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More It sucks to Be Me...

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 21:06:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Sylpher "§"
Subject: a friend and a problem

I was wandering if you could help me with somethin. a friend of mine thinks her boyfriend id cheatin on her, how she knows is kinda a long story, but i was wandering if you could help me get her boyfriends password to his email or at least tell me a way i can read it to see if he is. i dont wanna do anything mean or anything just see if he is cause he was tellin her bout all these letters from these girls hes gettin then he said he gave her his password and when she tried it, it didnt work and he was like what do you think im gonna let you read them and started laughing so can you help me? i know his email is at yahoo and she is gonna give me his log in name anything you could do to help would be appertiated

Carolyn replies: Sigh, yet another person who imagines that computer crime can solve problems of the heart. The guy in question is obviously a jerk, and if this girl's "friend" uses computer crime to see just how much of a jerk that guy is, he's a jerk, too. Speaking of which, check out this next email...

Date: 29 Mar 2000 12:21:02 -0800
From: shannon
Subject: email

Good Afternoon Carolyn!

I found your name and email address on the internet. I am even newbie-er than your usual newbie, and I am going to type those dreaded words!......I need your help! I was reading the newsletter & found it all very interesting and am even going to give it all a try. In the meantime, though, I am in a situation where I really need to act fast (very fast).

If I give you an email address, could you assist me in doing one of 2 things: 1. break the code & get the password (was that the right phrasology "break the code"! HA HA) or 2. instruct me on how to get in?

Without going into too much detail, I very much need to see what's going on in this email account. This chick is stalking me because I am now dating (probably marrying) a guy she broke up with over 2 years ago. It's time I turned the tables on her -- I think she's sending out little "love" messages to my guy & I just cannot have that.

Anyway, that's more than you needed to hear, I'm sure, however, I am foreever grateful for your guidance.


Shannon Carraway

Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 05:42:33 -0800
From: "Richard Bininya"
Subject: happyhacker.org

Okay this is sickening...

A. a *!*.org is reserved for NON-PROFIT sites
B. Linux is not the "primo" attack OS
C. BSD is
D. That stupid Pi thing is so g*** ****ed unoriginal it's frightening
E. However that source is, it has to be most l3470 n3370 thing I've ever seen I wish i could be just like you. But then again I'll stick to Z-80 ASM
F. If it turns out that it is a punishable offense for using a *!*.org for profit, then I will be sure to notify attrition.org since you and them seem to be good buddies.
G. Most importantly, If I remember the source code correctly, the NYTimes Hack was spawned by you. You were the one condoning illegal acts, and were the one who got the group pissed off enough to nail; a high profile target. So it wasn't the book that did it, it was the way you managed to piss off everyone you collaborated with on the book.
H. Also, you are not a member of the Hacker community, I checked around, everyone thinks you're a "dumbass" or "idiot". Sorry, but it happens, especially when you screw with a bunch of cool, and rather docile guys like the guys at attrition.org. Who have not only avoided legal activity, they have even avoided political activity. They are by far some of the most docile people on the net.
I. And if you think this is just hate mail, it's not. It's constructive criticism. I really do hate to see people feed disinformation to the public. A really do wish you would take the time to get involved in the subject you research, before you get all hyped up on your own "1337ness". Your books sucked. They were error filled and uninformative. Please take the time to stop acting like UNIX experts visit your site. only idiots with winboxes take the time to visit your site. not to mention a true unix expert is extremely hard to locate.

Anyways, I do hope you get around to fixing these problems, it would be such a wasted life if you never did. And I am a true believer that all people have an isaciable need to do something good that gives meaning to their life before they die. And so far your books have been couterproductive in that goal. you have served to undermine the legitimacy, of the growing politically active underground. Thanks to the combined efforts of 2600 l0pht cDc and attrition, the populace of the world is finally waking up to the injustices that e-commerce has unleashed upon the internet. And when I look upon a domain bearing the .org I am reminded that these sites are all that's left of a day, when the internet, was meant to be a free exchange of information, and not a flee market for peddlers liek yourself. Your site is bad enough, but to dirty the meaning of the .org is far beyond redeemable. I truly do feel sorry for you if you read this letter and throw it away thinking I'm just another disillusioned youth. I've been actively involved in the legitmizing of the underground for over three years. To see you mock this noble cause with the fluff you publish, and the way you distort the *!*.org is truly a sickening thing.
I wish you find the flaws in your path, and rectify them.

(smack.yak.net:6667 #2600)

PS I don't want to have to send you to /dev/null/ hehehe (j/k)

Carolyn replies: Presumably this guy accidentally sent that email three days early. He must have meant it as an April Fool's joke. If he by any chance is serious, he's welcome to prove his claims by figuring out how to compile a few exploits on any type of BSD box and use them to deface the Happy Hacker web site. He has my permission -- go ahead, prove yourself, Openfly!

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