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Antichildporn.org disintegrating!

Founder and leader Natasha Grigori has, according to their web site, taken a leave of absence for unspecified medical reasons. Their webmaster has quit. According to our sources, she quit when she realized she was being exploited. The remainder of Antichildporn.org is trying to cover it up.

A Federal investigation is rumored to be in progress. It happens to be child sexual abuse to recruit children to troll the Web for porn and report instances of kiddie porn. In the case of Antichildporn.org, these children were not even reporting kiddie porn to the authorities. Instead, they report directly to a form on the Antichildporn.org web site. Under questioning, the leaders of Antichildporn.org were unable to cite a single instance of actual prosecutions arising from these reports.

Who the heck are these guys? Natasha is an alias. According to our sources, she is well-meaning, but naive. Most of the rest of the AntiChildPorn points of contact use aliases. Doug Stead, who is listed as their "Vice Chairperson," was careless enough to leave a message on Carolyn Meinel's answering machine in which he claimed to be "The director" (not even "a" director) "of the International Society for Policing Cyberspace." Of course, as a reporter, I (Carolyn) am saving that tape.

Since he was not listed on the Society for Policing Cyberspace web site, I spoke with him over the phone (604-527-1100) to try to clear up the problem. He directed me to http://polcyb.org, the same site I had been look at, which claims to represent that organization. He said it was, in fact, the web site of the organization he claims to direct."Just phone them, they'll vouch for me," he said.

I phoned one of the people listed there as a director, Phil Ortega, CEO of World net Technologies. He has never heard of Stead. And Stead is not listed anywhere on their web site.

I have asked around the computer forensics community. They have never heard of Stead. I asked Stead for his credentials in forensics. He first gave out the name of some university, then backpedaled and said he was not a forensics person.

Are any of those people at AntiChildPorn for real? Will they someday turn up on our Busted! page? We hope SOMETHING will happen to set an example -- adults shouldn't recruit children to sift through porn sites for them.

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