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More News From the Hacker War Front:

Sept. 20, 1999, the United Loan Gunmen deface NAACP web site.  

In recent weeks the Loan Gunmen have defaced web sites for the Drudge Report (http://www.drudgereport.com), C-Span (http://www.cspan.org), ABC (http://www.abc.com), Wired Online (http://www.wired.com) and The Jerry Springer Show (http://www.universalstudios.com/tv/jerryspringer). 

A Wired story suggests that the Loan Gunmen attack on NASDAQ may have been a celebration of the one year anniversary of Hacking for Girliez's $1.5 million worth of damage to the computer network of the New York Times

Is the Hacking for Girliez (HFG) gang back -- now calling itself the United Loan Gunmen? Antionline's John Vranesevich reveals suggestive evidence

Meanwhile, the Global Hell gang, which like the Loan Gunmen/HFG appears to be somehow associated with Brian Martin's Attrition gang (Martin has been their media liaison) , appears to have resurfaced under the guise of The Level Seven Crew

ZDnet reporter Will Knight reports the Level Seven Crew's recent vandalism of a US embassy web site. 

CBS Marketwatch points out that when a web site is hacked, it's a good idea to assume that any or all computers on the affected local area network (LAN) may have been compromised.

And Hacker News Network reports that the Loan Gunmen have recently bragged that they did just that -- illegally compromised two computers "on the windows2000test.com subnet last week." This was a standard tactic of HFG -- getting into web servers by first compromising other computers on the same LAN. 

Did Loan Gunmen finally go too far when they hacked NASDAQ? Will the FBI finally figure out how to stop their rampage? Or will high profile web sites finally persuade sysadmins to install secure web servers?

Team Happy Hacker was thrown out of Def Con 7 for winning the Bastard Operator from Hell contest with Fangz, the computer that no one at Def Con 7 could hack.

More news from the hacker war front--->>

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