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Sept. 25, 1998

See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com

 Tired of trying to break into koan.happyhacker.org?  Its sysadmin, Satori,
has decided koan has been too hard to break into, so he has just made it
much easier.  He has opened a guest account (user name: guest) with a
password that is so stupid you can easily guess it.  Even a stupid person
should be able to guess it.  If you can get into this account you can then
try out all those exploits that only work from inside a shell account.

 Sorry for the delay in moving the Happy Hacker Web server from
zlliks.505.org to wargame computer fishbone.happyhacker.org. The problem is
we want to make it easier to break into than zlliks, but not too
ridiculously easy.
 Why do we want to make it easier to break into http://www.happyhacker.org?
It's a long story, so I'll just tell you a little bit of it. The Hacking for
Girlies gang is really, really mad at me, Happy Hacker chief pooh-bah
Carolyn Meinel.  Normally when a hacker gang that has criminal tendencies is
really mad, they express their feelings by hacking the website of the person
who has given them a case of the mads.
 Unfortunately, hacking for Girlies has never figured out how to get into
http://www.happyhacker.org.  So instead they have put up their protests
against me at two Motorola Web sites, the Jet Propulsion Lab, Penthouse
classified ads, and finally, on Sunday, Sept. 13, 1998, they placed one of
their tirades on the New York Times newspaper's Web site.  Apparently they
did considerable damage, because it has taken the Times over a week to
rebuild their site.
 Since the New York Times is one of the most prestigious newspapers in the
world, and its Web site is read by over 150,000 people every Sunday, this
caused a lot of excitement.  You can read about it at
http://www.nytimes.com/ (use their search function);
http://www.antionline.com (it has copies of HFG's hacked Web pages);
http://www.msnbc.com/news/196053.asp; and many other places online.
 It is really amazing how many reporters have been calling me since that
hack.  After the first few interviews I began getting a bit peeved at the
attention, even though they have all written nice things about me.  So I'm
wondering whether Hacking for Girlies might be willing to simmer down and
stop trashing the Internet with their protests against me.  I wonder --
maybe what they really want is to figure out how to break into
 So this will be an experiment. When our web site moves from zlliks.505.org
to fishbone.happyhacker.org, it will finally be on a box that is an
intermediate hacking challenge, instead of advanced.  Once that has happened
(probably this weekend), if Hacking for Girlies breaks into any other web
site to post their gripes against me, I swear I will hold a press conference
and show the reporters how easy it is to break into the Happy Hacker Web
site.  This will make Hacking for Girlies look like lamers and losers.
 So if any of you Hacking for Girlies guys is reading this, remember, if you
break into any other Web site to protest me, I will make you the look bad in
many news stories. Did you guys notice how several reporters pointed out
that you guys must have just gotten lucky when you got into the New York
Times, because you couldn't break into http://www.happyhacker.org?
 However, if you can figure out how to break into the Happy Hacker Web site,
you will win the glory of mastering an intermediate challenge in our
Wargame, and make it impossible for me to convince any more reporters that
you guys have subnormal intelligence.
 Call for volunteers: Webmaster Josh Fritsch is working overtime lately and
needs someone else to take over running the Happy Hacker Web site.  I'm
looking for volunteers who know a lot about the technical side, as well as
the artistic side.  We especially could use a volunteer who could coordinate
the efforts of others so we could enjoy the talents of many people in
designing our web site.

 What happened to the Digest this week?  Editor Dale Holmes had a deadline
to complete his latest computer manual.  Patience, he will announce the
title when comes off the presses.  He promises two Digests next week.

 Check out the October Scientific American for an article I wrote (with the
help of many others, credited at the end of the article) "How Hackers Break
in and How they Are Caught."

 Happy hacking, folks! -- Carolyn Meinel


This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization
in the United States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes!
This is all a plot to save your immortal souls!

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