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April 12, 1999
See the Happy Hacker web site at http://www.happyhacker.org
URL of the day: http://www.antionline.com/wargames/

***  Wargame News
***  Get a Clue!!!
***  More on AOL Hacking
***  Random Insults against Hacking for Girliez
***  Happy99.exe
***  Computer Manuals Cheap


Logs of the Wargame are now on display (almost) live at
http://www.antionline.com/wargames/.  This is a first in the computer
security industry! Shoutouts to Antionline's John Vranesevich for putting in
the work and expense to provide this service, and thanks to the wargame
winners (so far, heh, heh) tg0d and others who currently have root on the
wargame for being unafraid to allow their logs to be made public.  This
makes it easier to break in, and easier to learn how to detect break-ins in
progress.  Happy hacking, folks!

Sorry, if you can't manage to get into any of the koan.happyhacker.org shell
accounts, it's because that box simply can't handle all the connections that
people want to make.  Instead, try the open root account on thirdpig.com,
and keep a watch for easy to break into accounts that might pop up on

Look for a WinNT server going up on the Wargame, probably by Tuesday April
13.  The Happy Hacksteress herself, Carolyn Meinel, is configuring the NT
box.  So if you take it over, you get to brag that you proved she was

 *** Get a Clue!!!

We are AGAINST computer crime.  Yet we get email every day begging us to
commit crimes.  Sheesh, even if we had no morals, why would we be willing to
go to jail because someone emails us begging us to commit crimes?

If someone emails us bragging about his or her crimes, and her crimes are
especially evil, we forward the incriminating email to the appropriate


 ***  More on AOL Hacking

From: MaleAnon@aol.com

 If you don't mind, I'd like to put my two cents worth in. The first thing
is this. Thank you for the tip on AOL. I used to be able to do quite a bit
of stuff from here. I could telnet, ftp, ping, tracerout, etc. etc. Then I
thought to add another AOL account to my computer. So, needless to say, I
put in the CD and ran the install from it. Whoa, all of a sudden I wasn't
able to do anything. In fact, I'm pretty limited on some of the websites I
can now visit. (Note:  I do not use AOL's browser. I minimize AOL and use
one of the 4 different browser installed on my computer). Seems like a lot
of sites are supposedly "not available on the server". I thought something
was weird there. It all makes sense now after reading that little tip from
you. Could I add one of my own? If you are installing Windows95/98 "for
distribution with new PC" version, and it comes with AOL 4.0, please note,
you cannot install a lesser version of AOL on your computer once AOL 4.0 is
installed. For example: I love AOL 2.5. But there are times when I prefer
4.0. Before I install AOL 4.0 I need to install 2.5 first. Then 3.0. Then
4.0 last. :-)

 Now, for the second thing I'd like to comment on. This one goes out to all
of those who were able to break into Koan.happyhacker.org. and decided to
post a message saying things like, "This was too easy. I'm getting bored.
This is lame. You need to make it harder" and other such comments. If you
think it was that easy, wake up. You're breaking into the wrong box. Yes, it
may have been easy for you, but what does that say about your hacking
abilities? Woo hoo, you were able to break into a "beginners" box. Whoa. You
are just too cool. Now let's just see how cool you are. Why don't you try
breaking into a box that's not advertised as being a beginners box. The
beginners box is easy on purpose. It's for the beginner to get the hang of
it. If you think it was too easy, get root. Prove yourself by getting root
and then prove yourself again by "keeping" root. Once you do that, move onto
a harder box. Let's see how easy you think it is then. If it was too easy
for you, don't flame the box for it. How about writing and posting something
a little more encouraging for the newbies who are just learning? Maybe post
something like, "Whoa, I did it. I broke in. And if a moron like me can do
it......then so can you". 

Thank you very much,
TheMaleMan  :-)

 *** Random Insults against Hacking for Girliez

* Hack1n9 f0r D0091ez  http://www.meydabbs.com/~jda-ir/hack4d0gz
* Children to Learn to Quit Breaking into New York Times Web Site

WASHINGTON (March 15, 1999 4:36 p.m. EST http://www.nandotimes.com) 
- A new public-private alliance to curb online crime will teach
children "that hacking is the same as breaking and entering," 
Attorney General Janet Reno said Monday. 
Educating children about acceptable online behavior is among three
initiatives under the Cybercitizen Partnership, an initiative of
government and the high-tech industry to promote cyberspace ethics 
and help law enforcers track down online criminals... 

 *** Happy99.exe

Lots of people email Trojans and viruses such as Happy99.exe to us Happy
Hacksters.  Do those guys think we are dumb enough to run programs sent to
us by strangers?  They are probably the same people who keep on trying the
PHF exploit on the Wargame and who email Meinel begging her to please commit
crimes for them.  

 *** Computer Manuals Cheap

From: "Kern, Fred" <fred.kern@lmco.com>

I just wanted to pass along some info. I know that you have an arrangement
with Amazon.com, but the prices out of bookpool.com are usually
significantly better. For example the price of 52.00 for Internet Security
Professional Reference from Amazon is 10.00 higher than bookpool's at 41.95.
Most of the professional programmers and consultants I work with all love
bookpool, considering we spend about 800.00 to 1,000.00 a year on books to
keep us current.

Thanks for the good work - keep it up

Fred Kern


This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! Don't email us bragging about any crimes you may have committed.
We mean it. 

For Windows questions, email keydet89@yahoo.com or editor@cmeinel.com
For Unix questions, contact unixeditor@cmeinel.com.
For Macs, email Strider <s.corinth@iname.com> 

Happy Hacker staff: Unix editor, <unixeditor@cmeinel.com>;
Windows editor, Keydet89 <editor@cmeinel.com>; postmasters Jonathan D.
Zerulik and William Lewis <>; Hacker Wargame Director,
Vincent Larsen <vincent@sage-inc.com>; Wargame Sysadmin, Satori
<Satori@rt66.com>; Webmaster, Diode <webmaster@happyhacker.org>; Clown
Princess: Carolyn Meinel <>

Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization 
in the United States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes! 
This is all a plot to save your immortal souls!

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