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It Sucks to Be Me!Carolyn Meinel's worst hacking experiences. Arrgggghhhhh!!!!

Sex, Linux file systems, and murder...

Real hackers care passionately about file systems such as ReiserFS and ext3 for Linux and NTFS (New Technology File System) for Windows. Not enough to commit murder over file systems, but hang on, murder is, indeed, part of this story.

Yes, the thrill of file systems!!! That's why I (Carolyn Meinel) was excited when ReiserFS came out. Experts said it was the safest, best Linux file system ever, sponsored by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. That's why I choose ReiserFS when installing the latest version (at the time) of SUSE Linux.

A few months later, my beloved file system crashed. Everything wiped out! And I was too clueless (so I thought) to use its world-famous journaling system to recover anything. Nada. Zip. It was so bad that I had to reformat the hard drive.

So where does murder come into this story? Hang on (or click the murder link if you are too impatient to hang on).

I was so embarrassed (boo hoo) that it took a year before I dared to talk about it with anyone. No, I didn't murder anyone over it.

Anyhow, lo and behold, one of my uberhacker friends told me that he, too, had totally lost one of his ReiserFS partitions.

As it turned out, researchers have now confirmed that there are serious bugs in the third version of ReiserFS, which is the one that fubarred our hard drives.

And now, hurrah! folks at Novell, who are the developers of SUSE Linux, have ditched ReiserFS, which had long been its default file system.

So, will ReiserFS get fixed? Namesys, the company owned by its inventor, Hans Reiser, recently released version 4. They basically are saying "trust us," but that's where the murder story comes in.

It turns out, it's pretty hard to design a file system when you are being held without bail. More on this story --->>


















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