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Jan. 7, 1999
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
Preview our new Web site at http://www.happyhacker.org/test
Opening Comments
Free ISPs
April Fool's 2001 Bug
Clearing Browser History: Update
ICQRevenge Trojan Update
Changing your Active Desktop View
Adding Features To Your Windows Box...FOR FREE
Editor's Note

Opening Comments
Okay, to get the ball rolling here...let me start by answering one
of the big questions I have received via email.  Yes, you can, in
fact, "hack" from Windows...even 95!!  In fact, there is very little
that you can't do from 95 or NT, if you have the right resources
available.  In future digests, I will be addressing this exact
issue...but for now, start by checking out the link to the PC 
Magazine Free Utilities link I have in the next section...

Protecting Win95

Hacker News
Also see the HHN affiliate "100% Pure Bikkel"

Editor's Comments:  For anyone who has been following the two
sites above, it would seem as though there is some sort of 
underground hacker war going on.  Groups like HcV, milw0rm,
and now the 109 Security Team seem to be hacking web sites just
to publicize their disdain for each other.  Add to this LOU's 
"declaration of war" (not my words) on China and Iraq for 
civil rights abuses (and the subsequent statements by other 
groups such as 2600, CdC, l0pht, and Phrack condemning such
actions), and the US Dept. Of Defense's decision to _finally_
view cyberspace as a valid battlefield...sheesh.  Is it safe
to web surf anymore!?!?


Free Utilities

Free ISPs
DQ<arvec@geocities.com> sends along notice of another free ISP...
check out:  http://www.netzero.com

April Fool's 2001 Bug
Richard Smith <rms@PHARLAP.COM> of PharLap sent in a bug report to
Microsoft on 5 Jan 99 that was confirmed the next day, but no 
mention was given as to a fix.  The bug is as follows:

In the US and Canada, daylight savings starts on the first Sunday
in April and runs until the last Sunday in October.  For more on
this see:

It seems, however, that Microsoft's runtime library, specifically
MSVCRT.DLL, thinks that in the year 2001, daylight savings doesn't
start until April 8...when in fact, it starts on April 1.  So for
a week, the system clocks will be out of sync by an hour.

Richard has a test demo page at:

Thanks, Rich!!

"Kalanga Joffres" <Kalanga@email.com>
Clearing Browser History: Update
With new web browser versions coming out faster than the justice
department can say "patent infringement", Carolyn's papers on how to
prevent people at work or home from snooping around in your page 
history have gone out of date fairly rapidly. That's why I'm here to 
update some of that information.

The best way to prevent people from knowing the web pages you've been
visiting is to delete your browser's page history.

Page history Netscape's Navigator browser versions 4.x can be deleted

1.       In a Navigator window, open the Communicator menu.

2.       Open the Tools menu.

3.       Click History

4.       a) To delete all entries press down CTRL and A on your 
keyboard and then the Delete button.

         b) To delete a specific entry click on it and press Delete
on your keyboard

Internet Explorer 4 and above also let you remove browser history
easily. To clear it out completely follow these steps:

1.       In an Internet Explorer window, slide down the View menu

2.       Choose Internet Options

3.       Click the Clear History button

To delete specific entries in Internet Explorer's history follow these

1.       In an Internet Explorer windows, click the History button

2.       Right-click on an entry

3.       Choose Delete from the context menu

Kalanga Joffres
Changing your Active Desktop View 
I received an email from AMOX <amox@ver1.telmex.net.mx>, a reader
from Mexico.  He sent me an interesting technique for changing the
look of your system if you are using Active Desktop.  I'll be 
translating here...this pertains to changing the way the Options/
View as a Web Page looks.  I can't test this, as I don't have
Active ("Captive") Desktop, but I'm putting it out there for 
the glorious readers to try!!

First, there are some hidden ".htt" files that contain the template
for how Explorer is supposed to look when viewed as a web page.
Amox reports that there is a good deal of documentation in these 
files, so no exact step-by-step guide was passed on.  He also says
that there are two files, wvleft.mbp and wvline.gif, that are the
graphics for the left panel and menubar line, respectively.  Change
these to whatever you like...

Like I said, I haven't been able to test this.  If anyone has a 
step-by-step guide for this that they want to share, send it along.
Credit and kudos go to Amox!!

ICQRevenge Trojan Update
wh0re <wh0re@SoftHome.net>
Below i have included what Yruno wrote about this trojan. I read about
something that sounds related on some security site. It said that lots
and lots of boxes (in the thousands) were continuously 
downloading/requesting files from certain websites. Of course this is 
sucking the hell out of their bandwidth, and slowing geocities 
wayyyyyy down. It was believed that people were downloading trojans 
that continuously requested/downloaded certain files. Just thought i 
would let ya know! 
P.S. I wouldn't mind a strip poker game with Jenny McArthy either!!!!

From: <yruno2@usa.net> 

Hi again Carolyn, 

Seems I have stumbled upon another almost identical trojan horse like
the icqrevenge I wrote about before.  I don't know a lot about this 
one yet, and it is still active.  The file is called jm-poker.zip, 
called "Jenny McCarthy strip-poker" (a friend got it, not me... I 
swear!) The program file which is installed is called OCE.EXE.  This 
one also connects to the irc, and logs you into a channel, and it is 
a bit more sophisticated than icqrevenge (although written in VB).  
It also downloads files from a geocities account, which I haven't 
determined what their use is yet. 

Anyway, wanted to give a heads-up, and warn you users in case they 
were looking to play some poker with Jenny one time, they probably 
have this running on their machine, and are vulnerable to snooping.  
I would assume this one also installs in the auto-run section of the 
registry, so search for oce.exe and delete the key. 

I'll send more info as soon as I dig it out. 


**Editor's Comments:  Sheesh, where do you guys come up with your
nick's??  Anyway, on the subject of trojans...anytime you are 
running just ANY program you get off of the Internet, you are 
vulnerable to this.  A company in Australia scanned some ISPs down
there and found over 1400 running copies of BO!!  And that's only
the ones that weren't reconfigured to run on something other than the
default port.  So what do you do?  Well, don't run arbitrary programs
that you get on the Net.  Some of the more popular ways of getting
users to execute these programs the first time are to either rename
the file to something "kewl" ("hotbabes.exe", "naked.exe") or to
attach it to another program, such as any of these animation .exes
you see around Christmas time.

Adding Features To Your Windows Box...FOR FREE

A lot of folks (users, newbies, sysadmins, etc) don't 
realize how easy it is to add features to their Win95/98/NT
boxen.  And it is very, very easy...it's only limited by 
your imagination.

What I've included below is a list of sites that provide
the means of adding features to your system...FOR FREE.
I was able to gather this list in a matter of minutes, and
it is by no means complete...but it is enough to show you
that there are a lot of available resources.

My particular favorite is Perl for Win32.  It's great...
flexible, easy to use, and free.  Don't know how to program?
No problem...there are lots of tutorials available?  Don't
have any money?  No problem...it's free.  What can you do
with it?  A LOT!!  Not only can you write Perl and CGI scripts,
but you can write scripts that use any of the command line tools
on your system...nbtstat.exe, net.exe, etc.  You can write port
scanning tools that look for and catalog hosts that have
NetBus loaded, and you can write an NT service (yes, a
"service"...you can use a Resource Kit utility to install any
script as a service) that makes your system look like it's
running NetBus, but logs the IP of the user who is trying to
connect.  You can even write your own finger server!  Further,
ActiveState's Perl has a tool for creating an executable out of
your script.  Incidently, this is also true for Python, which has
a "freeze" utility for creating executables that you can share
with your friends!

My second favorite is Java.  Now, you've probably heard folks
say that Java is lame...but check the classified ads of a paper
in a large city, or any employment web site.  Do a search on
all companies that want Java developers.  Java is free, too,
and you can use it to write applets for web pages, or 
applications (applications don't use a browser).  Want to
write your own email tool or encrypted chat program?  It's
easy to do in Java...

I've also included links for a free (GNU) C compiler, Lisp,
and a couple of interesting alternative operating systems.
Lisp is a programming language that is used in artificial
intelligence research and implementation.  I've played with
Inferno...it installs right alongside NT, and it's a lot of
fun to play with.  The Cygnus C compiler provides a nice 
bash shell, so you can learn bash shell programming without
having to have Linux installed on your system. 

If you're interested in other programming languages, such as
Ada or Prolog, start at the Yahoo web site, choose the
Computers and Internet section, and then the Programming 
Languages subsection.  

This is a list of sites that offer the ability to add a 
wide variety of features to your system...servers, clients,
scripting and programming languages, etc.

Microsoft Stuff

Other Software

Unix environment






Windows Scripting


For those with nerves of steel...
Alternative Operating Systems
Freedows '98 - http://www.freedows.net/english/index.html
Inferno - http://www.lucent-inferno.com/
  (NOTE:  Uses the Limbo programming language)
Plan 9 - http://www.ecf.toronto.edu/plan9/
  (NOTE:  Runs on x86 systems, where x > 2)

Editor's Note:  Okay, cherished readers, there's a new editor
on the block!  And I would just like to ask you for your help,
so that we may help you better.  Many of the emails I receive
are just plain unclear...there isn't enough information in 
the email to answer the question.  Given the volume of email,
it's always possible that one or two will slip through the 
cracks.  So here's some tips that will help us help you:

1.  Be clear.  Tell us what you want.  
2.  Give enough back ground information to help...what operating
system, application, or command you were using.  The more detail
the better...as long as the detail pertains to the question.
3.  Stay away from 'lee7 skript...it's too difficult to understand.
4.  Try to use complete sentences and grammar.  The easier it is
for us to understand you, the quicker we can address your concerns.
5.  Spelling...'nuff said!

If anyone has any ideas for a topic for the Digest or even a Guide,
send it along.  Credit will be given, of course...the majority of 
the Digest will always come from the readers.  Every now and again,
expect me to add comments, or little sections on things I have been
working on.  


This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! Don't email us bragging about any crimes you may have committed.
We mean it. 

For Windows questions, email keydet89@yahoo.com or editor@cmeinel.com
For Unix questions, contact unixeditor@cmeinel.com
For Macs, email Strider <s.corinth@iname.com> 

Happy Hacker staff: Unix editor, Gerry Mullins <unixeditor@cmeinel.com>;
Windows editor, Keydet89 <editor@cmeinel.com>; postmasters Jonathan D.
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Mark Schmitz <wizard@rt66.com>; Wargame Sysadmin, Satori <Satori@rt66.com>;
Grand Pooh-bah: Carolyn Meinel <>

Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization 
in the United States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes! 
This is all a plot to save your immortal souls!

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