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Will this Book Make You an Überhacker?

You also will need a pet tarantula. I'm only half kidding. In June 1999 the leader of the Internet Security Systems' X-Force (Chris Rouland) hosted Vincent "Evil Kernel" Larsen and me at their research laboratory. Imagine doing nothing all day long except discovering new ways to break into computers! That's their job. What do you want to bet that place is crawling with überguys? Sometimes they take a break to play practical jokes and feed their pet tarantulas, which they keep in cages in their lab. I kid you not. (You can learn more about ISS at http://www.iss.net.)

I promise that you will learn enough in these pages to go toe to toe with hacker gangs and beat the tar out of them. OK, OK, my nose is growing, that was a fib. You won't learn how to be an überhacker just by reading this book. However, you will get keystroke by keystroke instructions on how to break into computers, keep the bad guys out, and learn the basics of how to discover new exploits on your own.

In addition, this book provides a road map that you can follow to go beyond mere breaking into computers and, Lord willing, into the world of the überhackers. It takes more than just reading. Only you can embrace the single-minded passion that will bring you to the top. Only you can muster the courage to withstand the worst the übercriminals may throw against you.

To become an überhacker, you learn from other hackers - the real hacker type, not criminals. You learn by experimenting on your own computers and the computers of hackers who invite you to play war games with them. You learn by watching them do amazing things to your computer. By lifting each other up through this process of play and experimentation, you can eventually learn how to break into almost any computer, or secure it from almost any attack.

Guess where you can meet lots of überhackers? At colleges and universities that have quality computer science programs.

This book, Überhacker!, can become your portal into this world. It will show you how to build a hacker lab and attract others to mentor you, and will help you find the best colleges and university computer science programs.

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