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nside Happy Hacker, Dec. 8, 1999

Table of Contents
· Why you haven't been getting email from us
· New at the Happy Hacker web site
· Want to be part of the Uberhacker! book?
· fourth edition of The Happy Hacker book released!

*** Why you haven't been getting email from us

Most of you will have missed the last two mailings -- a Unix Digest from new
Unix editor Mike Miller (see http://happyhacker.org/hhlist/index.shtml), and an
Inside Happy Hacker.

Our problem has been -- too many subscribers. There are now over 38,000 on
this mailing list! The problem was the Antionline DNS server couldn't
handle the load until it got more memory. Also, there are constant, massive
attacks against that network that require lots of computing horsepower to
deflect. The first priority of Antionline has been to keep our web site up
-- which they have done quite well. We expect the mailing list problem to
be solved shortly. Since the computer muscle needed to run this mail list
has been provided to us by Antionline 100% free, we could hardly complain.
Thank you, JP Vranesevich, for giving us the support of your company!

*** New at the Happy Hacker web site

· Our web site now has a search engine so you can find out where everything
is on the topic you are interested in. All those archived happy Hacker
Digest are full of hacker secrets, check them out! And for those of you
looking to make friends with other hackers, you can email the people who you
discover in those Digests who have similar interests to yours.
· We've updated Vol. 1 of the Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking. They
were written back in 1996, and a lot has changed since then. Most important
-- we have updated the email forging section to show you how to find
computers fast that will still let you forge email. See
http://happyhacker.org.gtmhh.html for the updated Vol. 1!
· We have shut down our Amazon.com affiliate bookstore on account of too
many complaints of slow, really slow shipments of books. We have replaced
it with a Barnes & Noble affiliate bookstore. Want to get a computer manual
that gives step by step instructions and screen shots of how build a war
computer -- how to install and run programs that help you break into and
defend computers? Read our review of "Maximum Linux Security" at
http://happyhacker.org/general.htm#Linux. Want a way to install and get
online with Linux (which is the world's most deadly hacker warfare operating
system)? We've discovered a computer manual complete with a Linux
installation CD-ROM that makes it as easy as Windows. Read about it at
· We now have a "Help for Beginners" section for everything you need to move
from pitiful newbiehood to serious hacker -- fast! Check out
· How to set up a home Windows hacker lab. Did you maybe think that hackers
learn how to break into and defend computers by committing computer crime?
Heck, only nasty losers do that! The fastest way to learn is to set up a
home hacker lab and invite your friends to come visiting, whether in person
or over the Internet. It's so much more fun to play breakin games this way,
and you make lots of friends! Learn how at http://happyhacker.org/winlan.html
· Get laughs at all the people who plead with Meinel to help them commit
computer crime, updated every few days at http://happyhacker.org/sucks.html.
Look for Meinel's answer that begins, "Whoops --- you are so much more
talented than Brenda and Tyme that you just social engineered me! OK,
here's how all you pitiful wretches can risk going to prison by snooping on
your lovers' and enemies' email…" Meinel tells how even your PGP encrypted
material can be compromised - and tells you how to prevent people from
snooping on your email.
· Read email from people who are using the information at our web site to
make the world a better place and to develop meaningful, good paying careers
at http://happyhacker.org/greatlife/index.shtml.

*** Want to Be Part of the Uberhacker! Book?

Preview Meinel's upcoming book, Uberhacker! Would you like to contribute your
knowledge? As with The Happy Hacker book, you will be credited by name (if
you wish). If you contribute a great deal, you will get a free autographed
copy. For example, one problem Meinel is working on right now is how to
detect hidden shares in NT boxes. They are easy to make - just add a $ to
the end of the share name. Users who create hidden shares are a major
hazard - could a malicious user be setting up back doors for confederates
outside the network? How does the administrator of an NT network find these
hidden shares without knowing their full file names? Explain how, and you
get in the book.

Meinel is looking for simple, but often overlooked ways to break into and
defend computers. OK, OK, to be a book for Uberhackers, it will include the
more sophisticated techniques. But it's awfully lame to spend weeks
breaking into (or setting up) defenses for a network while overlooking some
incredibly easy holes - like a hidden share of an NT file that holds stuff
that looks like this:



"F"=hex:02,00,01,00,40,01,14,00,70,85,18,10,d9 etc. etc.

So… if you know, please share your knowledge!

*** fourth edition of the Happy Hacker book just released.

The publisher told Carolyn Meinel she can't make the book any bigger, so
this time she took out some chapters in order to add new ones, and rewrote
many other chapters to keep them up to date.

· Want to know how to legally hack your friends' web sites?
· Learn how to build a home hacker laboratory!
· Learn yet more ways to break into your school's computers -- along with
tips form other teenagers on how to get your teachers to actually reward you
for doing it. There are plenty of teen hackers running Quake servers at
their schools, legally, while being heroes to their teachers. You, too, can
be like them.

Are you one of the many people who ordered The Happy Hacker book from
Amazon.com and they haven't shipped it for weeks and weeks? You can cancel
your order and get the book fast from Barnes & Noble. Hundreds of copies of
the fourth edition have just arrived at their warehouse, and any day now they
should be on the bookshelves of your local Barnes & Noble store. The also
sell it cheaper than anyone else. If the fourth edition isn't in yet at your
nearest Barnes & Noble, you can order it delivered to you care of that
bookstore or from their web site at

You can get an autographed copy of The Happy Hacker shipped to anywhere in
the world by sending a check or money order, made out to "Happy Hacker" to
PO Box 1520, Cedar Crest NM 87008. Its price, including shipment by
Priority or Airmail delivery (usually only takes two days), is: US: $39.95;
Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Great Britain, Western Europe: US$46.90 Everywhere
else: US$48.90. If you live outside the US, just ask your bank to make out a
money order for US$.

Happy hacking, folks. May us white hats rule!
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unsubscribe happyhacker.

This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If anyone plans to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away! We
like to put computer criminals behind bars where they belong!

Unix editor Mike Miller unixeditor@cmeinel.com;
Hacker Wargame Directors, Vincent Larsen vincent@sage-inc.com and John
Vranesevich <jp@antionline.com>;
Clown Princess: Carolyn Meinel <>

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