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How to Totally Compromise a Fortune 500 Company, continued...

To ensure future access, I planted some backdoors that ran with names such as SCSI and SAN. Content with penetrating into the DMZ, my next task was to attack the multi-homed WinNT 4 IIS staging server. This would have to wait for later. You see, another victim awaited me this day: a target that would make many of my other hacks look miniscule in nature.

I made my way to the kitchen, flipped the power-switch on the coffee maker, and headed for the shower. Having mercilessly scoured my target's web site, marketing pamphlets, InterNIC information, etc., I was armed with a list of names, phone numbers and ideal cover stories. While showering I repeated out loud some basic statements I was going to make today. I monitored my tone of voice, remembering to smile, making sure my voice came across confident and sure.

"Hi! You must be Jan, pleasure to meet you! I just got off the phone with Jim in accounting who assured me you could direct me to the executive VP wing", "Pleasure to finally meet you! "I'm Rob Eldridge, the new Y2K Analyst." "I've been doing some Y2K Audits over in San Francisco in our branch office there. Looks like they finally broke down and sent me to Vegas!".

Confident that my communication skills were steady and ready to be tested I got out of the shower and picked out a nice pair of black slacks, a black silk button up shirt and a Rush Limbaugh Tie that just shouted "LOOK AT ME!" (Hmmm, this should really make me stand out amongst all the black slacks, white cotton shirts, and conservative ties, I thought. It's a funny thing - dress a bit outrageously and they all think about the tie, and miss the obvious…) I completed the outfit with a nice set of Florshiem dress shoes, a close shave and some mild cologne. On the drive to my target I continued to rehearse my cover story.

Pulling into the parking lot I got out of my car and stepped into the calm and collected persona I had generated for myself, Rob Eldridge, Y2K Analyst. I did a brisk walk to catch up with some employees wearing identification badges clipped to their shirts. I quickly begin to make some small talk.

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