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Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 7, 1997
This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking. Moderator is
Carolyn Meinel. Please don't send us anything you wouldn't email to your
friendly neighborhood narc, OK? Send posts to . Better
To subscribe or unsubscribe, use the subscribe boxes on the menubar. If you decide you just want to
use the forum and not get these mailings, I promise my feelings won't get
hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
Happy hacking -- and ne auderis delere orbem rigidum meum! Hey, how come
nobody posting today used a Latin slogan????

Table of Contents:

Meinel Announces War Against Web Sites that Offer Email Bomber Program Downloads
Getting Rid of Juno Ads
Where to Find RFCs -- and Why You Should Study Them
Amazing Discovery: Egg Drops
I'm Not Trying to Crack this Account, Honest!
Windows 95 Passwords Are a Joke!
Oops, Now Can I Cover My Tracks?
More on Linux
How to Keep Active X  from Raiding Your On-Line Banking Account
Is Anybody Out There?
Finger Question
More Less Is More
Sniffer Question


Moderator: Judging from some of the email I get, lots of people think that
boilerplate up above about this being a list for *legal* hacking think I'm
just saying this because some lawyer told me so. No way. I'm against
computer crime. In fact, according to some of the law enforcement people on
this list, the things we discuss here have been helpful in teaching them how
to make busts.

But some of you guys either don't believe me, or you think you can pull the
wool over my eyes. So here's how I'm going to prove without a doubt which
side I'm on.

Many of you have heard my interview on the PC World Web site
(http://www.pcworld.com/news/newsradio/meinel/index.html). Remember how I
said a three year old could launch an email bomb attack using certain Web

Well, guess what, I'm not going to give out those URLs here. I figure most
people on this list could find them really easily. And the ones who can't,
well, I'm not going to help you do irresponsible things.

Now here's my challenge. See if you can beat me at getting those email
bomber sites off the Web. It's something even a beginner can do.

Have you seen the Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking Vol. 1 No. 6 -- How to
Nuke Offensive Webs Sites? I show the legal procedure with step-by-step
hacking techniques for getting rid of bad news stuff. I show myself getting
mightily tempted by a buggy Web server, but backing off and doing the right

If you want to turbo charge your study of legal hacker techniques to cut a
bad news Web site off from the Internet, you may add to your arsenal the
techniques in GTMHH Vol. 3 No. 2, "How to Map the Internet."

Both these GTMHHs can be found at the Infowar site Hackers forum,

Tip for irresponsible email bombers: not a single one of these programs will
really truly keep you anonymous. Do you really think the programmers of
these weapons would turn them loose and then be helpless to defend
themselves against you guys? No way. Each of the programs has a way the
victim can get back at you. Do you want to take that gamble? Besides, we all
think email bombing is lame because you don't have to know anything
whatsoever to use them.

From: k1neTiK <samk5@IDT.NET>
Subject: Getting rid of Juno ads

>From: j-roc@juno.com (s j johnson)
>If you want to get rid of all those annoying Juno ads, its so easy it's
>funny.  All you have to do is delete the file in your root directory
>named "resource.jno" and create another one that is 1 byte that is read only.

      I tried that, and it didn't work.  I also found a method that actually
does work though... in your Juno directory, go to subdirectory "ads", and
delete all the numbered directories besides the first two, because they have
the Juno logos in them and if you mess with those, Juno won't work properly.
It would be a good idea to copy the numbered directories to another location
before trying this because Juno may not work without it, because it seems to
be very picky.  Do NOT try to mess with the ads, i.e. editing them so that
they'll say something funny, because Juno will DELETE the directory where
the ad is in.


From: k1neTiK <samk5@IDT.NET>

I have noticed that from time to time people post
questions about where to find a list of commands for something, and don't
know where to look.  Well, the first place to start should be a RFC.  go to
http://www.internic.net/ds/dspg0intdoc.html, go to the RFC section, and
search for whatever you are looking for.  Example, you want to know the
commands for incoming Email (most often POP3), go to the page, and search
for POP3 or POP.  Then look through the documents for one talking about POP3
in general (you don't want a RFC detailing the specifics of a certain
command, unless of course your researching that command.), and look for the
section on COMMANDS.  This is easily done, and as so many hackers have
pointed out (some in not such a polite way), it's a lot better to find
something out for yourself than to have it "fed" right to you.


From: willm@intermind.com (Will Munslow)
Subject: Re: Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 6, 1997

At 10:39 AM 2/6/97 -0700, you wrote:

>From: "Roger A. Prata" <prata@bossnt.com>
>Subject: check this out
>while on my shell acct, I checked processes, and noticed someone
>telnetted..  'telnet localhost 6969'  so of course being the curious
>type, I tried it and got..
>boss1:/usr/home/prata$ telnet localhost 6969
>Connected to localhost.
>Escape character is '^]'.
>Rydia  (Eggdrop v1.0n+pl2  (c)1997 Robey Pointer)
>Please enter your nickname.
>You don't have access.
>Connection closed by foreign host.
>WOW!!  pretty kewl huh?  any ideas as to what the he** this is??

I dunno. So, hit www.yahoo.com, search for Eggdrop. A couple of
pages...here's a good one: http://www.foonet.net/~pepsi/f/estranged.html

>From their FAQ:


    Eggdrop is an IRC bot, written in C.  If you don't know what IRC is,
    this is probably not whatever you're looking for!  Eggdrop, being a
    bot, sits on a channel and takes protective measures: to keep the
    channel from being taken over (in the few ways that anything CAN),
    to recognize banished users or sites and reject them, to recognize
    privileged users and let them gain ops, etc.

    One of the more unique features of Eggdrop is its "party line",
    accessible via DCC chat, which allows you to talk to other people
    lag-free.  Consider it a multi-way DCC chat, or a miniature IRC
    (complete with channels).  You can link up with other bots and
    expand the party line until it actually becomes something very much
    like IRC, in fact.

    Eggdrop is always being improved and adjusted because the author
    is never really satisfied with it.  In fact, it existed for several
    years as v0.7 - v0.9 before finally going 1.0.  A valiant effort has
    been made to chase down and destroy bugs.  It is definitely nowhere
    near as buggy as the ircII client.  Crashes should be rare and
    surprising (but aren't they always? [surprising anyway]).

    This README file contains information about how to get Eggdrop, how to
    quickly compile the bot, what you may need to do when upgrading from
    older versions, a list of frequently asked questions about compiling,
    how to set up a crontab, some boring legal stuff, info about the mailing
    list (a great place to ask questions), and a complaint/explanation about
    the lack of documentation.

    The preliminary documentation is in "eggdrop.doc" and is intended to be
    read after you have Eggdrop compiled and set up.  It's changing all the
    time and getting new sections added.  If you'd like to write a section
    or just indicate some part that needs improving, please do!


Subject: UNIX/Change Permission
From: point@someled.com (De Lemos, Brian )
If this UNIX question is inappropriate to the list then please do not
post it. I have consent from the ISP to be on their server.

I am hoping one of ya'll on the list has a minute to answer a UNIX
question for me.
I am trying to change the permission access to files on a server
Below is a copy of the session:

UNIX(r) System V Release 4.0 (goliath)
Last login: Thu Feb  6 17:21:58
Please make sure you back up your own accounts.
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.4       Generic July 1994
Thu Feb  6 17:26:38 EST 1997
/home/reddirt> chmod -666 readbook.pl
chmod: WARNING: can't access readbook.pl

As you can see I am trying to change access to the *readbook.pl* file in
the reddirt directory using the *chmod -666* command
You can also see that I get
*chmod: WARNING: can't access readbook.pl*
as my response

Any ideas how I can change the permissions to this file (and the others
in the reddirt directory)?
Thanks for your time, I know it's valuable,

From: Marco Pappalardo <bethesda@netropolis.be>
Subject: more answers...

to Matthew DeMizio :
there is a little something called the 'phf' hack but personally I've
never seen it work...Anyway you can check AcidAngel's web page at

From: TQDB <tqdb@feist.com>
Subject: Re: Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 6, 1997

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Carolyn P. Meinel wrote:

> (Moderator: Some browsers allow you to do ftp (file transfer protocol). Or
> were you asking about downloading any arbitrarily chosen file? That would be
> illegal.)

    Accessing files over a public website is hardly illegal.  Should an
admin be stupid enough to leave their passwd file freely accessible
from their web site or have their email archive open for public
browsing <ahem> you can hardly blame the user for looking.

    If you take active steps to circumvent the existing security of the
site, that would probably qualify as illegal.

  -=| T.Q.D.B. - tqdb@wichita.fn.net - http://www.feist.com/~tqdb |=-

From: "mojoe" <mojoe@wko.com>
Subject: Web Page hacking

My web page is still being hack! I talked to my isp and he said he has no
answer my password is really well un guess able. How can the hacker do this?
I want to know? What is password sniffing and how can i do it?

BTW hears and example of our password files..


Please help!!!


Moderator: looks like your passwords aren't being shadowed. (Shadowed means
the encrypted passwords aren't even in the password file.) I'll bet
2atAaGv9dtSeo is the encrypted password for your sysadmin. The temptation is
great to run 2atAaGv9dtSeo through a password cracking program and use it to
break into the root account and leave your sysadmin a nasty note. But that
would be wrong. And illegal:) But I'll bet that's how your nemesis is
running rampant on your Web page.

Anonymous post:

Subject: Hacking Novell Netware
My school runs Novell Netware on it's computers.  The computers will have a
DOS prompt, but you won't be connected to the network until you type in
"login tty---" where --- is the login name.  My problem is, as soon as you
do that, it runs a script and brings up some program called automenu,  Where
it gives you a list of runable programs from the network.
   My question is, can anyone tell me where such a script file would be held??
(Answer: 'tty---' is the user name.
So if you type SYSCON.EXE (sys:\public\), it will give you a list of all
the user on the Novell network.
The script that it's running is either the system login or the user login
script. If you want to modify the user's login script, try finding the
SYS:\MAIL (dir)(to map yourself try - MAP O:=server\SYS:\MAIL) then just
follow down the directories until you reach the end. There will be a
file called LOGIN (no extension). This is the personal login script.)
You can't exit from automenu without logging out.  There is a command which
gets you out of Automenu without logging you off but you need a password for
But the school runs WordPerfect and you have read rights and possibly Write,
so I think I can save myself a copy of the script on a disk, without the
command to bring up Automenu.

(Looking for the Automenu. Look for a file with the *.mn? extension)
You can also run certain Win 3.11 applications though Automenu, but the RUN
command is shaded so you can't click on it.  Can someone tell me where the
command is located which tells the computer to shade run??

(If you look into your WIN.INI for a [RESTRICTION] section- Look for RUN=OFF
just REM (;) that line and you should be able to use the RUN command.


From: pmurgs@aztec.co.za (P. Murgatroyd)

There is a small program available on the net to get a users screensaver
password (you can run it when the screen saver is active). I think
Materva's Hideout has a link to download it.

From: "Steven Alexander" <salexand@cell2000.net>
Subject: Windows 95 Screensaver

As a reply to Tony's message I would like to add that there is an article
in the winter '96 issue of 2600 that he would probably be interested in.  I
hope it helps.

  Steven Alexander

From: "Steven Alexander" <salexand@cell2000.net>
Subject: Protected mode sucks

I just wanted to say that windows protected mode sucks.  It can be broken
in a variety of ways; these are a few:

1) Use a boot disk.
2) Select run from the Windows file menu and enter C:\command.com
3) On start-up bypass the autoexec.bat files.

I may post all of the ways I know to beat windows "security" in a later
post but  I'm short of time.

I just wanted to put out the message that protected mode is no means of

From: jopee@mozcom.com
Subject: win95

Kumusta mga kumpare sa HH?

How many ways does WIN95 encrypt ur password?
What process does WIN95 to encrypt a password?

From: Saint Waldo <stwaldo@teleport.com>

A really simple way to get rid of a windows password (if you have
physical access) is to boot into DOS (try hitting F5 during boot up
to see a nice boot menu), and the shuffle thru the Win95 dir looking
for *.pwd files.  At this point, you can trash all the sharing
passwords on a machine.  Reboot.  Set up any password you want,
anywhere.  Make sure you add access and a password for yourself on
the win95 hierarchy.  If that icon change on shared folders seems
like a dead giveaway, you can use Plus to change it.

As an ethical note, messing with other peoples configs is LAME!!
Ask your friend who got burned if they want to see this blow up
into a war.  Since it sounds like you all are near each other
geographically, this stuff is great fuel for a fistfight.  I'd
just call the guy a loser, clip his net cable, and make HIM sit
in front of your friends box during the arduous Win95 install.
If you really want to make him squirm, tell him you want to
have a preserved copy of DOS 6.2 on the drive as well.  Then
ask for OS/2 and NT partitions as well.  And make
him serve daiquiris while the installer checks the system.  Then
you'll be 3liT3, cuz every gronk knows that Win95 is a tough
nut to crack (I hope the sarcasm is obvious).

BTW, a Timex Sinclair running BASIC is inherently cooler than
any Pentium Whatever running Gates' World (Parity Time,


From: "Steven Alexander" <salexand@cell2000.net>
Subject: logfiles

To Enrique you may also want to edit the log files usr/adm/sulog and
usr/adm/culog if you used cu.

From: Bauermann <jungmann@br.homeshopping.com.br>
Subject: question

        Hello guys, I was reading this list and I saw some questions about
"which log files should I modify/delete?", and u said that you shouldn't
delete or modify those files or it would be a crime. Good, but then how can
we hack into a system without being noticed? If you don't modify anything,
maybe the sysadmin wouldn't care about you? I'm still a newbie, and I want
to hack for the first time, but I need to know how to make it in "the secure

Moderator: There ARE things a hacker can do other than break into computers.
Or you could get a friend to let you try breaking into his. Or you can hack
your own computer. But if you crack into the computer of someone who doesn't
consent, and then you alter logs, you are making your crime worse. Also,
systems administrators are often hackers. You don't want to find out what
your victim sysadmin may do to you to get revenge.


From: Marco Pappalardo <bethesda@netropolis.be>
Subject: more answers...

to matthias@hacker.cymes.de.dyn
you can use your Linux box as a router but I think it would imply that
you install Linux on the other PC's too. Anyway it would take up too
much space to tell you how to do it so I can only recommend you to buy
the book 'TCP/IP' from O'Reilly (excellent books by the way).

Well that's all for now... :-)


From: "Charles Duffy" <duffy@lightspeed.net>

> Our only solution would be to
> forbid browsers from executing any ActiveX component without express
> authorization, but that rather circumvents part of what ActiveX is
> for.

The user can choose if they want each ActiveX component to be installed. If
it's suspicious (or even uncertain), the option is available to just say


From: "Steven Alexander" <salexand@cell2000.net>
Subject: Is anybody out there?

I was just wondering if there were any other hackers around the Central
Valley - Merced area of California.  I've been hacking about a year now and
have yet to run into any others in my area.  Will anyone who is in my area
please e-mail me.


From: Warpy <mindfusion@geocities.com>
Subject: Finger redirection

I read that it is possible to redirect a finger query using the
following format:

$ finger @host@targethost

Is this the case? Two other questions. Is it possible to do the same
through telnet (if so how?), and thru how many servers can you
theoretically redirect finger.

BTW, I would like to congratulate WebWarrior? for setting up a fantastic
site at www.infowar.com. As well as that how about seeing more people
using it's IRC server at www.infowar.com:6667.

Moderator: I got it to work on a Linux box but not with bash on Sun OS. I
wonder if I was doing something wrong, or if that's just Sun OS?


From: pmurgs@aztec.co.za (P. Murgatroyd)
Subject: Re: Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 5, 1997

>actually, by "cat it through more" he meant "cat /etc/services | more".  But
>it won't make a difference, except in helping you to understand Unix.  Also,
>I have never seen less (much better than more, but not as good as most <G>)
>on anything but a Linux box.

I'm running 'less' on two IBM RiSC 6000 boxes running AIX 4.1 for which I am
the admin for at work. I couldn't get by without it.


From: imPulse9 <noone@nowhere.no>
Subject: Sniffing Data

Hey. I am a beginner hacker who is just wondering how to run a sniffer
program such as esniff.c...if anyone knows, please e-mail
me(creednet@cybernex.net) or if this mailing list's moderator could tell
me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Moderator: why do I get the feeling everyone who asks about sniffers wants
it to intercept passwords or email? Those are both illegal. Is there anyone
who could enlighten us about how to detect sniffers?


From: Frankie Hayes <strider@unix.aardvarkol.com>

 So howz everyone doing? The point of this is to state that the usage of
the legendary "Strider" was/is unintentional.  I had been searching for a
LONG time for a descent handle and i came upon Strider to use. I don't
mean to sound like a lamer, etc., but i don't like committing "Hacker
No-No's" such as this. SO, if anyone has a suggestion for a handle, I'd
appreciate your response/post....Later all!
Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research -- The Technology Brokers

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.