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Carolyn P. Meinel

author of The Happy Hacker and Überhacker II -- More Ways to Break into Computers

Carolyn's book, The Happy Hacker, first came out in trade paperback in late March 1998 from American Eagle Publications. The fourth edition (2001) is now out, up to 450 pages from the 263 pages of the first edition. It has also come out in a Japanese edition.

Author or coauthor of many other books. For example:

Included in The Best American Science Writing 2002 (ECCO, HarperCollins, Sept. 2002)

Wrote a chapter for The Hacking of America: Whos Doing it, Why and How, Bernadette Schell et. al. (Greenwood Group, Nov, 2002).

Has written three articles for Scientific American magazine, for example Code Red: Worm Assault on the Web.

She is a co-founder and for several years the president of the L-5 Society, an organization now known as the National Space Society.

Carolyn Meinel is probably the only over-50 woman hacker in the world. She is acclaimed by many White Hat hackers and both reviled and courted by the dark side of the hacker culture. The reason? Since 1996 her Happy Hacking ezine and web site have been handing out hacking tips while making fun of computer criminals.

Meinel, who has a master's degree in industrial engineering, works out of her New Mexico mountain home. You may contact her at 505-281-0490, email .

Other Books by or coauthored by Carolyn P. Meinel

World IVHS Markets, PRS International, 1994 
World Intermodal Freight Markets, PRS International, 1994 
Emerging Technologies, Volumes 3 and 4, Forecast International, 1991 
Electromagnetic Launch Systems, Forecast International, 1990 
World Space Systems, Forecast International, 1987, 1988

Her resume also reveals her long-term interest in space and hi-tech.

Carolyn's most
popular book,
in 4th edition now!
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