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June 15, 1998

URL of the day: www.sans.org/ntsetp.htm "Windows NT Security:
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com


* What happened to the HH Digest for 6/8/98???
* Free UNIX shell...
* Netlab 95
* Advice on how to get help through UseNet
* Problems with telnet
* Free UNIX Tutorials
* A few links for manuals
* The Happy Hacker' Rocks InfoWar.Com Bookstore

	*** What happened to the HH Digest for 6/8/98???

Well, to make a long story short, the June 8th edition of the
Happy Hacker Digest fell into a watery grave.

While on vacation in the mountains last week, my laptop, 
which carried (among other things) the June 8th edition of the
HH Digest, rolled out of my car, slid down a very steep hill,
bounced off some really big rocks, and came to rest in a surprisingly
deep, cold, and algae laden spot about 4 feet from the side of the lake.

It spent only about 2 or 3 minutes there, but it was quite completely
dead when it was retreived. Removing it from the icy water was cause
for much excitement for both me and my dog.

I will try to put what I still have (from another computer) into
this edition. Sorry for the delay... ]
	*** Free UNIX shell...
From: Renos

Carolyn hi !
I read that are alot of your subscribers that would like to
have a free UNIX shell account. I did some searching and I found 
these addresses wich I also checked out.

1. http://www.webfreaks.org
Well, I read their announcement and they don't give free shell
accounts anymore or at least for now.

2. http://www.nyx.net
They give a free account but you can't do alot of things unless 
you pay a small fee.

3. http://www.cyberspace.org
They give free accounts. You don't have access to the shell (unless
you pay...) but there is a GOOD menusystem. I also got an account 
there for my self!!

4. http://www.vexation.org
They offer free unix shells but they seem to have a small problem
so they cannot offer shells now. I also tryed to find something about 
innocent.net but I couldn't connect to that server.

If you try "free unix shell" on a search engine you will propably find
a page with a list of servers offering free unix shells. Many of the
servers are not working anymore.

Carolyn, how come Happy Hacker don't give free UNIX shell accounts?
It would  be very helpful for your subscribers to really understand
UNIX and learn it even better. They could also try all the UNIX tips
you are writting in GTMHH. After all cryptotech is ment to be free for
hacking why not offering UNIX shells? (well, they won't be secure
accounts, but the purpose is to help the newbies)


[Carolyn: We don't give free shell accounts because no one has
to pay for them.  They cost losts of money to offer -- the cost of the
computers, the Internet connection and the tech support.]
	*** Netlab 95
From: Grafik  

Hi! Let me intoduce myself. The name's Grafik M0de and I'm really 
pleased to e-mail u.

Here's the subject of the message. U talk about Windows Hacking in 
your GTMHH. But Windows lacks several Internet tools needed for this
(finger, whois, etc...), so it's harder than using Unix.

However, there is a program which allows u to use these tools. It's 
called *Netlab 95*. It's *FREEWARE*, so don't tell me I'm a pir8. 

Net Lab 95 has several tools to help Windows Internet "exploring": 
finger, whois, ping, trace... It even has a port scanner, muhahaha!

So, I think, you should talk about this program to newbies who just have
AOL and a Windoze 95 box.

Thank you in advance.
Grafik M0de.
	*** Advice on how to get help through UseNet
From: keydet89@yahoo.com  

Based on the response I received from the latest GuideTo (mostly) 
Harmless Hacking, I just want to provide some tips for the newbies:

1.  Read past editions of the GTMHH and learn about 
your system.  Become familiar with how the operating
system and applications work.  Use the online help for
both Win95 and the applications.  Believe it or not,
there is a lot of valuable information in the help files 
for new users.

2.  At least understand what the letters "TCP/IP" stand for.  

3.  Try things out for yourself...there is no harm in
experimenting.  You don't really learn anything if you
get your edition of GTMHH and just click every place
it says to click without really understanding what is
going on.

4.  If you do have a question about something, try 
doing a search on DejaNews.  Also, it you go to the
Yahoo site and drill down to the Win95 section, you 
will find loads of information.  There are sites with
tips, information, software, etc.  There are also 
several FAQs available for Win95.

5.  If you are receiving an error message while using
Win95, try doing a search on the Microsoft Support 
site.  Just go to http://www.microsoft.com, and click
on the black "Support" button at the top of the page.
Register your email address...but don't worry, the
service is free.

6.  If you must email or post a question to the
newsgroups, make sure that you are clear about what
you are asking.  Make sure you mention what operating
system you are using (in some instances, win3.1, win95,
and NT will all react differently), exactly what you
did, and exactly what the error message is.  Other
pertinent information, such as a particular protocol
stack, or a particular application, is also useful.

I have no problem with answering questions about files
that I write or just questions in general.  However, I
am not a mind reader.  

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts:

DO be clear and concise in your emails and posts.  
Provide information so that someone can help you.  If 
you don't want to provide the information, don't expect 
a response.

DO be courteous and DO thank the individual for their
time and effort.  Keep in mind...if you have found 
someone to send a question to, chances are others have
found this person, too.  

DO put forth the effort to research your question prior
to sending the question.  

DON'T use the "3l337 hax0r" typing style.  If your 
question can't be understood, it can't be answered.

DON'T obfusicate your "reply to:" address when you 
send email.  I don't like putting out the effort to
answer a question, only to have the email sent back b/c
the username or domain is incorrect.  If you don't want
an answer, don't email the question.

DON'T flame the person who is helping you.  We are 
trying to help you as best we can.  Many of us have 
day jobs and families, so don't get upset if it's a
day or two before you get your response.  

DON'T reformat your hard drive every time you have a
problem.  If you do that, you are destroying your 
current configuration and possibly opening yourself up
to a whole new set of problems.

	*** Problems with telnet
From: k purcell 

I have been reading gtmhh but I have been unable to use telnet like 
it should be used. I entered DOS after connecting to AOL then I typed
telnet. The telnet screen appeared and I went into remote systems. 

For the host name, I typed "whois.internic.net", and many other
possible host names, but every time I pressed connect a box appeared saying 
connection failed. Am I doing something wrong or do i need to register 
with someone?   

[Note from Carolyn Meinel:  Many people have written saying their telnet
program fails to connect no matter what host they try to reach. 
Here's away to fix your problem.  First -- make sure you are already connected
to the Internet.  If your telnet program still cannot connect to anything,
here's how to fix your problem.  Click "start", then "settings", then
"control panel."  Then click "Internet", then "connection."  This screen will
have two boxes that may or may not be checked.  The top one says "connect to the
Internet as needed."  If that box is checked, uncheck it -- but only
uncheck it if you already have been having problems connecting.  The bottom
box says "connect through a proxy server."  If that box is checked, you
probably are on a local area network and your systems administrator doesn't allow
you to use telnet.]>>

NOTE!!! Whois.internic.net doesn't work the way this Digest says any more. Instead, click here to learn the new way to use it.

From: Anthony Tobias Teel bigtoe@hardlink.com

On AOL, a lot of people ask me about this.  (And why Mirc, Pirch,
netscape, Internet Explorer, or any other external internet prog doesn't

For those on aol, it is generally just a simple thing (And most people
don't bother to fix it.  Uggh.).  A lot of the aolers out there use a
16-bit aol client.  This is actually fine as long as you don't use aol
anything other than, well, aol.  But if you use it as your internet
connection, you are only providing a 16-bit winsock, and no 32-bit
programs can access it.  

This is very easily remedied by (a) calling AOL and getting a 32-bit
of their software, or (b) downloading a copy right there.
Appearantly, some progs for hax0ring AOL don't work under a 32-bit
version.  They way I look at it, who cares?  If anything, good for aol!
Those annoying things are ruining the service!  I hope nothing works for
the soon to be aol 4.0.  Uggh.

Thought this might help.

	*** Free UNIX Tutorials
From: Josh Fritsch

So have we convinced you yet that when it comes to hacking, Unix is
the way
to go? Called your ISP and found out you DO have a shell account, but
have no idea how to use it? Relax. I'm going to hook you up.

I'm going to offer free BEGINNER Unix tutorials on IRC. When? Where?
Well, that part is up to you, the readers. To start, I'm going to need
get a feel for how many people are interested in this. To do so, I'm
to ask that anyone interested send me an email at derr@txdirect.net
that you want to participate. I will keep a list of everyone that
and then send out times/dates/places(on IRC). Sorry, but I will not
Hotmail/Juno/thepentagon.com/etc addresses. I'm out here as my REAL
if you want to learn, you have to do the same.

The only requirement is that you must already have access to some form
Unix. I don't have a fast enough connection to offer temporary
accounts on
my machine, sorry.

Experienced Unix users are encouraged to join in! Just let me know
that you
want to help (or maybe you just want to watch and make sure I don't give
out bogus info ;).

Lastly, if you live in the San Antonio area and want some more advanced
training in Unix, Windows, or harmless hacking, my friend and I run a
business on the side that can hook you up. Email me for more info.

	*** A few links for manuals
Here are a few links for manuals:

800+ links to sites with computer info.(OS, programming, etc.  
Check out Other-sites on this site too.)

This has a lot of great books whether it's on their site or on 
	*** The Happy Hacker' Rocks InfoWar.Com Bookstore
From: "Betty G.O'Hearn" betty@infowar.com  

SEMINOLE, Fla., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- "The Happy Hacker" continues to
rock the InfoWar.Com on-line bookstore with "stunning international
according to site manager, Betty O'Hearn.

Orders are pouring in from around the world.  The book, recently given
rave reviews by Winn Schwartau has skyrocketed to the top of

Authored by "I remember the 40's" Carolyn Meinel, "The Happy Hacker"
apparently is satisfying everyone's burning desire to understand the
mind and to learn their tricks in a step by step fashion.

Schwartau's review opens with, "In her folksy conversational manner
from New Mexico), Carolyn starts off by teaching the reader how terribly
insecure a Windows95 box is, and walks us through a series of
ways to hack right into your corporate network.  Considering that the
majority of computer crimes and hacks occur from within a company's
these introductory parts of 'The Happy Hacker' are worth the price of
the book

He continues, "These are the weaknesses that Microsoft will never tell
about, wishes would just go away and provide one of the most compelling
reasons to ignore Win95, forget about Win98 and rush right out and buy
a copy
of the infinitely more secure NT."

Meinel provides dozens of step by step methods on exactly how hacking is
done; from telnet to port surfing to using a shell account.

Far from encouraging teenage wannabes to hack away at your front door,
book is chock full of "You Can Get Punched In the Nose, Fired and Busted
Warnings" and "You Can Go To Jail Warnings."  Many of the tricks and
techniques throughout "The Happy Hacker" are clearly illegal, immoral
unethical.  The point that Meinel makes over and over is that "hacking
own equipment is healthy and good.  Hacking a box or network with
is good.  Any other kind of hacking will land you in jail."

Schwartau echoes those sentiments.  "Hacking is good.  Criminal
hacking is
bad.  Happy Hacking is educational, ethical and legal."

"The Happy Hacker" has something for everyone.  It's a moderately
technical book, with advice for the Newbie sprinkled throughout, as
well as
offering Evil Genius Tips for the more advanced readers.

Included in the book is an extensive education section on "spoofed"
which will be a God-send to the network administrator trying to train
staff in
the details of how hackers work their so-called magic.  The dangers of
ports and shell-based telnet are driven home as is the clearly written
on How To Map the Internet.

"The biggest criticism of 'The Happy Hacker' is that there is So-Much
information," Schwartau says, "and so many URL's, I wish they were all
organized in a single bibliography."

InfoWar.Com ships "The Happy Hacker" from stock within 24 hours unlike
"others" who require 4-6 weeks.

"The Happy Hacker," ©, Carolyn Meinel, 1998.
260pp American Eagle Publications, Inc.  
ISBN 0-929408-21-7 $29.95.  
Available at the on-line bookstore at http://www.infowar.com


This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization 
in the United States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes! 
This is all a plot to save your immortal souls!

For Windows questions, please write Roger Prata rprata@cmeinel.com; 
for Macs, write Strider Strider@clarityconnect.com, 
and Unix, write Josh Fritsch derr@txdirect.net
Happy Hacker Digest editor: Dale Holmes editor@cmeinel.com

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