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Everything You Wanted to Know about Social Engineering -- But Were Afraid to Ask...

This broadside didn't fool me. I had seen the pornography and threats against Vranesevich's kid sister myself. And just what was this terrible email that Vranesevich sent to Harvard?


May I first say that I did my best to see that this letter got sent to the appropriate individuals. I had some difficulty determining who those individuals may be, so if I have made an error, I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this letter on to the appropriate individual(s).

My name is John Vranesevich, and I am the Founder and General Partner of AntiOnline LLP, a computer security company based outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Earlier today, one of my colleagues forwarded me the following URL:


Needless to say, I was shocked and outraged at what I saw. This page contains a large archive of libelous and, to put it bluntly, sick material. Everything from archives of copyrighted material from our website, to altered pictures of my family, to 'stories' about me which contain images ranging from people engaged in homosexual activities, to a nun that appears to be covered in seminal fluid.

I am astounded that an institution as prestigious as Harvard would be party to the dissemination of this type of material. It is my hope that the University Administration was unaware of this site, and now that it has been brought to their attention, it is my hope that it will be dealt with promptly.

I have worked to help several educational institutions develop 'Acceptable Use Policies', and if Harvard is similar to them, the above URL would be a clear violation of that policy.

It is my hope that the above mentioned domain will be shut down immediately, and that the individual responsible will be seriously reprimanded.

I hope to hear from you soon about this matter, and what you may have done regarding it.

Yours In CyberSpace,
John Vranesevich
Founder, AntiOnline

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