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What Are People Saying about Überhacker?

“The great thing about this book is that it is not an ending — it’s a beginning. The path to the Überhacker awaits.” — John Demchenko

“One day some FBI agents sought my assistance to solve a case of the most notorious computer crackers that have baffled them for over 4 years. While compiling evidence at my office, one of them noticed my copy of Überhacker and made a comment that they use Carolyn Meinel’s books for FBI training. Funny thing — I’m one of the people who helped Meinel research computer security. One of the Special Agents requested I keep their names anonymous, however, told me they still use Meinel’s books as a reference.” — Sydney Urshan, owner of the web hosting company, NETHOLLYWOOD, www.nethollywood.net

“With recent media attention, the image of the hacker has grown from that of a mischievous teen looking for an intellectual challenge, to that of a malevolent terrorist with unimaginable powers. Today more than ever, it is important for computer experts to protect themselves, but this hype has lead to confusion and misinformation. Carolyn Meinel, a hacker who has learned the in’s and out’s of computer security fighting in the trenches against destructive hackers and has been teaching computer security skills for years, makes available in Uberhacker unique firsthand knowledge.

“From a small computer security news letter, Carolyn Meinel has built an entire organization dedicated to cutting through the mysticism of hacker hype and teaching people, including myself, real computer security skills and techniques. It was Carolyn’s first book, The Happy Hacker, that got me started on networking and computer science, and with Überhacker II, she continues to impart invaluable firsthand knowledge in her trademark witty and entertaining style.” — Tom Cook, HappyHacker IRC Moderator; Computer Science student at the University of Kansas Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science; Network Designer and Linux/Unix Administrator for black-gear.com and 14t3ncy.org; Certified computer and Networking Consultant, Graphic Artist and Web Designer.

“Finally, a way to learn about security without having to listen to “former” computer criminals lecture for hours at over-priced seminars. Carolyn Meinel’s latest book gives everyone the opportunity to learn things which before were closely kept secrets within the hacker underground.” — John Vranesevich, Founder, http://www.AntiOnline.com, consultant to the FBI.

“Anyone who does not know this material is waiting to be victimized. Using the information in Überhacker... well, just say our clients were VERY happy it was us... I can’t emphasize enough that this one is a ‘must read’.” — John Bailey, independent security consultant.

“As Carolyn shows, people don’t delete files, programs do.” — Vincent Larsen, creator of the Process-Based Security technique; President, Systems Advisory Group, Inc. http://www.sage-inc.com.

“Meinel describes how a fictional hacker might penetrate a corporation’s computer system. Is publishing it irresponsible? Obviously, we think not… We can best inform readers about how to defend themselves by explaining what attacks to expect.” — Editor-in-chief John Rennie explaining his decision to run an article by Meinel, Scientific American, October 1998 issue, p. 6.

Überhacker belongs next to The C Programming Language (Kernighan and Ritchie) and O’Reilly’s Practical Unix and Internet Security, as must have books for any self-proclaimed Überhacker.” — Gavin Heer

“In one volume, Meinel succeeds in doing what few others have done: educate her readers about the subtle complexities of computers in a book that both educates and entertains her readers. Adding spice are her seemingly endless insights into the once-unseen world of the Über-hacker.” — Michael DeVault, writer and 2002 Faulkner Finalist

“Carolyn Meinel is responsible for turning a forty year old dullish guy into a juvenile delinquent, don’t read this book!!” — Paul J., Ireland

“Carolyn Meinel taught us how to hack…” Hacking for Girliez gang message left on the web site of the New York Times, September 13, 1998.

“Carolyn P. Meinel… is its [the Hacking for Girliez gang, which has done millions in damage] public enemy number one.” — Adam Penenberg writing in “Tracking the Hack,” Forbes, November 16, 1998, p. 136.

“Achtung! By order of Supreme Allied Cyber Command, you will read this book.” — Captain Zap (Ian Murphy President, IAM/Secure Data Systems, Inc.), the first person in the U.S. to be convicted of computer crime.

“Carolyn P. Meinel is a woman with a mission. She’s out to teach hacking… Maybe one of (her) protégées will end up on your staff one day.” SC Magazine, June 1998, p. 14.

“This book exemplifies the true nature of hacking in every way. You soon realize that to break into computers and type “lyk3 7h1s” is so simple only a chump would do it — but to really hack is truly elite. Teach her a trick, she hacks for a day; teach her to think, she hacks for a lifetime.” — Chris Pepe, Mechanical Engineer, Vermont

“Mandatory reading for everyone interested in computer science all over the world.” — Sven Nicolai, Chemical Engineer, Belguim

“Meinel provides dozens of step-by-step methods on exactly how it’s done…” — Winn Schwartau, Network World, May 25, 1998

“Don’t be a slacker, read your Überhacker.” — Steve, “IP Junkie”, Tennessee

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