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June 29, 1998

URL of the day: thomas.loc.gov  - US legislative info online.
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com


* A bug in serv-u ???
* Surfing the web anonymously?
* Correction...
* Changing the prompt in dos
* Why does everyone want free shell accounts?
* HappyHacker Channel
* Skippy vulnerability scanner
* What's up with WIPO???!!!

 *** A bug in serv-u ???
From: Mister Hackronym <hackronym@geocities.com>

Hi, I have been running a temp. ftp server with Serv-U on my pc
(I have linux on my other partition so dont worry) hehe
and i found a certain command which can be pretty harmfull...

First, (in DOS) I log in with localhost as "anonymous" user --> Very
restricted rights...then, (in DOS), I type

ls- lga c:\autoexec.bat

and... miraculously... it over-writes my autoexec with the list of
files in the dir. I was in.

And I clealy made sure that the rights to even know about the
c:\autoexec.bat files is unreachable...the only access I was "SUPPOSED" to
have were
to upload to the upload dir.

When i try "cd c:\" <-- access denied
When i try "get c:\autoexec.bat" <-- access denied
When i try to get whatevah... <-- access denied... well, you get the picture.
When i do ls -lga c:\autoexec.bat <-- it over-writes da file...

That is pretty messed up to me.

I would just like to know if you can test that command and tell me if
it's a bug or if it's my imagination. Because you're cool and you are surely
able to help me... Thanx !
Bye !!!

 *** Surfing the web anonymously?
From: Keydet89<keydet89@yahoo.com>

Questions about surfing the web anonymously or hiding
your IP, all while using Win95, have popped up time
and again.  If you want to surf the web, or try those
phf or other web server attacks, without allowing
the server to be able to determine your IP address,
just use a proxy server.  There are many of them out
there on the web that you can connect to...in Netscape,
just choose Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies,
and choose the Manual Configuration option.  Press the
view button and enter the IP address of the proxy
server that you have found for the service that you
would like proxied.  This will only work for those
services that the server is configured to provide.

I have tried this and verified that it works using

Don't ask me about how to set up the proxy connection
in IE...

 *** Correction
From: Nik <fang.gang@btinternet.com>

Please note in your recent happyhacker digest the url for Rhino9 was
given incorrectly.

It is in fact: http://www.rhino9.org

not ".com".

U can also get the Modern Hackers Desk Reference from this site and I
urge everyone to read it.  It includes a section on wingates so people
could maybe resist the urge to go on IRC and keep repeating questions
like "how do I find a wingate"etc.


 *** Changing the prompt in dos
From: CRZYboy720@aol.com

I read the article in Happy Hacker 6-22, and I was wondering if there
is any way to keep the custom prompt. Whenever I change it it looks cool, but
when I close dos and re-open it the prompt is back to normal.
Please help, Ph|_U

[Roger:  Look in your autoexec.bat.  There should be a 'prompt $p$g'
line.  Change that to suit your needs... that should keep it.  If you
are using DOS under Win95, look at the properties for the shortcut.
There is a way to invoke a batch file upon entering a DOS shell.   I bet
that'll work...]

 *** Why does everyone want free shell accounts?
From: Carter Cavanaugh <sly_wyvern@sekurity.org>

I have been reading the Happy Hacker stuff since day 1. I am really too
advanced for the GTMHHs so I mainly read the Happy Hacker digests. I've
noticed that a lot of the digests consist of people asking where they
can get free shell accounts. Let me tell you guys something, you rarely get
anything good for free. Most of the time the drawback of getting a free
shell account is that you can't use most of the outgoing Internet
services (telnet, FTP, IRC, etc.), i.e., cyberspace.org won't let you use _any_
but WWW with lynx. Webfreaks.com doesn't let you telnet out. The list goes
I haven't found a single free shell account provider that gives you a
full featured shell account. Innocent.net is unreachable for me, the server
is always down. The only way to get a free shell account is to do one of

1) Get *access* to a big system with a shitload of users (i.e., a
college), and create yourself an inconspicous account.
2) Install Unix on your box. I'm running a MS-DOS/Win95 box w/
Slackware. Hell, I don't even have it one a separate partion. I run it from a

3) Become a "security auditor", e-mail no-so-bright sysadmin's say "I
would gladly test your system for security holes, in exchange for a shell

I've gotten many shell accounts with the third method, and I have a wide
range of them on my own box. I have no comment on method number one. I
take no responsibility for what you do, and I don't suggest you do method
number one. If you need help installing, and securing Slackware just e-mail
me at sly_wyvern@sekurity.org

-Sly Wyvern
 *** HappyHacker Channel
From: Carter Cavanaugh <sly_wyvern@sekurity.org>

I've set up a #happyhacker IRC channel for all the Happy Hackers to use.
It's on DALNet. Don't ask for Ops. I only give them to myself, and other
Happy Hacker major people (I'll give 'em to Carolyn, Joshua, Dale, etc.)
Please, if it says the channel is full don't keep trying to enter. The
limit is 100 users which is rather lenient. The people who run DALNet
wouldn't be pleased if they had thousands of hackers trying to join one

-Sly Wyvern
 *** Skippy vulnerability scanner
From: keydet89 <keydet89@yahoo.com>

[WARNING!!!: Runnning this program against sites whose sysdadmins have
not given permission for you to use it against them will get most
users kicked off their ISPs, and maybe get some people fired from
their jobs.]

[NOTE: You need to have JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed to use this -Josh]

I wrote a Java application that performs scanning of
a host for information regarding vulnerabilities.  The
application is called "skippy" and can be obtained


Make sure you read the readme file, which is also
included below.  If you have problems downloading the
"skippy.jar" file, try right-clicking on the link, and
choosing "Save link as..." .  Make sure that the file
has the ".jar" extension when you save it.

For anyone who is interested in trying it out, I would
be glad to hear from you, especially if you have
recommendations for improvements...

Here's the readme file....


This is the readme file for skippy v1.2
by Keydet89@yahoo.com

skippy is distributed as a JAR file only.  skippy is distributed
for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used for
harmful or malicious purposes.  Any use of this application for
harmful or malicious purposes may result in actions taken by
responsible parties, for which the author (me) is not responsible.

skippy is provided as is, at no charge.  Feel free to distribute
skippy as you like...all I ask is that you simply give credit
where credit is due.  If you are interested how something was done,
or if there is something that you would like to see implemented, or
if you would like to see part or all of the source code, email
me.  I generally don't appreciate folks who decompile my code, and
then ask me why I did something.  Hey, folks, let the source be
with you...all you have to do is ask.

skippy is a Java application that is designed to act as a
sanity check for sysadmins.  skippy will gather information about
a designated host.

As of v1.2, skippy's capabilities are:

  - Whois query to the server chosen by the user.

  - Forward and reverse DNS lookups on the designated host.

  - TCP connect() portscan of designated ports.  The listing of ports
    was taken from "Firewalls and Internet Security", by Cheswick and
    Bellovin.  Not all ports are scanned, because not all ports are
    dangerous.  As of version 1.2, the ports are still hard-coded.

  - Banner sweep of ports 21, 25, and 110, plus getting the name of the
    web server.

  - Connect to an active SMTP port and issue vrfy, expn, wiz, and
    debug commands, and then displaying the responses from the server.

  - Connect to an active finger port and issue queries for the more
    popular names that appear in the /etc/passwd file.  Responses are

  - Connect to the web server and issue various known exploits.  The
    result codes are shown, but they do not guarantee that the exploit
    has actually worked.  The displayed result codes are simply those
    result codes returned by the server.  NOTE:  The exploits were
    taken from the Unofficial Web Hack FAQ, by Simple Nomad, and are
    shown below:

        /cgi-bin/test-cgi?* HTTP/1.0
        /cgi-bin/nph-test-cgi?* HTTP/1.0

  - Hidden treat:  if the platform that the application is running on
    is Win95 or NT, and the target host has an active NetBIOS session
    port, the application will run the nbtstat command on the local
    host and display the NetBIOS Name Table. (NOTE:  The author has
    thought about adding "net view" as a follow-up command.  Adding
    this command will be based on user response...)

  - The user can save the session to a text file...see the options on
    the menubar.

  - Check out About -> Sysinfo...

skippy is distributed as a Java JAR file.  All you need to do to run
skippy is to have either the JDK1.1 or JRE1.1 available.  skippy was
written using the Sun JDK1.1.5, and has been tested on WinNT4.0
Workstation using Sun JDK1.1.5 and 1.1.6.  As no special classes were
used, skippy should work with other JVMs.  Please let me know if you
have any problems.

You can obtain the Sun JDK or JRE from:


Once you have the JDK/JRE installed and running, you need to add the
JAR file to your  classpath.  You can do this in Windows by going to a
command prompt and typing:


To make this much simpler, the following maybe copied into a batch
file for execution prior to running skippy.  Simply copy the following
text into a batch file that is kept in the same directory as skippy,
and run the batch file from the command prompt prior to initiating


If skippy is not in the current working directory, make sure that
you add the complete path to the classpath statement.

NOTE:  The JAR file is a Java archive format.  However, you do not
need to extract the files from the JAR to run the application.  All
of the necessary instructions are listed above.

If you have any problems, contact me at:  Keydet89@yahoo.com
State as much information as you can, such as what was the problem,
what characterized the problem, what platform you are using, etc.
The easiest way to get the platform information is to run "Sysinfo",
save the displayed information to a file, and include that information
in the email.

Requests for complete or partial source code may be directed to
the author.  The same goes for requests for additional features.
 *** More fun Hex editing Explorer.exe
From: Nick <blast@webfreaks.net>

The first thing you should do is make a new directory.  Something short,
like "Hacking" then after that, find the file called "explorer.exe" in
your windows directory.  Press Copy and copy it into your new directory.

The next part isnt needed BUT it is VERY usefull in case you screw up.

Right click on the windows desktop so the little menu pops up. Click
"New" and under that menu click "Shortcut"  That will bring up a new window.
 There should be something that says "Command line:" and a blank line.  In
the blank line, type in

NOTE: If you main windows directory is something else be sure to put
that in place of "windows" instead.

Click NEXT.  It should now say, "Select a name for the shortcut:" type
there "Exit", Click Finish.

There should now be a new icon, but were not yet done, right click on
the new icon so that it brings up the menu.  Click "Properties" a window
should now come up again up at the top click on the "Program" tab.  Now you will
see at the bottom there should be a button that says "Advanced"  Click it.
Now CHECK the button that says "MS-DOS mode", UNCHECK the button that
says "Warn before entering MS-DOS mode", and circle in the "Use current
MS-DOS configuration".  Click OK and OK again. Now your done.

Explanation:  Command.com is basically the program that brings up a MS
DOS window. By doing the thing with the advanced button, it tells it to
shut down the computer into dos then run the program.  The windows "START,
RESTART IN MS DOS MODE" Does the EXACT same thing.

(Evil Genious Tip:  This is a REALLY mean thing to do in department
stores that sell computers, just make one and change the icon and name to
something catchy, and its REALLY REALLY mean if you put it in the startup

Now your ready to mess with windows, the top part was just so you can
exit windows if something goes wrong, because sometimes when you mess up
windows WON'T let you use the START button.

Exit your computer into DOS Mode, NOTE that you can't just bring up a
window, you NEED to completely exit windows.

Make sure your in the WINDOWS directory...

(Newbie Tip:  You can tell if the prompt says something like
if it does not say that, type in   "cd c:\windows" )

Now type at the prompt:

edit /70 explorer.exe

note that the /70 is needed.  When I first saw this I though that the
/70 did was something special that made the program show more or less or
something like that but really all it does is sets the coloumns to 70 across so
that you can see it all in on page over, other wise its REALLY hard to read.

Half of this file or program appears to be Blah Blah garbage, but half
of it is actually understandable.

The editable part starts at line 2558  (You can tell what line your on
at the bottom of the window, it says LINE:####

Now this is where it all gets hard and a bit confusing.  If you also
look at the bottom of the screen there is a line that says "VALUE:#" that
will be inportant to you.  You see, all those little characters that are
there, like the heart, smily face, square, EVERYTHING, has a numerical
value, and that thing that says "VALUE:#" interprets what that thing is.  So
find a heart, put your
cursor over it.
The value should say "3" thats because a hearts numerical value is 3.

One of the most important things is the space, notice after everything
in the text area, there is a space in between them, BUT THEY ARE NOT
SPACES!!!  If you type in a space anywhere in the document for a second, and
put the
cursor over it you will see that the value of the space is 32, the value of
spaces are 0. Remember that.

Ok now skip down to line 2558 and you will see that one that line it
should say "Ajust Date/Time". We're going to change that; what you
should do is put your cursor over the "D" in Date and change the "D" to and
"F"  Make
sure you dont delete anything else except for the d.  ALSO you can not put more
letters than there already are or it will screw up windows and you will be
to use that "EXIT" file we made earlier and restore the old "Explorer.exe".
Do the same
thing to "Time" only change the T to a L. It should now say "Ajust Fate/Lime";
save that file and reboot windows.  Now when everthigns up, place your mouse
over the
clock in the taskbar, and right click on it.  It would normally at the top say
"Ajust Date/Time"
BUT now it SHOULD say "Ajust Fate/Lime"  Isnt that cool?

You can change this "Ajust Date/Time" to anything you want AS LONG as
you keep the "spaces" in there, and the whole thing "Ajust Date/Time"
stays in there.

Now we'll go into some more advanced stuff.

You will notice that up untill line 2561 on the word "P&roperties" they
are all things that come up on the pop up when you right click on the
menu bar. So if you changed "P&roperties" to "F&loperties" it would then
when you
right clicked on the task bar says "Floperties" instead of Properties  NOTE
that the & just means to under line the next letter, so if you check out the
right click
"properties" word in windows it will says "Properties" but the FIRST R
is underlined thats because in Exporer.exe there is a & in front of the R.
For this
section from line 2558 - 2561 you MUST keep the number of letters the same
as they
already are.

You are now done with that section.  You can edit anything in there, so
basically can edit the pop up menu words.  Have fun with that part.

Now comes another fun Part.  Go to line 2585.
You should now see on that line something that says "&Programs" Change
that to "&Shograms" save and reboot windows.  Click on the start
button, and NOW instead of seeing "Programs" you should see "Shograms"
COOL!!  You can
edit the START menu all the way down to line 2593, you should see where it says
"DOCUMENTS" and SETTINGS and CONTROL Pannel and FIND and RUN and HELP and
anything else thats there.  You can edit this but also here you MUST keep
the words
the SAME legnth.

Now comes the last part that I will show you.  Skip to line 2693.
You should now see a word that says "START"  Change that word to
anything else like you've been doing, that is 5 letters long, like take my
Name, BLAST change it to BLAST and save and reboot windows.  Now instead of
that stupid old "START" under the button it now says "BLAST"! It must be 5
long though, but for this one we can actually change that, like say you want
something 4 letters long, or maybe 10.

Remember how I told you that all those symbols had numerical values?
Well right before the place that said "START" there should be a little
symbol.  If you look it stands for "5" thats what tells windows how many letters
to use so it doesnt look messed up.  If you want something thats four
letters long
all you have to do is find the symbol that has the value of 4 (Its a
diamond) and copy
and paste it in the place of where the club looking thing should be (delete the
club) and then type your 4 letter word.

The same thing for any number of letters, just find the coresponding
symbol to the amout of letters you want to use. BE CAREFUL, there is a
place you can screw up on really bad.  YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THAT EACH LETTER
is for
longer words, COPY that space symbol and paste it for how ever many you
need.  (NOTE
the space symbol that isnt really a space DOES NOT count as a letter).

There are a lot more things you can do but these are just the basics...


Thanks to these people that got me interested in this:

Raymond Mowder- Guy who started this all
Mike Miller- Computer Geek consulted to Ray

 ***  What's up with WIPO???!!!
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

We have received dozens of messages from HH readers warning us of
the dangers of WIPO. The EFF, and l0pht sites have displayed warnings
too. Trade magazines have run articles on the subject, and everyone
seems to be in a panic state over it.

What is it anyway?!? Well, WIPO is an acronym for the World
Intellectual Property Organization, and what people are concerned
about is the World Intellectual Property Organization © Treaty
and Performances and Phonograms Treaty.

Currently there is some legislation working its way through the US
Senate and House of Representatives that is slated to update the current
United States laws on © Protection for intellectual property.

People are saying that this legislation will make hacking illegal.
They say that it will render lists like Bugtraq or CERT Advisories
illegal too. It would make software like l0phtcrack illegal. And the penalties
will be stiff too - up to 10 years in prison and $1,000,000 fine for
multiple offenses.

But the language of the legislation does not seem to say that
directly... The legislation currently being reviewed is specific that it
only *copyright* information. This is certainly bad news for WaReZ kids who
write programs to defeat copyright protection schemes or distribute info
on breaking those schemes, but it shouldn't worry the people at Bugtraq.

The legislation uses words like "access" and "technological protection
measures", which sound like things that Hackers know about. But the use
of those terms has a context - that of copyright protection - in the
legislation. It is not the same as access in the sense of login access,
or file system rights access, or network connection access...

I have read the full text of the legislation in the House and the
Senate, as well as that of USC Title 17 (the law that would be ammended by the
proposed legislation) and I can't find any language that is specifically
targeting the stuff that lists like Bugtraq cover, or any language
that is sufficiently vague that it might seem to include the stuff that
Bugtraq covers.

Keep in mind that I am NOT a lawyer!

What you should do is decide for yourself...
Go to thomas.loc.gov and read the complete text of:

H.R. 2281
S. 1121

Use the GOPHER service at the US Library of Congress to look up and
read USC Title 17.

Then go to www.eff.org and see what they say.

Think about it for a while, make your own decision, and then contact
your representative in the Federal Government (if you live in the US) and
tell that person what you think...

Whatever you do, don't panic. You might think that you need to go into
action to stop the bill, or you might not, but chicken little style panic will
do little to help your cause. Don't fall victim to FUD (Fear,
Uncertainty, and Doubt)!


This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization
in the United States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes!
This is all a plot to save your immortal souls!

For Windows questions, please write Roger Prata<rprata@cmeinel.com>;
for Macs, write Strider <Strider@clarityconnect.com>,
and Unix, write Josh Fritsch <derr@txdirect.net> or
Carter Cavanaugh <sly_wyvern@sekurity.org>
Happy Hacker Digest editor: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

Want a mentor to teach you how to do *legal* hacking?  Contact mentor
coordinator Ron Gloetzner, member, Happy Hacker Board of Directors, at

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