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Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 21, 1997
This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking. Moderator is
Carolyn Meinel. Please don’t send us anything you wouldn’t email to your
friendly neighborhood narc, OK? Send posts to . Better
To subscribe or unsubscribe, use the subscribe boxes on the menubar. If you decide you just want to
use the forum and not get these mailings, I promise my feelings won’t get
hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
Happy hacking! “Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing the
matter with this except that it ain’t so.” -- Mark Twain
URL ‘O the Day: http://ra.nilenet.com/~mjl/hacks/codez.htm
This site includes Mac hacking tools.

Moderator: Infowar.Com just was given  a "4 StarAward" from Internet
Underground Magazine!!! Our thanks to the Supreme Ruler of that site, Winn
Schwartau, and especially to all the folks from this list who have been
helping make Infowar one of the top Web sites around. We have a discussion
group and archives hosted at http://www.infowar.com/cgi-shl/login.exe. Chat
with us on the Happy Hacker IRC channel. If your browser can use Java, just
direct your browser to www.infowar.com, click on chat, and choose the
#hackers channel.

Table of Contents

Canadian Hacking Laws
Vigilante Ideas
More on IRC
More on Cracking
Modem Jammer Hoax
NT Question
Sniffer Question
Hacker Ethics
Baghdad Sees Internet as End of Civilization


From: "Ty & Keri - Lynn Smith" <8beaner@iaw.on.ca>

Greetings all.

I found you latest threads about the laws regarding computer crime and
hacking of interest, but also noted that they were for the American people
and not of those from other parts of the world. Living here in Canada I was
curious as to how much different our laws were on this subject. So out I
went and purchased myself a copy of the 1997 revision of the Canadian
Pocket Criminal Code.

Here goes the code for computers in Canada:


Unauthorized Use of Computers-Definitions-"Computer program"-"Computer
service"-"Computer system"-"Data"-Electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or
other device"-"Function"-Intercept".

Section 342.1 (1) Every one who, fraudulently and without color of right,

 (a) obtains, directly or indirectly, any computer service,
 (b) by means of an electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device,
intercepts or causes to be intercepted, directly or indirectly, any
function of a computer system, or
 (c) uses or causes to be used, directly or indirectly, a computer system
with intent to commit an offence under paragraph (a) or (b) or an offence
under section 430 in relation to data or a computer system

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term
not exceeding ten years, or is guilty of an offence punishable on summary

(2) In this section,

"computer program" means data representing instructions or statements that,
when executed in a computer system, causes the computer system to perform a

"computer service" includes data processing and the storage or retrieval of

"computer system" means a device that, or a group of interconnected or
related devices one or more of which,
 (a) contains computer programs or other data, and
 (b) pursuant to computer programs,
  (i) performs logic and control, and
  (ii) may perform any other function;

"data" means representations of information or of concepts that are being
prepared in a form suitable for use in a computer system;

"electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device" means any device
or apparatus that is used or is capable of being used to intercept any
function of a computer system, but does not include a hearing aid used to
correct subnormal hearing of the user to not better than normal hearing;

"function" includes logic, control, arithmetic, deletion, storage and
retrieval and communication or telecommunication to, from or within a
computer system;

"intercept" includes listen to or records a function of a computer system,
or acquire the substance, meaning or purport thereof.

R.S. 1985, c. 27 (1st Supp.), s. 45


Well if you can get through that gobblygook great. It took me a couple of
readings, but I don't think that the law makers intended the laws to be
legible to us mere mortals. Sortta like Unix or C. A secret language given
to only the deserving and ->patient<-.

TTFN From the Great White North, Ehh!

Ty Smith


From: "Ryan" <c.barrett@virgin.net>

Regarding the Child Porn sites:

If I found a Child Porn site, I would (theoretically) have no qualms about
shutting it down, or even mail bombing the owner.  I can see them going to
the police and saying:  "Hey, this guy just trashed my website full of
pictures of pre-pubescent children!  I've still got the original pictures,
but the 2,000 visitors a week I get are being denied their fun".  I can see
the polices reply; "Hum, can you show us these pictures?  (After showing
them to the police)  your coming with us down to the station on charges of
possession of indecent pictures of underage children.".  The point is, if
they dob you in, then they will get into real trouble, far more than you
could- so they won't.  They'll probably just mail-bomb you back again!
  There is a better way to get these sites down though.  There has just
been formed an organization that you can report obscene and possibly
illegal websites to, for prosecution/removal.  I believe they have a free
phone number, and they have a mail address.

I have and idea of how to stop mail bombs.  sendmail could be modified so
that it scans all messages for signs of Mail-Bomb script.  If it does find
it, then it sends it to the sender, not the receiver.  That would put an
immediate end to all of the problems, and teach the stupid kids not to use
mail bomb programs!

                            Ryan Barrett;
                       42 Beaufort Road,
                             SN4 9HE
                         (01793) 812442


From: "butler@tir.com" <butler@tir.com>

WHAT THE H*** IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen I’m sure nobody here s subscribed to this list (which i thought
was kewl) TO hear about L****** Irc warrior s***

IRC has nothing to do with hacking and i subscribed to the list to maybe
pickup a few more stuff on UNIX  (Unix is hacking) But know
you’re just becoming like everything else

hacking newsgroups are

From: willm@intermind.com (Will Munslow)
Subject: Re: Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 20, 1997

>From: Redington <nemesis@minot.com>
>I went to 7th sphere the other day a downloaded their sphere.zip file.
>I unzipped it and tried to open in and to install it inside of my mIRC
>app, but it keeps giving me error messages like "Setup is unable to
>find_SETUP.DLL, which is needed to complete the installation, Error
>103."  What is that? The thing is that the SETUP.DLL file is right
>there.  If anyone can help me out on how to set that up it is very much

You have to figure out _where_ Setup is looking for the file and place the
.DLL in that directory. Here's a complete guess, but it might help:
1) Open a DOS window. Start Menu/Run... and type command. Or Start
Menu/Programs/MS-Dos Prompt.
2) Type SET. This will show you your environment variables.
3) Look at the one that says TEMP=. This is _probably_ where the setup
program is looking for the .DLL.
Note: If you don't want to/don't know how to do that, 9 times out of 10,
the TEMP directory is C:\windows\temp.
4) Copy the .DLL and throw it in that directory.

This _might_ work. I've had some programs do the same thing. Basically,
move the .DLL around to directories that the Setup program is most likely
looking in. Maybe one level up? Hope this helps.

From: Mike Kogelman <shmoe@snip.net>

At 11:48 PM 2/18/97 -0700, you wrote:
>But there are other good IRC servers that are usually full of hacker
>channels. EFFNet is one of the oldest IRC servers. It is run by the
>Electronic Freedom Foundation (eff.org). But it is reputed to be a "war
>ground." You are allowed to do anything you want, but you may not like what
>others do to you.
It is not EFFNet, and it is not run by the EFF, It's EFNet, and was
originally started by the Eris FreeNet (ef.net)
Quadrant Communications
"I wanna live with you in the fifth dimension, in a dream I've never had.."

From: "ruben d canlas jr" <benc@skyinet.net>

In Undernet, they now have the bots X and W. these bots take care of
a channel, keep a registry of authorized ops, and can do simple tasks
as flood detection. as long as the server can allow, X and W will
stay on your channel, protecting it from takeovers. but all this is
ideal and sometimes, due to lagging, X disappears.


ruben d. canlas jr.
Thought for the day:
    Concerto (n): a fight between a piano and a pianist.

Timothy Ward ward@carl.all-net.net

mIRC is not for uni*ces..

IRCII however is.
You would want to pick that up from:

in /pub/irc/clients/unix

From: <nobody@www09.hway.net>

Concerning IRC: I was operating under the impression that it made absolutely
no difference what server you logged in to, since all the comm data gets
routed to everywhere else.  If this is so, then why do so many seasoned IRC
users put such emphasis on their particular server?  I wonder if it's simply
because of the quicker response one gets when speaking/DCCing to another
user sharing the same server as oneself.

 I came across a .gif somewhere that mapped out the physical location of all
the major IRC servers - it was rather informative.  I wonder if anyone can
give me a clue as to where I could find a similar map showing the backbone
of the Internet as well as major service providers, say, the big telcos and
maybe two or three branches down.

From: Peter Mueller <basher@agt.net>

So, the happy hacker digest finally talks about ping -f! GREAT! One
thing is, this is a great for all the people that have it on IRC and
have windows 97. I DO have mirc but, I have win3.1 and I never chat or
look for fights in mIRC. The problem is, I chat on a normal Internet chat
(yah yah with the refresh and post and all that) From time to time one
gets the loserz wandering in looking for the cheap thrills in disgusting
people, showing off their perversion, being nuisances, etc.. How can a
guy with an OS like mine keep these dopes off, or at least bother them
enough to keep them off. I've heard of ping -f (I’ve got finger utils ,
tracers, router info utils etc.) And i don’t have a unix account to get
at these naughty people. Where can i get a ping -f Win3.1 util? Rest
assured it will be put to good use on those unfortunate enough to
disgust the heck outta the rest of us.

Moderator: I don’t read Swedish. Could someone please translate the
following post, like maybe you several dozen Swedish hackers on this list?

From: "Bratt, Oscar" <KB96BROS@chestud.chalmers.se>
Organization:  Chem. PC Lab, CTH/GU, Gothenburg
Subject:       Re: GTMHH: How to keep from getting kicked off IRC!

 Och vad ska jag göra med den här? Är det läsförståelse i Engelska.

Apropå det, vi ska ha frivilligt test i eng. i dag.

OBS FRIVILLG, jag SKA inte gå men det ska alla 2:a. Vilka helyllen
dom är, själv får engelska bara mig att tänka på MARIE CEDERBERG


Anonymous: hi my first post to this wondergroup.

after reading many questions about how to hack past a windoze 95 screen
saver ,and reading many replies, it struck me that perhaps no one knew that
if you simply press f5 just after the ms-dos text you get a c: prompt.

 next type
at the c:\windows type ` edit control.ini`

you are then whooshed away to the edit shell, where as you scroll down the
screen and when you see the word...


change the 1 to a 0 and save then reboot!simple.
and when you’re finished do the same only type a 1 to activate the screen
saver again.

thanks to Olcay Cirit for that. text file `pc hacking faq` 7/10/96

tip for newbies read as many text files as you can , that’s what i do. And
you be amazed at what you’ll learn.

On a different note` i work for cgate and wonder if any one could tell me `

if seagate has hundreds of computers and all networked some not as to stop
people like my self from prying.(they do it by use of a login:)
I’ve cracked a lot of passwords in seagate and the weakest link is the
password...even gave a few mates extra holidays  HO HO HO....

if some one tries to access the g drive it says invalid drive specification,
but type logon: guest it gives the works to you...

what i want to know is ,is it possible to access some else’s c:drive from
any computer in there, like telnetting internally?

I’ve tried but got no connection, what am i doing wrong?

 ...how does a newbie have the `hacker status `bestowed on him/her if only
newbies call them selves hackers when they are not...who bestows
this privilege...???????

One more phun hack is to change to win95 bootup screen to any thing you want
,my own example being `having a little picture of a Gremlin and
It doesn’t do any harm except raise a few tempers...

please keep my email anonymous ,except my handle



From: Marko Samastur <Marko.Samastur@fmf.uni-lj.si>

To those, that think social engineering is hacking, there are few words
I'd like to say. I've been watching this conversation around hacking and
hacking techniques for a while and I've had enough. It seems like there
are too many people out there, who don't have the slightest clue what
hacking was and is. It's a wish and a need to further develop your
knowledge and to seek information.
So, how the h*** can in that context a scam, involving a stupid guard,
be even considered as important part of HACKING. Sure it's an important
part of getting physical access to computer, but it has nothing to do
with hacking. And you don't get any knowledge from it. Almost the same
goes for tricks. While they can be fun to play with, they are only that.
Not much knowledge behind them and should I do it to impress people.
H*** no, the next thing you will advertise will be wearing ties I guess
(or even worse, wearing suits, yuck). Actually, it's even repulsive to
use both words as physical and hacking so close together. ;)
Not only that, will you people drive around the globe to be able to do
that, or are your needs limited only to your hometown. My sure aren't
(before Carolyn complains about saying too much, let me add that hacking
is ALMOST legal here and if I don't break one or two rules, I can do
almost anything I want, involving breaking into computers in my or other
Oh and btw, * in passwd file STILL CAN mean that it's shadowed (I'm not
sure, but I think * should be in front of the name, if you want to
disable user of that account). Anyway, if those users are just disabled,
where are the encrypted passwd then? :)
Please feel free to flame me, but I insist that you allow me to do the

From: Bernz <bernz@ix.netcom.com>

>I would dare say you aren't relatively experienced. Right now I can tell
>you of a certain college system that has just over a dozen machines
>vulnerable to 'froot'. Some systems keep up to date with advisory info and
>patch those holes. More often than not, they go untouched.

you're right. There are systems out there that have remote problems. But
most serious Sysadmins keep up with the cert (and other) advisories. I
find most systems i try for patch them up REALLY quickly. But i don't
usually go for college systems. If I do, i simply social engineer one of
the students in CS101 who just put upa web page.

>What?! Fine. Call me up and social engineer your way into my system since
>it is "the only way to absolutely get into a remote system". When you are
>banging your head against the wall in frustration because I won't give you
>what you want, then reconsider your thoughts.

again, you're right. But i assume that you are an experienced person
with computers and I would prolly know that through research. I wouldn't
dare to attempt to engineer you. That would be an exercise in futility.
As mean as it is to say it, you SE the dumb. SEing most sysops is kinda
silly. They'll pick it up quickly. I'm not dumb enough to try to SE
root, just a user pass. Root is found through local exploits.

>Hardly been explored?! Come on! I haven't run into a hacker that doesn't
>know the value of SE attacks. And I think you will find that most Tiger
>Teams not only do it, but push it as an essential part of security
>testing. I know my team does.

I don't know jackdookey about Tiger Teams. I'd love to participate with
one, but never have. I've run into plenty of hackers that put down SE
attacks as "unchallenging", "silly" and "Not hacking (which it very well
may not be)". I agree it is essential. That's my whole point. I see that
you don't overlook it, but obviously people do, or else I’d hardly be
even fairly successful. I wish there were more hackers (and users) who
knew the dangers of it. I'm just trying to expose it. Obviously you are
I just think it's as good a sploit as any. That's all.

"Tell me what you want, a zigahzigzah."
-From "The wit and wisdom of the Spice Girls"

From: PsyChadEl <oberoi@hal-pc.org>

A lot of the hacking/cracking techniques/methods etc... discussed on Happy
Hacker seem to be completely network orientated (not that that's a bad
thing). However, there's a whole world of hacking/cracking out there that
NEEDS to be explored.

Apart from the Social Engineering aspect that Bernz spoke of in the previous
digest, there's also the kind of access that users have: directly to PCs in
their offices, students in their libraries, blah blah blah. This is where
the keystroke recorder comes in (tada).

The keystroke recorder (for those of U who don't know), is basically a
program that sits in memory and logs every key typed at particular computer.
That means: letters, memos, credit card numbers, passwords, poetry,
garbage... U get the idea. Therefore, U setup the recorder, leave it on for
a couple of days... come back and have a look - and voila! We're in luck.

Now, the problem I'm writing in is this: I'm interested in a good keystroke
recorder for a Windows OS (meaning Win95 or Win3.11 or both). I found one on
the net, something called Keylogger... You'll find it at Silicon's site (me
thinks). However, it has the pathetic tendency to sit their, totally visible
as a window on your taskbar (in Win95). It also logs to many filez instead
of just one - which is a pain in the ass when U go looking thru 'em (that
problem, however I fixed thru some hexing).

I'm interested in writing one and have been trying to do so for while...
with little luck. If anyone is aware of any APIs or Dlls that may help with
a program like this... or know of any other keystroke recorders for
Windows... then PLEAZE tell me. Some form of cloaking KeyLogger would also
be a good idea. I've tried a proggy called HideIT (available at
download.com), but then I have the problem of hiding HideIt itself - no
problems solved there.

Think about it.

"I am a firestarter... twisted firstarter." - Person with wicked, wicked
hair -> PRODIGY


      /   \
     /     \
From: jericho@dimensional.com

> >Then it is shadowed.  Normally you would see encrypted characters where the
> >* was.  Oh yeah, and after running it through a passwd cracker, you
> >hopefully would get some valid passwords and then you could use them to
> The passed file is NOT shadowed. The * in the password field marks that
> login has been disabled for that account. Have you noticed that when you

Depends on the shadow suite. Sometimes a * designates shadow.

> view a password file on some systems (not through ftp), some accounts
> have * and others have jumbled text? And in the case that you download

No.. he was talking about every account having a '*'.


> It's not just you. I find that social engineering and "physical" hacking are
> the best ways in. Without a doubt, the human interface is the weakest link in

To you and the other person arguing these points.. think about it from the
learning aspect of things. What do you learn by breaking into a system via
physical means?

> gain root access to our experimental server. Being quite green in the area of
> exploits, I opted for a "physical" hack. I "found" my professor's
briefcase and

So rather than explore the system and learn more about how it works, you
opt for the other method?

> ...gee I wonder. Well, no one else was able to gain access, but everyone
said I
> cheated. Is there a moral? Sysadmins, sometimes hackers cheat, patches aren't
> everything.

Like I said to the other guy. Try that with my system. You can't SE me out
of info. You can try to break into my place, but remember that "make my
day" law. I will be more than happy to knee-cap you.


> Do you notice that she never says -how- to exploit ftp, ssh or finger to
> break into machines?  She says it's an ethics thing, that telling newbies
> would be irresponsible.  But what she doesn't tell you is that SHE DOESN'T
> KNOW HOW.  Carolyn Meinel is a clueless newbie of the first order.

To further this point, if it were so bad to give the exploit info out, she
could easily take the 'full disclosure' method and post the exploit along
with the fix information. No harm there.

> >I heard somewhere that Macs make up 20% of the servers on the Internet,

Yeah. Apple had an infomercial that claimed just over 80% of the servers
on the net were Macs. That infomercial is no longer being played. I doubt

please make this anonymous (is this the right address anyway ?)
OK first I've got a small silly question : is there a way to execute a
program on a remote anonymous ftp site. See there's this site where I
manage to upload an exploit and change permission to 555 but I can't
seem to execute it. I’ve tried the obvious quote site exec ... but it only
works for ls ; with anything else than ls it will go
200 - exploit
200 - (end of exploit)


From: bryan_g@juno.com

>Anonymous post:

>What does the program modem jammer do exactly does anybody know?
>I ran it then called my friend with caller I.D.  He knew who I was when I
>called so it don't work against ESS or caller ID.  It's supposed to
>your call from being traced.  But I have not observed this happening. I
>could mail you a copy but it's all over the place on hack pages
>so being conspiracy minded......I was just wondering.....need I say

LOL It's just some joker's way of messing the clueless.
It's a hoax program, much like APEX. A *.zip file I d'loaded once upon a
time had a *.com program that was an ad for a BBS that the joker was
promoting. In the ad, he even admits the program is a hoax.


Please make this anonymous.  Thank you.

I have looked all over the place for Windows NT servers on the net.  I
can't find any.  I don't really know what to look for to know if I found
one.  How do I find servers that are running Windows NT and how do I know
if I have found a server running Windows NT?

Moderator: GTMHH Vol. 3 No. 2 on how to map the Internet shows some
techniques whereby one may often learn what kind of box you have accessed.
Hey, how come most of you guys who archive the GTMHHs don’t have this one
up? It is at the http://www.infowar.com site, under “Hackers forum.” Or I
can email you a copy.


From: Robert Eickmann <roberte@serv2.fwi.com>
Subject: Win95 TCP/IP Tracing

Does anybody know of a program that will show what is being sent over a
Windows 95 based tcip connection, and store it in a log file?

I know that a packet sniffer will give me most of this information, but I am
trying to do this over a Win95 Dial up networking connection. Do I have to
patch the tcp/ip protocol to do this or is there a sniffer that will give
me this information.
Any help would be great Thankx!

"It does not take much thought to talk to teachers"

  Version: 3.1
  GAT GCS d s+:+ a-- c++ l e++ w+++ n++ o+>++ w+++$ O+++$ m--pe++,y++ PGP++
t++ 5++ x+++ r* tv+ b+++++ di+++ d++ g++ e* h* !r !z+
  ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------


From: the Phreaked One <phreakitikki@mercury.theonramp.net>
Subject: Ethics....

>Moderator: IMHO, trying to discuss ethics without referring to experts in
>ethics such as Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King is like trying to
>discuss TCP/IP without referencing RFCs.
>Carolyn Meinel

 Referring to Ethics without them is easy.  There is no one ethical way.
As one travels between cultures the ethics will change.  They don't change
because of different religious views (although that does help a little),
they change because every society is different and wants to be treated

 Ethics also change with time.  As time changes so do peoples experience.
There is also not one single definition of ethics.  Everyone has there own
definition.  One person may be OK with going out and killing 45 people, who
is to say he is wrong.  Maybe someone feels he is not wronging a child by
molesting him/her.  What make these things wrong though to that person?
The same thing that makes everything else wrong, common courtesy.

 The Golden Rule says, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Basically if you wouldn't want those 45 people to murder you then don't do
it yourself.  I the case of the child molester though he may have actually
wanted adults to molest him as a child (as sick as that may sound), so he
just needs psychological help.

 The point I am trying to get across is simple, though my jumbled writing
style may have confused you.  Ethics is not about, oh he's a bad man for
doing that.  It's why did he do that, what makes him do that.  Take
hacking, people fear hackers because the media portrays them (I only have
the mentality, not the skill) as anti-social criminals who break into
systems and format the hard disk or steal thousands of dollars with credit
card numbers stolen from TRW.  They aren’t hackers though (personally I call
any hacker who does malicious actions with his/her talent a cracker),
hackers have ethics of there own and the people on the outside don't see
them.  Hackers ethics say look, don't touch.  Hackers don't break into
systems to do damage, they do so just to do it, or possibly so that they
can get some sort of information off of a system (not credit reports).

 Again people don't look at motives as much as they see actions.  And we as
hackers (well some of you, not me) are the most misunderstood of the bunch.
 We are mentioned on Service Merchandise commercials as liars cheats and
thieves.   That is just not true, people need to look at us not as hackers
but as curious.  We more then anyone else should understand having ethics
misunderstood.  Just remember next time you hack a system and decide to do
damage that not only is it against the law but also if you were the
sysadmin of that system (and don't say well I'm not so there), would you
want to clean up after some "cracker."

 the Phreaki Tikki


An editorial in the Iraqi government newspaper Al-Jumhuriya says that the
Internet -- which is not accessible in Iraq -- is "the end of civilizations,
cultures, interests, and ethics," and "one of the American means to enter
every house in the world.  They want to become the only source for
controlling human beings in the new electronic village."  (AP 17 Feb 97)
Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research -- The Technology Brokers


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