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Inside Happy Hacker, June 3, 2000

What's new at http://happyhacker.org?

Heretic, a sci-fi thriller, by Jason Chapman, explores a not too distant future in which cyber criminals have seized control of the computer security industry. Chapman is a professional writer, Unix sysadmin and webmaster. I (Carolyn Meinel) loved Heretic so much that I read it straight through. Thank you, Jason, for allowing us to make your novel available for free. http://happyhacker.org/cgi-bin/pageview.pl

Want to explore the hidden parts of Internet host computers from your web browser? Learn things you can do even from an AOL account! Screen shots show exactly how (we fubarred the names of our victims). http://happyhacker.org/harmless/browser.shtml

Do we suck? Vote on what the next Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking should teach. http://www.egroups.com/polls/happyhacker

Speaking of whether we suck, check out the latest at the "It sucks to be me" section (http://happyhacker.org/sucks/index.shtml). It seems that no matter how much we make fun of computer criminals, people still email me every day begging for help to commit crime. Sheesh, they never even offer me money. Guess they think I would be willing to go to jail for total strangers just out of the badness of my heart. Important note: if anyone offers me money to commit crime, I will contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Lots of these guys claim that they only want to learn how to commit crime in order to play pranks on their "friends." If anyone really, truly wants to play pranks that will win laughs instead of a prison sentence, check out http://happyhacker.org/harmless/hex.shtml. Bonus -- you will learn how to hex edit programs, one of the most amazing hacking stunts on the planet.

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