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Sept. 7, 1998

URL of the day: http://www.geek-girl.com/unix.html  the UNIX Reference Desk
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com

**This week's posts**
* RE: How to download Real Audio files
* Your own BO scanner
* Back Orifice detection and removal
* Re: Juno gold
* Tutorial on Hacking Into Linux boxes
* IE can read local files

**This week's Questions**
* Whats an osh shell?
* How to decrypt a win95 password?

**Answers to previous Questions**
* Response to "Virii Question" in 8/31 HHD...

 *** RE: How to download Real Audio files
From: Dmitry Markushevich <Dmitry@Home.Com>

You are not necessarily right here. Any real audio files that are simply
hosted on a HTTP server can be downloaded like you described.
More serious users actually use RealAudio server with it you can access the
actual file without the real player, because the directory structure that is
described in the url does not correspond to the one that http server uses.
For example, a ram file I downloaded contained this string:


Obviously this is not something IE would be able to access.
From: milenko <milenko@hardlink.com>

I really wish this worked - but it doesn't.  Most real audio files
are stored on special real audio servers using special real audioprotocol.
These servers can't be accessed by your browser - even if you use the
correct port.  You need to use your realaudio player.

This sucks because the real player has all kinds of restrictions.
For example, if the realaudio server tells your client that a file is
copyrighted the client doesn't let you save it.  It would be kinda cool if
someone made an unrestricted "pirate" realplayer.

If anyone knows how to save from a realaudio server please do tell.

Dirk Nasty
 *** Your own BO scanner
From: moonlit@moonman.com

This is for people who are paranoid about downloading Anti Back
Orifice programs like AntiGen (www.arez.com/fs) or Back Orifice
Eliminator (www.bardon.com), fearing that they're laced with BO (like
BoSniffer.zip, I forget the URL it can be found in) then you can
write a simple batch file to detect and delete Back Orifice's default

Here's what mine looks like:
8< --- Cut here ---

@echo off
rem Change \Windows to \Win95 or \Win98 if that's what you have
rem throughout the code.

if not exist C:\Windows\System\exe~1 goto End
if not exist C:\Windows\System\windll.dll goto End

echo WARNING! Back Orifice is in your system!
echo Restart in DOS and run this again to delete it.
echo 1. Exit and restart?
echo 2. Clean (already in DOS)
choice /C:12 /N
if errorlevel 2 goto Clean
if errorlevel 1 goto End

attrib -h -r -s -a C:\Windows\System\exe~1
attrib -h -r -s -a C:\Windows\System\windll.dll
del C:\Windows\System\exe~1
del C:\Windows\System\windll.dll
echo Back Orifice files have been deleted.
goto End


8< --- Cut here ---

Save it with a .BAT extension and put it in your StartUp folder if
you want it to run everytime you start Windows.

You still have to edit the Registry to get rid of the (.exe) in the
(Default) found in:

But BO won't run without windll.dll and exe~1.

Oh yeah, I'm not responsible if the info here damages your computer.
It worked fine on my Win95 and Win98. You're taking the risk in using it.
Any corrections are always welcome.

- Moonlit Angel
 *** Back Orifice detection and removal
(Reprinted from the Bugtraq list. To subscribe to Bugtraq, email
LISTSERV@NETSPACE.ORG with message "subscribe bugtraq".)

From: The Late Ian Angles <ia@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK>

Hey Everybody,
I'm just back on the bugtraq list so apologies if anyone's already done
this and we don't know about it....

One of my colleagues, Simon Smith, has written a Back Orifice detection
and removal program called B.O.R.E.D (which stands for something less
obscene than the working title...) and can be obtained from:


with a few explanations.

Any (uh, most :-) comments and criticism will be appreciated (then
deleted, restored from backup, printed off and recycled as firelighters)

 ***  Re: Juno gold
From: gjpearce@juno.com (Graham J Pearce)

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way associated with Juno Online Services, L. P.,
except that I heavily use their free service.

Juno Gold is Juno's new file-attachments service. Yes, they are promoting
this because most people don't know how to UUen/decode, and don't have the
time to bother. But easy file attachments is NOT *all* that you get for
$2.95/month (well, you do have to pay $35.40 for a whole year at a time...)
You get the ability to SEND file attachments, which you didn't even mention,
but besides that:

With the free Juno service, you get a 1MB mailbox, and a 2MB daily
send/receive quota. With Juno Gold, you get a 5MB mailbox, and 5MB
send/receive daily quota. (You also have a 50MB annual  limit.) :-(

But more to the point, the free service can only accept mails under 64K -
and that includes the headers, the text of the message, and all attachments.
Anything bigger than that gets bounced back to the sender. Juno Gold gives
you 1 Meg per message, including headers, message, and attachments.
Juno Gold also gets rid of that tagline that says "You don't need to buy
internet access..." but you can get rid of it with the free Juno by cc'ing
the message to a Juno address (can even be your own.)

There are other benefits of Juno gold that are not relevant here; for more
info on the differences between and limits of Juno Gold/Juno Web (Juno Web
gives you the same e-mail limits as Gold, plus web access, for $20/mo), send
a blank e-mail to limits@support.juno.com.

Besides that, there are much better encoders/decoders than Winzip. Winzip is
not free; Wincode is an excellent freeware en/decoder. Look for more
freeware/shareware coders on  Simtel.Net under:

Windows 9x/NT: ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/win95/decode
Windows 3.x: ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/win3/decode
DOS: ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/decode

Sorry, you'll have to find your own Linux programs for now...  And by the
way, your attachments that show up at the bottom of your message are most
likely NOT uuencoded. Most file attachments these days use MIME/BASE64,
which has been known to get corrupted 3 out of 5 times after passing through

UUencoding, however, works reliably w/Juno. Personally, I don't use Gold.
Sure, it places some limits on you,  most of which _can_ be worked around,
BTW. If you would like more information about Juno, or how you can access
the entire Internet through free Juno, please e-mail me at gjpearce@juno.com.

-- GJP
 *** Tutorial on Hacking Into Linux boxes
From: "admin" <darkmetal@hack.co.za>


I have written a Tutorial on Hacking Into Linux boxes and have got a very
good responce from newbies and beginners although I have got some hardcore
threats from "top-gun?" hackers.

The reason why I am telling you this is I heard you seem to go through that
type of thing alot and I was wondering if you may have any tips on this type
of situation...

The 2nd reason I am posting this to you is because I would like to give
newbies and learners alike the ability to start hacking... I hear too often
these words " I have linux, now what??"

My tutorial and web site is at www.hack.co.za

May this post be sent to the list "as is"?

Thanking you very much for your time...

Sincere Regards
darkmetal ( www.hack.co.za )
"hack into them as they hack into us"

Ps. keep up the great work..
 *** IE can read local files
From: Georgi Guninski <guninski@USA.NET>

There is a bug in Internet Explorer 3, 4.0, 4.01 (for version information
see Microsoft's info below), which allows a specially designed web page to
read text or HTML files from the user's computer and send their contents to
an arbitrary host, even if the user is behind firewall. The bug uses
Javascript and the file name and location must be known.

Another way to exploit this bug is to send a specially designed message to
an Outlook Express/IE4 user.

Demonstration of this is available at:

Workaround: Disable Javascript.
Microsoft has released a patch at:

Georgi Guninski

The source of the page:

----Cut here---
<TITLE>Read text/HTML file with Internet Explorer 4.01></TITLE>

<BODY>This demonstrates a bug in IE 4.01 under Windows 95 (don't know for
other versions), which allows reading text or HTML file on the user's machine.

<B>Create the file c:\test.txt</B> and its contents are shown in a message
box. The file may be sent to an arbitrary server even if behind a firewall.<BR>

To test it, you need Javascript enabled.<BR>

This file is created by <A
HREF=http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/1711>Georgi Guninski.</A>


alert("This page demonstrates reading the file C:\\test.txt (you may need to
create a short file to view it)");

var x=window.open('file://C:/test.txt');

 *** Whats an osh shell?
From: billsat@proaxis.com

Whats an osh shell? My shell account server is doing some construction and
instead of a bash shell it's an osh shell, it doesn't have near as many
commands or even pine or elm or sendmail.

I'm curios to know what exactly an osh shell is.

 *** How to decrypt a win95 password?
From: "Steven kok" <stephen1581@hotmail.com>


I was wondering if any one knows how to decrypt a win95 password.
Please email me if you know how to do it, and tell me how it's done.

 *** Response to "Virii Question" in 8/31 HHD...
From: FiReWaLL <phyrewall@geocities.com>

In the August 31 edition of the HHD, Dmitry Markushevich wondered if it was
possible to PHYSICALLY damage your computer's hardware.  As any good gamer
kows, it IS possible to destroy variable clock-speed 3D accelerators such the
3Dfx VooDoo chipset based cards by overclocking them too high. Therefore, a
virus specifically targeting these devices could quite easily fry your 3Dfx

However, as far as I know (and I have occasionally been messing around
with these things...), it is not possible to PERMANENTLY damage a hard drive,
although it is likely possible to render it unsalvageable by conventional
format programs.  If this is the case, the drive manufacturer may have to
"reinitialize" the drive.

Hope this helps!!

From: Mach5 <machfive@ptd.net>


There is no way any one could 'blow up' your hard drive or anything
like that, the one you probably heard was the Good Times Virus hoax (if you
wanna know about it search yahoo, its pretty funny to read) which
supposedly caused a whole bunch of crap.

The worst virus that I know of is win98_CIH, which attemps to send some
garbage to overwrite flash bios, causing your computer to not work, and
causing you to go buy a new BIOS chip for 5 bucks, also, this virus doesn't
work if your BIOS is write protected, and not on all machines (it also
attacks the 26th of every month, too). CIH (AND BACK ORIFICE, by the way)
can be easily cleaned with AVP (www.avp.com).

Later dood, don't worry about that s&#$ unless your a warez feind or like to
DL canned h4x0r proggiez.

I'm audi...

[Dale: Ever try to buy a new BIOS chip? Call AMI and ask them for one, see
what they tell ya... Sometimes the simplest thing can be a BIG pain in the butt!

Also - I think it's "outie", not "audi"...]


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