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Oct. 6, 1998

See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com
Portuguese: http://www.inf.ufsc.br/barata/micro$.html

**This week's posts**
* What happened to the last 2 Digests?!?
* Send me your Questions
* Windows Scripting Host
* *FREE* NFR Technical Workshops
* Translation please...
* Solaris for cheap
* HH in Portuguese
* Smart Browsing not so smart
* TRINUX - A Linux Security Toolkit
* Another trojan found

**Editorial: Infowar - Male-Only Sport?**
 *** What happened to the last 2 Digests?!?
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

As you might have noticed, there have not been any Digest's for the past 2
weeks. I apologize for the interruption of service - it is entirely my
fault. As usual, I got myself in over my head again. No, I didn't destroy
any laptops this time. I simply commited to a submission deadline for my
newest book that was completely insane. After 2 weeks of working nearly 24
hours a day, it is finished and I can resume my regularly scheduled life
already in progress.

I had originally planned to issue a few Digest's in a row to catch up, but
looking at the current list of messages, I think I'll just pick up this week
where I left off and we'll just skip the last 2 weeks.

Thanks for being patient. And if you're planning to get your MCSE, rush out
in a buying frenzy for my upcoming book on the Windows 98 test from Macmillan
Computer Publishing, or simply send your entire wallet to me... (just
kidding). The book will be on the shelves before Christmas. The other 4
books I've worked on are already available.

[-End shameless self promotion here-]
 *** Send me your Questions
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

Another note from me:

I'd like to hear what people new to computer security are most interested
in. Please send me, care of the editor@techbroker address, your questions
regarding computer security specific issues.

A question like "How do I hack?" is not really a good one, but a question
like "What is PGP?" or "How does PPTP work?" is more what I am looking for.
I would like to really boost the question and answers section of the Digest
into a useful resource for learning rather than a forum for quick fixes to
simple problems (although those are OK too...).

I need your help to do this. If you are at all curious about these kinds of
subjects, chances are lots of other people are too. Share your curiosity,
and together we'll gather more resources and information to develop a real
knowlegde base in computer security, or at least we'll make a start toward
that end.

So ask away...

 *** Windows Scripting Host
From: "Bill" <billh@lgcy.com>

I have been studying "Windows Scripting Host" (WSH for short).  It is a
scripting engine which is run at the command line of Windows NT and seems to
be an attempt to equal the command line power of the Unix Command line shell.

With it one can run a JScript or VBscript from the Windows NT or Windows
95/98 command line.  Other scripting languages can be plugged into it.  It
is part of the Windows NT option pack.

 *** *FREE* NFR Technical Workshops
From: "Deborah A. Greenberg" <dag@nfr.net>

[Dale: This notice was posted to the Network Flight Recorder users mailing
list. I thought it would be of interest to readeers of the HHD, so I am
copying it here. For more infor on NFR, please visit the web site at:

Network Flight Recorder is pleased to announce the *FREE* NFR Technical
Workshopsto be held in two locations in the United States:

09 Nov 1998 (Monday)  16 Nov 1998
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM               8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Marriott Fairview Park  Westin Santa Clara
Falls Church, Virginia  Santa Clara, California
(Washington, DC Area)  (Silicon Valley Area)

As the name suggests, these will be technical discussions.  NFR staffers
will provide a half-day tutorial on creating backends and packages.
They'll explain the basics of N-Code to get you up and running with your
own backends.  They'll provide tips on using some of the features and
statements that'll really help you get what you need from your datastream.
We also invite NFR users to present case studies on how they're using
NFR at their site.  Chances are, there are others who will benefit from
the knowledge you gained about protocols, programming, or office
politics.  We encourage you to present a case study.

Registration is required and seating is limited.  More information about
the conference, including registration forms and what to do if you
want to present a case study, can be found on the NFR Web site:


We look forward to seeing you at the workshops!--


Deborah A. Greenberg    Communications Director   301.765.7945 (phone)
dag@nfr.net             Network Flight Recorder     301.765.7946 (fax)
 *** Translation please...
From: "Fällström" <mt20436@tellus.swipnet.se>

[Dale: I don't know what this means, but it is probably useful to somebody.
If you can translate this, I'd be interested in finding out what it really


Mitt namn är Oskar Fällström, och jag är tolv år (inte straffmyndig).
Jag satt och läste Guide to (mostly)harmless hacking Nybörjar serie #2
sektion 3 Hacka från Windows 3.x, 95, NT.

Jag lärde mig det som stog i texten,och satte igång med att hackawestwood.com .

Det gick som på rälls ända tils det stog



Faan vad är nu detta för skit tänkte jag, jag började testa lite
kombinationer men insåg snart att det var omöjligt.

det jag vill veta vad gör jag.

Säg inte det kann du åka i fängelse för, för det skiter jag i (jag är ju
bara 13 år) En sak till hur skall jag hacka mig in på min olidliga kommpis
Crycks dator?

Jag kan ge dig lite hjälp på att svara på frågan.
Jag vet hanns E-mail adress, den är CUDA69@toreboda.telia.mail.com

Snälla svara på mitt brev tänk inte bara vad är detta för liten fjant som
tror han kan börja hacka jag vill järna ha svar på brevet.

Från @skar
E-mail        orre1985@hotmail.com
 *** Solaris for cheap
From: "phantom" <phantom@shreve.net>

You may already be aware of this but if not, I thought you would be
interested.  Sun is offering a single client version of Solaris for personal
use for only the price of the media, shipping and handling!!  This gives a
few newbies (like myself) a taste of real unix/solaris on our own computer
for practicaly NOTHING!  I pretty much threw my redhat/x-windows into the
dusty closet.  Anyway, if you wanted to go check it out, it's at www.sun.com
and listed under their special promotions.

Take care.

By the way, the HappyHacker org is coming a long way.  I've been following
you guys for a while and I'm still as impressed as the day I found you all.
I still haven't gotten involved in the wargames yet (lack of confidence I
guess) but I plan on it very soon.  I'm just learning so much about
networking and programming everyday that sometimes I feel like my head is
going to explode with all this jumbled up info.  You ever feel like that?

See you in cyberland soon.

Clint Bodungenphantom@shreve.net
 *** HH in Portuguese
From: BarataEletrica@ThePentagon.com

Some of the Happy Hacker work has been translated to Portuguese. You can
access it at the following site:


 *** Smart Browsing not so smart
From: Marquis de carvdawg <carvdawg@patriot.net>

Here's a document that I came across recently that will be of great
interest to your readers...


Summary:  If you are using the 'Smart Browsing' feature of Netscape 4.06 or
the beta of 4.5, then the URLs you visit are being reported back to a server
on Netscape.

If this information is to be believed (you can always verify it for
yourself) then we're in for a rude awakening.

So much for privacy, eh?  Sure, Netscape can say what they want, but me,
I'd rather NOT have 'Smart Browsing' if it means that EVERY URL I visit is
reported back to, well... anyone.   Shame on you, Netscape, for taking a
step closer to Redmond...

 *** TRINUX - A Linux Security Toolkit
Ken Williams <jkwilli2@unity.ncsu.edu>

[Dale: I picked this post up from another list - it is a really cool tool!!!
Check it out!]

TRINUX - A Linux Security Toolkit

Trinux Developer:  M.D. Franz

What is Trinux?
Trinux is a portable Linux distribution that boots from 2 HD floppies
(or a FAT 16 partition) and runs entirely in RAM.  Trinux contains the
latest versions of popular network security tools and is useful for
mapping and monitoring TCP/IP networks.  Trinux allows you to transform
an ordinary x86 PC into a powerful network [security] management
workstation without modifying the existing hardware or operating system.
The default configuration of Trinux supports a number of popular network
interface cards as well as DHCP. Additional features and hardware
support may be added through kernel modules.

Current Features
Intel 486 or compatible with at least 16MB of RAM.  Kernel 2.0.34.
Built-in support for 3Com 509/589/900, ne2000, epic100 NIC cards.  IP
firewalls, masquerading, and aliasing.  Includes a complete set of
tools for remote information gathering including connect() scan, SYN
scan, FIN scan, SNMP scan, RPC, NFS, as well and DNS queries and zone
transfers.  Several high quality sniffers for capturing network headers
and data complete the package.  Nearly a half-dozen curses-based
network monitors are provided to provide the clearest picture of your
network.  The network interface may be manually configured or use
Microsoft of ISC DHCP.

For more information...

visit the Trinux home page at:

FTP sites:

subscribe trinux abc@123.com

Trinux Developer:  M.D. Franz

Ken Williams
Packet Storm Security http://www.Genocide2600.com/~tattooman/index.shtml
E.H.A.P. Corporation  http://www.ehap.org/  ehap@ehap.org info@ehap.org
NCSU Comp Sci Dept    http://www.csc.ncsu.edu/ jkwilli2@adm.csc.ncsu.edu
PGP DSS/DH/RSA Keys   http://www.genocide2600.com/cgi-bin/finger?tattooman
 *** Another trojan found
From: <yruno2@usa.net>

Hi again Carolyn,

Seems I have stumbled upon another almost identical trojan horse like the
icqrevenge I wrote about before.  I dont know a lot aobut this one yet, and
it is still active.  The file is called jm-poker.zip, called "Jenny McCarthy
strip-poker" (a friend got it, not me... I swear!) The program file which is
installed is called OCE.EXE.  This one also connects to the irc, and logs
you into a channel, and it is a bit more sophisticated than icqrevenge
(although writtin in VB).  It also downloads files from a geocities account,
which I haven't determined what their use is yet.

Anyway, wanted to give a heads-up, and warn you users in case they were
looking to play some poker with Jenny one time, they probably have this
running on their machine, and are vulnerable to snooping.  I would assume
this one also installs in the auto-run section of the registry, so search
for oce.exe and delete the key.

I'll send more info as soon as I dig it out.


[Dale: A friend of yours got it, eh? OK, sure... I'd personally enjoy a game
of strip poker with Jenny (if she is reading this she should feel free to
email me to set a date and time), but I don't think it would be fair to
frighten her that way!]
 *** Editorial: Infowar - Male-Only Sport?
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

I recently attended the InfoWarCon 98 in Crystal City, VA. It was a great
con. I met lots of people and saw many interesting things. The conference
was attended by hundreds of people from around the world.

I got there very early so that I could get myself oriented with the place
before it started to get crowded, and so that I could get a good spot to
watch the goings on... I started on the coffee about 6:30 am, and found a
nice corner where I could watch the room fill up. And it did fill up. By the
time the keynote addresses began, around 8:30 am, the conference was
starting to get packed. As I looked around the room, I saw something that
startled me a little. The room was filled with middle-aged men, in blue
suits, with close cropped hair and tight lips.

There they were, hundreds of them, like the IBM drones in an old Macintosh
TV commercial I saw in the 80's. I started to feel uncomfortable, and I
started to wonder: Where are the women?

I scanned to room again, this time looking specifically for females.
"There's one... there's another... hmmm... wait, there's another" I started
to say to myself out loud. "Another what?" asked the guy sitting next to me.
"Another woman", I answered. He started to scan the room with me. Together
we counted 14 women in attendence. There might have been more women
registered for the conference, I have not seen the registration statistics,
but throughout the day, I can honestly say that I did not see them. And
that's too bad, because some of the women that were there were *FAR AND
AWAY* the most knowledgeable people at the conference.

Two women in particular stood out during the conference: Rhonda MacLean,
Senior VP of Security for NationsBank, and Delores Quade from Network Flight
Recorder. Both of these women gave presentations that were substantive and
focused. They presented their material with authority, and left the audience
more informed than they were at the start. Compare that with the
presentation on Middle East Info Warfare from Ariel Sobleman, which was
embarrassingly bad, factless, and uninteresting, and it became clear that
these women had something special.

Rhonda MacLean gave a speech on the Future of Banking Finance as a Critical
Infrastructure, and brought to light many of the issues that the finance
industry is wrestling with in the information age, and also how that
industry is handling those issues. As she spoke, you got the feeling that
she had her shirt sleeves rolled up, and was right there in the trenches
every day. She spoke from experience, and it showed. She handled questions
from the audience with ease, and was not thrown when a man from the audience
repeatedly tried to back her into a corner and force her to disclose
potentially embarrasing statistics. The assumptions of that person were in
error, and she took no pause in saying so.

Delores Quade represented Network Flight Recorder in the Live Attacks and
Detection session of InfoWarCon 98. She was called to the conference at the
last minute, and was forced to work from someone else's presentation, but
still managed to give a speech that was informative and technical in nature,
not filled with marketing fluff and hype. She didn't try to play on the
fears of the members of the audience - she never once mentioned Back Orifice
- she just represented her company's product for what it is. She too spoke
from experience, and left the room with a strong impression of her, her
company, and the Network Flight Recorder product.

I was dissapointed to see so few women at the conference, but I was highly
impressed by the women I did see there. Hopefully this is an emerging trend.
If these women are any indication of the future - look out guys. It is time
to get off your butts and get serious about your work!


This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
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