. 18, 2009

U.S. and Russia Open Talks on Limits to War in Cyberspace Updated Dec. 12, 2009.

Age of Cyberwarfare Dawning.Updated Nov. 17, 2009.

International Hacker Gang Busted for ATM TheftsThey thought they could outsmart law enforcement and get rich fast. Today they await trial behind bars. Says Happy Hackster Carolyn Meinel, "My heart bleeds peanut butter for them." Updated Nov. 11, 2009.

Pentagon hacker says he was just hunting for alien space invaders. Updated Oct. 9, 2009.

The Conficker botnet nowcontrols some five million zombie computers. Despite spreading since Nov. 21, 2008,nobody seems to know who owns it -- criminals? terrorists? some nation's armed forces? or what it might do. Read more about it and what you can do about it. Updated Aug. 27, 2008.

Yet another Cybercrime kingpin busted. Updated Aug. 18, 2009.

Russians used stolen IDs in military attacks on the nation of Georgia Updated Aug. 17, 2009.

U.S. Defense contractors hiring hackers to wage cyberwar. Updated May 30, 2009.

U.S. needs cyberwarfare force, says NSA chief Gen. Alexander.Updated May 5, 2009.

U.S. cyberwarriors attack al Qaeda, Iran. Updated April 28, 2009.

Pentagon plans new cybercommand. Updated April 22, 2009.

Kiddie hackers busted for "act of clods" in grade change sgheme. Updated April 15, 2009.

How to Become a Cyberwarrior!Warning -- this is a (mostly) harmfulguide:) Updated March 29, 2009.

Free, powerful tools to kick the bad guys off your computer. Updated Dec. 19, 2008.

More hacker humor. Updated Oct. 27, 2008

Happy Hacker's Carolyn Meinel reveals how to attack or defend the Internet through Border Gateway Protocol. Updated Aug. 25, 2008

How to build railguns and coilguns Updated Sunday, November 15 2008

Botnet criminals "byte" the dust yet again. Updated Sunday, December 27 2008

How to build railguns and coilguns. Updated Sunday, November 15 2008

Botnet hacker "bytes" the dust. Updated Sunday December 27 , 2007

Busted hacker faces 45 years in prison for breaking into military computers. Updated Sunday, December 27 , 2007.

Hacker General reports commiting computer crime may behazardous to the criminal'shealth. Updated Saturday, November 14 , 2007.

noneHow to Fake out Web Servers When You Visit (fun and legal!). Updated Saturday, November 14 , 2007.

Fun with Firefox: you, too, can modify the world's most secure (and second most widely used) browser, even if you don't know how to program. Updated Saturday, November 14 , 2007.

How to Get the Best Education inComputer Security. .

Satellite Hacking!

Was it a spammer vs. spammer crime? An extortion racket? Or just the work of a really dumb criminal.Read all about the takedown of Blackseo.com.

U.S. Senate approves Cybercrime Treaty; freedom of speech for hackers threatened.

We've updated the guide on How to Fight Back when Computer Criminals Strike with new information about port scanners for Windows and, muhahaha - how to torment the bad guys so much that they quit their lives of crime!

More ways to protect your home computer from even the worstattackers.

Learn more fun and legal ways to discover what goes on behind the scenes of seemingly fancyhacker networks.

he Best Education inComputer Security (and get paid to go to college, too!)

How to help save the victims of child porn and put the criminalsbehind bars with cellmate "Spike."




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