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July 7, 1998

URL of the day: www.kevinmitnick.com - The Kevin Mitnick Web Site
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com


* Free ISP Account
* Foiling the "hidden" directory trick
* AOL Hack
* Comment, advice, help
* Completely anonymous surfing?
* Re: FTP problem
* Listing of Login Prompts
* Rhino9 server gone forever?
* NT Admin rights vulnerability
* Editorial: The upcoming 'Takedown' movie

 *** Free ISP Account
From: "Isaac T." <spy911@geocities.com>

If you go to http://tritium.net you can sign up for a free ISP account.
There aren't access numbers in all areas, and it's mostly US only, but if
you sign up, you can get a notice when there is a local number you can call
and your account will be already created. The only drawback is that 12% of
your screen is taken up by ads (Just pretend you're using AOL and you won't
mind =).

-isaacICQ 6034332
 *** Foiling the "hidden" directory trick
From: "Stephen Nicholas (AKA: Elfshadow)" <Elfshadow@innocent.com>

To Happy Hacker

In regards to Thomason's <midas@pacbell.net> letter in the June 23rd edition,
Thomason was talking about how he had a bunch of directories that he couldnt
delete, move, or get any access to, either through dos OR win95.
Then it goes on to explain by using Ascii char ALT - 255 (null) you
can make a directories that can be hidden etc..

Well, I have found a way around it. There is a neat little dos program called
'X-Tree Gold', it is a fairly old program, made a while back. This program
CAN view, edit, rename, delete, and otherwise manipulate directories with
an ALT 255 (Or any ascii chars) in the name!!

Regards: Stephen Nicholas <AKA: Elfshadow> Elfshadow@innocent.com
 *** AOL Hack
From: <Suzbik@aol.com>

Hello,I am relativly new to the hacking scene, but I do know quite a bit
about computers and Win95. However, when it comes to NT - I am
a newbe, and UNIX - what is it?

Anyway, I thought that it might be usefull for you to know that
if someone has AOL and you want to find out the passwords for
logging on (you must be at the computer), all you have to do is as

Go to C:\AOL\IDB
Open the file called Main.IDX in Wordpad
Press Ctrl+F and search for one of the user names, keep searching until
you find the name with a password after it. It is not encrypted!

Hope this helps.

 *** Comment, advice, help
From: RandomSeed <randomseed@thepentagon.com>


I'd first like to say that I enjoy your hh digest! I'd also like to say
2 things about your June 29 hh digest.  1st, keydet said that a proxy server
hides your ip address from websites, which is not true.  Even with
anonymizer, and a proxy server, web sites can still see your ip address, so
warn your readers not to do anything stupid thinking they won't get caught
just because they listened to keydet.

If your readers want to learn something more, tell them to visit
http://members.xoom.com/randomseed.  In my own modest opinion, it is good.

From: "Dave Weir" <dweir@bluefinmicro.com>

Proxy Servers do offer some anonimity, but just like any other server, a
proxy server has access logs.  And these access logs list everyone that has
gone through the proxy. An example of an proxy log:, anonymous, Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95;
c_commcd1), N, 6/12/98, 8:17:34, W3Proxy, NFAPROXY01, -, www2.all-yours.net,, 80, 2033, 437, 702, http, tcp, GET,
http://www2.all-yours.net/postcard/note2.gif, image/gif, Inet, 200, anonymous, Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95;
c_commcd1), N, 6/12/98, 8:17:34, W3Proxy, NFAPROXY01, -, ww3.sportsline.com,, 80, 581, 14837, 858, http, tcp, GET,
http://ww3.sportsline.com/u/photos/allsport/jun98/HernandezJ061198.jpg, -,
Inet, 200

The logs give the administrator info on who is surfing through their proxy,
where they are going, and what the surfers IP address is.

Using a proxy for anonymous surfing and web attacks isnt the greatest idea,
just like anything else on the internet, you will get caught.

As for setting the proxy settings on IE, select View  -> Internet Options -
> Connections -> Proxy Server.

Make sure you check the box to use the proxy server, click on advanced (for
IE4) or settings (for IE3) and enter the proxy address.

Network Administrator

 *** Completely anonymous surfing?
From: Izaac <rowei1@nevada.edu>


In case you readers are interested there is a site out there that
offers completely anonymous surfing and email. You don't even have to
give them any information about you, and providing you pay in an
untraceable way i.e. cash or money order, you can be completely unknown
to the world. The site in mention is http://www.anonymizer.com/

    It offers anonimity in every feature (?) and even offers a secure
tunnel to you and the site by using some really neat technical terms
that are over my head.  All right, enough already, I'm going to stop. I
am starting to sound like a commercial here. I wanted to tell you about
it and I did.

 *** Re: FTP problem
From: Christopher Hicks <chicks@chicks.net>

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Master Hackronym wrote:
> When i do ls -lga c:\autoexec.bat <-- it over-writes da file...

That will work with /any/ web site you hit.  Go to ftp.cdrom.com and the
same thing will happen.  It's not your ftp server.  It's how you're using
the ftp client.

The filename you gave there is the file name where the output of the
command is going to go.  The command you think you're typing is:

ls "-lga c:\autoexec.bat"

ls takes two arguments.  The first is what is passed to the server and the
second is the file to store the result to.  If you want to pass more to
the server you have to enclose it in quotes.  If you do your commands with
the quotes as indicated you will get a 'file not found' or 'permission
denied' error.

 *** Listing of Login Prompts
From: Carter Cavanaugh <sly_wyvern@sekurity.org>

This is a listing of login prompts for many different OSes. Many people are
puzzled by what OS a box is running. Well use this handy guide compiled by
Mr. Photon (haxor@technologist.com)

--[ Apple Printer ]---------------------------------------------------------

                            Apple Computer, Inc.
                           LaserWriter 16/600 PS
                    TCP/IP Printer Configuration Utility

--[ Ascend Router ]---------------------------------------------------------

(ROUTER_NAME) Enter password:

--[ OS/2 Box ]--------------------------------------------------------------

OS/2 Version 2.3 (computername)M

--[ Windows NT or 95 ]------------------------------------------------------
Hummingbird Communications Ltd., Windows NT, Telnetd Version 6.0 (COMP.NAME)


--[ VAX/VMS ]---------------------------------------------------------------


--[ HP-UX ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

HP-UX fake.com B.10.10 A 9000/712 (ttyname)

--[ SPP-UX ]----------------------------------------------------------------

fake.com [Convex Exemplar SPP-UX V5.2.1 1200/XA-16]  Authorized use only.

--[ AIX ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

AIX telnet V.4 (computername)

--[ SunOS ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

SunOS UNIX (computername)

--[ IRIX (Silicon Graphics Workstation) ]-----------------------------------

IRIX (computername)

--[ Solaris ]---------------------------------------------------------------

UNIX(r) System V Release 4.0 (computername)

--[ Terminal Server for Dialin Access ]-------------------------------------

User Access VerificationPassword:

--[ Cisco Switch ]----------------------------------------------------------

Cisco Systems Console

Enter password:

--[ Red Hat Linux ]---------------------------------------------------------

Red Hat Linux release 4.1 (ComputerName)
Kernel 2.0.27 on an i486

--[ Old BSD ]---------------------------------------------------------------

4.2 BSD UNIX (computername)

--[ SunOS Unix ]------------------------------------------------------------

SunOS 5.6

--[ AIX ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

telnet (computername)

AIX Version 4
(C) ©s by IBM and by others 1982, 1996.

--[ Hewlett Packard Printer ]-----------------------------------------------

HP JetDirect

Please type "?" for HELP, or "/" for current settings

--[ VAX/VMS ]---------------------------------------------------------------

        Welcome to VAX/VMS V5.4-2


--[ Ultrix ]----------------------------------------------------------------

ULTRIX V4.2A (Rev. 47) (graphics)

--[ MS-Windows NT or 95 ]---------------------------------------------------

Hummingbird Communications Ltd., Telnet Daemon V5.0



Note From Me: Prompts may differ slightly.

-Sly Wyvern
 *** Rhino9 server gone forever?
From: The Stroh Family <gstrohjr@cybertron.com>


Could you let your other readers know that rhino9.org, that is mentioned
in the 29 June issue of the Happy Hacker's Digest, is gone. Thank you.

george m. stroh, jr.


Attachment: Forwarded Message

Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 18:17:58 -0700
From: Julie <stack@goodnet.com>
To: The Stroh Family <gstrohjr@cybertron.com>
Subject: Re: Rhino9 server

Rhino9 domain is defunct. Im not sure if it will ever be up again.


 *** NT Admin rights vulnerability
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

A vulnerablility in Windows NT has recently been announced that allows
a user to get administrative rights to your Windows NT machines by
changing the default debugger in the Registry.

The debugger is a tool that is started when a program running on a
Windows NT system crashes. The debugger is declared in the Windows
NT Registry, in the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug:
Value: Debugger
Data Type: REG_SZ
Default Value: drwtsn32 -p %ld -e %ld -g

Users in the Everyone group have Set Value rights to that key. This allows
them to change the value - the default program to run - when a program
or service crashes. The debugger runs within the context of the process
that crashed. This means that an attacker can specify User Manager as the
debugger. They need only force a process running in the SYSTEM context
(such as a service) to crash, and they gain administrative access to the
user database. Exploits that might cause such a crash are readily accessible
on the Web.

It is not yet clear what the effect would be of changing the rights to
that key for the Everyone group. It's worth a try, though...
 *** Editorial: The upcoming 'Takedown' movie
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

I have recently heard that Miramax Films will be releasing a movie
made from the John Markoff and Tsutomu Shimomura book, "Takedown:
The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America's Most Wanted
Computer Outlaw - By the Man Who Did It."

This distresses me terribly...

The Kevin Mitnick story is one that is horribly distorted
by media hype and the overall fear of technology of the general
public. People who are not technically savvy are easily intimidated
by the things that technical people can do. The press exploits this
constantly. Often they exaggerate the capabilities of technical people
and what they could do if they had bad intentions. Sometimes, the press
simply lies, not just exaggerating the facts, but creating them out
of thin air. In the case of Kevin Mitnick, much of this has happened.
Kevin has been slandered in way that are unbelievable. No movie star
or celebrity would tolerate such media abuse, but Kevin is not in much
of a position to defend himself.

The end result of this media hype and hyperbole is that the general
public has an image of Kevin Mitnick as some sort of crazed madman;
some evil genius out to destroy civilization as we know it.
They beleive that he will alter people's medical records so that they
cannot receive the treatment they desperately need. They beleive that
he will crash 911 systems in cities all over the US. They beleive that
he will steal US government secrets and sell them to our enemies, and that
he will steal everyone's credit card number and sell them to the mafia.
People believe that he *WILL* do all of these things and more. And why
shouldn't they believe this? After all, the press told them so.

It is easy for the press to manipulate people's beliefs this way. People
without technical knowledge can be convinced that he *CAN* do these things
through simple demonstrations of technology - even if they bear no relation
to reality. Once they beleive he can do these things, all it takes is
some scary stories to make them believe he *WILL* do these things.
Stir up their fear with a few "What if..." scenarios and people will buy
anything. And buy they do. Hacker hype sells lots of newspapers and books
and movie tickets.

The upcoming movie is bound to follow the same pattern. In order to sell
tickets, the movie will have to tell an exciting story. It will have to
pit the forces of good against the forces of evil. It will have to tell
the story of a love that's lost, and a struggle against all odds to
realize one's self and face one's dark side. Otherwise, it would be boring.
Nobody would pay to see it.

The problem is, you see, that the Kevin Mitnick story, the *REAL* Kevin
Mitnick story, is terribly dull, dry, and uninteresting. The average movie
going person would be bored to tears if they were forced to sift through
UNIX system logs or IRC transcripts. They definitly don't want to learn
C programming or UNIX shell scripting or encryption algoriths or intellectual
property law. But this is the stuff that makes up the bulk of the real Kevin
Mitnick story. So, Mirimax will have no choice but to try to find other
angles in the story to make it interesting, to make it digestible, and to
make it *MARKETABLE* to the general public.

They will do this by exploiting the thrill of the chase. They will do this
by making Kevin into the Dark Knight and Shimomura into the White Knight
and pitting them against each other. They will play up Shimomura's love
interest. They will attempt to strike fear in the hearts of movie go'ers
everywhere at the mere mention of the name Kevin Mitnick. Then they will
tear him down before us all, making the world safe once again. This will
be exciting to the general public, and this will bring in box office $$$.

Remember, however, that Kevin Mitnick is a *REAL PERSON*. He has been in jail,
without a trial, for over three years. He has been denied bail - in fact, he
has been denied a bail hearing! He is not a hero; he is not a martyr. He is
not an evil genius or a crazed madman. He's just a guy who hacked some stuff
and got caught. For this, he should be tried, and if convicted, he should be
sentenced. Once he completes that sentence, he will have paid his debt to
and should be allowed to get on with his life.

But for Kevin Mitnick, this is highly unlikely. People are scared to death of
him. Some of these people are the very government and judicial employees that
will hear his case and determine his fate. Thanks to books like Markoff's and
Shimomura's, public opinion is so tainted against Kevin that he will likely be
"crucified" for his minor crimes to set an *EXTREME* example for other would
be hackers. He will be used like a voodoo doll, so that the whole country can
exorcise its technological fears by destroying him.

A movie like the upcoming story from Mirimax Films might make box office
It might entertain the masses. It might even discourage a few young people from
commiting "cyber crime". It might... but it will *DEFINITELY* help to completely
destroy the rest of Kevin Mitnick's life - and he doesn't deserve that, no
what he has done.

[To learn more about the Kevin Mitnick story, visit www.kevinmitnick.com]


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