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"It Sucks to Be Me!" Sept.26, 2001 edition. Today we headline hacktivists who claim to be fighting Osama bin Laden but actually attacked a country, Iran, that is also fighting bin Laden.

A founder of the Internet, Vint Cerf, and Cyberangels leader Parry Aftab have taped a TV public service announcement begging hackers to stop committing "hacktivist" computer crimes over Osama bin Laden.

The logo below belongs to the worst offenders of this crime spree: the Dispatchers. They are even lamer than their logo makes them look.

What a bunch of idiots Dispatchers are -- or are they actually in the pay of bin Laden? US Attorney General John Ashcroft is calling for a new law that would let him put computer criminals like the Dispatchers behind bars for life. The Dispatchers are a perfect reason why. First they attack a company that helps the US fight terrorism. Then they put up a disgusting attack on an Iranian government web site -- while the US is in delicate negotiations with them about getting their help fighting bin Laden, whom the government of Iran also hates.

Should we believe, as they claim, that the Dispatchers are really just too f***ing stupid to realize they are helping bin Laden? Or are they in the pay of Osama bin Laden? Regardless of why they are aiding bin Laden, they need to get shut down. Please, if you know anything about the Dispatchers, help the FBI to bring them to justice by contacting Parry Aftab.

More carnival of wannabe computer criminals --->>

Tired of reading about people that want to be computer criminals or just plain creeps? To read about hackers who use their skills to make the world a better place, click here for "Have a Great Life."

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