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Everything You Wanted to Know about Social Engineering -- But Were Afraid to Ask...

Is there a way I could demonstrate a witness to the truth that our Happy Hacker web site is trying to show you - that you can become an expert at breaking into computers without ever breaking the law or collaborating with a criminal gang? Under the "further reading" section below are two books that have quite a bit of information about me. The authors interviewed friends, family and coworkers. While these aren't exactly the Two Gospels of Carolyn, they should give you an idea of who I am, and how credible I might be.

Further Reading

Corporate Espionage, by Ira Winkler, Prima Publishing, 1997

Books with a great deal about Carolyn Meinel (part of the material referring to her under her former married name of Carolyn Henson):

Great Mambo Chicken & the Transhuman Condition: Science Slightly Over the Edge, by Ed Regis, Addison Wesley, 1990

Reaching for the High Frontier: The American Pro-Space Movement, 1972 - 84, by Michel A. G. Michaud, Praeger, 1986. Hard to get - try interlibrary loan.

For details on the historical evidence behind Jesus, and the techniques whereby it has been verified, see the book More than a Carpenter, by Josh McDowell.

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