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More March 14 edition of "It Sucks to Be Me!"

Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 18:48:44 -0800 (PST) From: Mike Smith Subject: KEEP confidential...please help me out..

hey..wussup?...im new into this but can u please find me information on the name(first and last), address including (address city zip code and state), e-mail address and expiration date for this account number on MasterCard: 529167056790xxxx

Pl3as3 h3lp m3 out....1t w0uld b3 v3rY h3LpfuL..thank$.. v3ry much...if ya n33d n3thang..l3t m3 know..and keep hAcK1N.. layte.. Johnny

Carolyn replies: If Mike doesn't own that credit card number, and he ever figures out how to get enough infromation to use it, he's heading for jail.

From: "mark rich" Subject: hey i need your help Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 00:55:46 EST

hey i was reading your guide to (Mostly) harmless hacking (very interesting) but i was thinkin that u could probably get someones email account password i have been trying all the other tricks that other people posted and i can get it to work. his email address is GaunFoobar@hotmail.com we are friends so dont worry about any illegal stuff we were just haveing a contest on who could get the other persons password first so if i lose im out of 10 bucks. I also need some advise on a good program thats easy to use i used to have 1 but my computer crashed and i lost everything somethin that you type in the persons ip address and do some other stuff and youl be able to send the other computer an error message like "hahahahaha" if you know any programs like that i would apreciate it. but mostly i would love for you to plz get GaunFoobar's password if you dont want to i can understand but can u email me back if are or are not going to try. thnx.

Carolyn replies: Somehow I doubt your "friend" gave you permission to break into his email. However, even if he did, only the management of Hotmail has the right to give people permission to break into their email system.

From: "Phederal Phelony" <phederalphelony@hotmail.com> Subject: hehehehe... Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 13:35:15 PST

Words can not describe how much of a joke you are. But I'll try...*AHEM*... You suck.

Hey that felt good actually. By the way, real hackers do not do destructive mayhem. What the hell is with that 'Mostly Harmless hacking'.

By the way, you will soon end up on my web site under the People that suck section.

You can see my site at, oh shit wait, better not give you my address, you are not worthy.

Phederal Phelony

P.S. If you do find my website, drop me a line ya lamer!

Carolyn replies: He's probably afraid that if he does tell me what his web site is, I'll post instructions that just hint at how to hack it. Warning: if anyone does something as lame as deface a poor, pitiful hacker web site in the hopes of pleasing me, even if that web site has stuff on it that insults me, I will make fun of the luser who defaces it. Hacking web sites is lame, boring and childish. You won't catch me hacking web sites unless they are my own and I'm testing exploits. Securing web servers against attack is what takes brains.

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