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April 13 1998

URL of the day: http://www.openbsd.com -- the volunteer project that created
the operating system for the Happy Hacker Web site -- an operating system
that so far survived thousands of computer crime attacks.
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com
Svenska: http://w1.340.telia.com/~u34002171/hhd/gtmhh/svenska/gtmbegsvensk1.txt


* Why we fight

* Inside the Hacker Wargame
-- "some folks can be so smart and so stupid at the same time"
-- planned downtime for our Web site and game
-- who are the 505 gang, anyhow?????!
-- when will newbie and intermediate boxes be up for play?
-- when do we get to watch the live logs of break-in attempts?
-- how do you learn how to break in?
-- how do you secure a computer against attack?
-- live hacking lessons!
-- how to keep from getting into trouble for playing the game

* Call for volunteers

* Inside Story on the Happy Hacker book
-- table of contents
-- who helped Meinel write it?
-- what people are saying about the book
-- how to order it

* Windows NT *Can* IP Spoof!
* Lynx Hack! -- and Poledit Workaround
* How to trick spammers into throwing away their junk email

*** Why We Fight
by Carolyn P. Meinel

Happy Hacker has made the news again:

We continue to be the targets of what may be the largest massed assault of
computer criminals in history. Over the last four weeks, thousands of
attackers have hit Rt66 Internet. They are the Internet provider that has
served us by setting up a dedicated LAN and Internet host computers for our
Web site and Hacker Wargame. Their staff of uberhackers has worked around
the clock defending against these attacks. Yet Rt66 has received no money
from us. They have donated this equipment and hard work to Happy Hacker --
and risked their business -- because they share our cause.

Why do we fight to stay on the Internet? Why do we fight for the right for
you to learn how to hack? We believe the Internet should be free. But our
opponents want the knowledge of how to hack to remain in the hands of a
narrow elite that by day work as computer security experts, and many of whom
by night commit computer crime of the most filthy sort.

Early this morning our attackers vandalized the Rt66 Web site and sent out
email from a shell account they set up at chili.rt66.com attempting to
blackmail me. They also sent offensive email from this account to many
other people. They weren't there long (about an hour) before getting kicked
out. They also were too lame to get into my real shell account, on
mack.rt66.com. This time they called themselves "Grey hat" hackers, but
everything else about them reminded us of the old Grey Areas Liberation
Front (GALF).

Some people are also campaigning to get Rt66's Internet backbone providers
to cut them off by alleging that the Hacker Wargame is training computer

On Easter I was also hit with massive credit card fraud.

Please do not volunteer your services to commit crimes against our
attackers. This happens every time I announce Happy Hacker is under fire.
If we use their own tactics to get back at them, we become no better than
they are. The issue is not which gang will rule cyberspace, but whether
cyberspace shall be free.

We shall overcome. We will make the Internet a place where everyone, no
matter who they are, no matter where they live, no matter what they believe,
may gather to learn, to speak out, and do business. This is the true spirit
of hacking.

*** Inside the Hacker Wargame
"Some Folks Can be So Smart and So Stupid at the Same Time"

From: Bill Housley

You made the news again.

Let me get this right, these black hat hackers who claim that you don't know
anything could not successfully hack the contest target "king of the hill"
site, so they picked on the upstream site and now might be up on charges.

Interesting how some folks can be so smart and so stupid at the same time.

By the way, this incident has only given you more press coverage, will sell
more books, make more people aware of your web based information sources and
in general make life that much harder for black hat hackers everywhere while
further benefiting you, their enemy.

What idiots.

<tee hee giggle snort>
[Carolyn: That story at Zdnet.com about us was only half right. Rt66
Internet was not taken totally down for 36 hours. They only shut down
telnet on one of their computers for that length of time while making sure
they had thoroughly shut that criminal out.]

Planned Down Time for http://www.happyhacker.org and the Hacker Wargame

Please don't email and phone when we go down shortly for upgrades. Thanks
to the phenomenal assault we have just survived, and the logs we have been
studying, the volunteers who have been securing our systems now know much
more about how to block assaults by the gangs that are trying to turn
cyberspace into their private playground.

Who Are the 505 Gang, Anyhow?

by Carolyn Meinel

The latest story making the rounds of the hacker scene is that the 505
gang, which is running the Hacker Wargame (see http://www.happyhacker.org)
is just me, your fearless leader and grand pooh-bah, Carolyn Meinel.
However, anyone with rudimentary hacking skills can see that the Hacker
Wargame, 505's web page (http://www.505.org) and Happy Hacker web page
(http://www.happyhacker.org) are all on computers on a dedicated local area
network -- on a T1 high speed connection to the Internet! Furthermore, no
one (so far) has managed to break into zlliks.505.org, which holds both the
505 and Happy Hacker Web sites -- despite logs revealing thousands of
attacks. (Note: if you attack zlliks.505.org, and if you are smart enough
to actually get a telnet, ftp or ssh connection, you will see our warning
that you do NOT have permission to attack it.)
It took a lot of money and skilled systems administration to set up and
administer the Hacker Wargame and our Web server. Sorry, folks, I'm not
rich, generous or talented enough to have done that all by my lonesome. I'm
certainly not talented enough to hold off the horde of cybernasties
attacking http://www.happyhacker.org by myself.

It's time for the real 505 gang, the people that have held off what is
probably the most massive hacker blitzkrieg in history, to step forward.
Only, sigh, they want to be known only by their handles. If you want to ooh
and ahh at the uberhackers of the 505 gang, you will just have to be content
with knowing we all live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Check out our
Web page at http://www.505.org to learn whatever any of the other 505ers are
willing to tell about themselves.
Actually, you can figure out who some of us are by carefully reading the
section below on the Happy Hacker book.

When Will Newbie and Intermediate Boxes Be up for Play?

Funny thing, keeping a round the clock watch on all those cyberbaddies
trying to punish Rt66 Internet uses up a lot of volunteer time. But now
that there's only about ten of them against five 505ers, we're in better
shape. So now we are working on how to run boxes that newbies and
intermediate hackers can break into.
Here's our problem. It only took two days for one out of the hundreds of
black hat hackers raising hell against us to finally break into and erase
the hard disk of our first newbie box. (Does that tell you something about
the skill level of our attackers?) So we have to be prepared to quickly
restore everything so we can get a newbie box back online every day or two.
Because of the ease of reinstalling the Solaris operating systems, we've
decided sparc.happyhacker.org, running Solaris, will be our next newbie
challenge. We hope to have it up within a week (still working on fixing
other problems, sorry). We promise to leave lots of holes open. What is
really cool about Solaris is that once you fix the holes in the operating
system itself, you should be safe from buffer overflow exploits in any of
the programs you run under it. This is because Solaris is designed to
prevent buffer overflows from causing security holes.
So if you get root on sparc.happyhacker.org, be sure to be ready to patch
Solaris fast! Then you can put up a Web page and let everyone know you beat
the black hat baddies to the challenge.
The intermediate challenge will be fantasia.happyhacker.org, an Indigo Iris
running Irix. Since we suspect that someone out of the hundreds of baddies
wanting to shut down the Hacker Wargame will eventually figure out how to
root an intermediate challenge, we are waiting for delivery of an SGI CD-ROM
first so we can do fast restores. Irix also is a pretty good operating
system once you patch the holes. We look forward to seeing the first boast
from a white hat who manages to get in. (Black hats seem to be unable to do
anything but erase files once they get in -- too bad.)

NEWBIE NOTE: Instead of emailing us to ask whether these boxes are up yet,
you can learn this yourself while online by giving the command "ping
sparc.happyhacker.org" or "ping fantasia.happyhacker.org" while either in a
Unix shell account or at a Windows 95 DOS prompt. Remember, you have to be
online for these commands to work.

When Do We Get to Watch the Logs of Break-in Attempts?

Thanks to the Rt66 staff, Harold Fubison (senior network engineer at the
AGIS Internet backbone provider), and the Sniffit program (available at
http://www.rootshell.com), us 505 gangstahs now have fantastic abilities to
watch break-in attempts live! But, wow, we have so many players to watch
that disk space is an issue. We're getting another hard disk so all you
folks can soon go to http://www.happyhacker.org and prowl through gigabytes
of fascinating records of break-in attempts. Of course we will also archive
on tape.
Special treat: we also will make public all the logs of the *illegal*
attacks against zlliks.505.org. See how all those k-rad elite criminal
d00dz try to break in! Guess who else will be studying these logs!
If you are in law enforcement, we give free tours of the Hacker Wargame
premises. It's super fun to sit at the console of a computer under illegal
attack! Learn how to bust the bad guys fast! Sorry, black hat hackers, we
detest computer crime.
To schedule a visit to Rt66 (for law enforcement professionals only) please
call 505-343-1060 and ask for Lynne.

How Do You Learn How to Break in?

* "The Happy Hacker" book (see order info below)
* "Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and
Network," (1997, Sam's Publishing) written anonymously. Order it from
* Bugtraq archives: http://www.netspace.org/lsv-archive/bugtraq.html
* http://www.rootshell.com

How Do You Secure a Computer against Attack?

Aha! This is the hard part!
Once you break in, you not only have to fix the hole you used to get in --
you have to fix all the holes the other players might find!
In addition, by the rules of our game, you must maintain the same services
we were running when you broke in -- and our user accounts. For example,
cryptotek.happyhacker.org has about a dozen user accounts, email, ftp,
telnet and ssh logins, finger and a web server.
(If you don't follow the rules, bye-bye root shell.)
In order to secure a remote Unix-type computer, some of the things you
should learn are:
* Unix systems administration. We recommend reading "Essential System
Administration" by Aeleen Frisch (O'Reilly) and "Unix in a Nutshell" by
Daniel Gilly (O'Reilly).
* Unix shell programming. Read "Unix Shells by Example" by Ellie Quigley
(Prentice Hall). Includes a CD-ROM with shell programming utilities.
* How to use ftp to bring patches and programs into your computer. (You
may even have to learn how to ftp over high number ports, perhaps under
cover of an IRC session).
* Sniffing and logging utilities. We don't know of a good book on that
topic. However, you can find some good utilities at
http://www.rootshell.com. I (the infamous Meinel) will write a Guide to
(mostly) Harmless Hacking on sniffing and logging soon if no one can point
us to a good book.
* Set up a firewall. The Rt66 people recommend "Internet Firewalls and
Network Security" by Karanjit Siyan, for beginners.
* How to write, link and compile C programs. How to write Perl programs.
Get the book "Unix Programming Tools" by Eric Foster-Johnson (MBooks).
Includes a CD-ROM with programming tools for C, Perl and other languages.
"Learning Perl" (O'Reilly) is good for beginners. For advanced C
programming, see "The C Programming Language" by Brian W. Kernighan and
Dennis Ritchie (Prentice Hall). Since Ritchie is the ubergenius who first
created what is the most powerful hacking language on the planet, this has
got to be the *best* book on C. For advanced Perl programming, get
"Programming Perl" by Larry Wall (O'Reilly). Yes, you guessed it, we think
this book is the best because Wall is the ubergenius who invented the
language that is the fastest way to program amazing hacking feats.
* Learn how to install OpenBSD. Better yet, join the team of volunteers
that is constantly improving what is (in our non-humble opinions) the most
secure version of Unix we have yet seen. That's what we run on
zlliks.505.org, which is the Web server for both the 505 and Happy Hacker
Web pages. No one has hacked it so far! OpenBSD is designed to prevent
buffer overflows from compromising the system -- a super start on security.
There are versions of OpenBSD for PCs, Macs, Amiga, Sun SPARC, DEC Alpha and
MIPS -- and even Vax! (Sorry, no SGI version yet.) OpenBSD supports binary
emulation of most programs from SVR4 (Solaris), FreeBSD, Linux, BSDI, SunOS,
and HPUX. The OpenBSD 2.2 release is available on two CDROMs for $30 USD +
postage. To order, email Austin Hook, austin@canuck.com. For more
information on OpenBSD, see http://openbsd.org/.
Remember, though, that if you replace the operating system in the Hacker
Wargame, you should make sure to save the user accounts and all the programs
and data on the system. When you install the new operating system, make sure
that you preserve the user partitions.
* "The Happy Hacker" book (see order info below) We have lots of security
tips in this book.

Live hacking Lessons!

Keep a watch on the Hacker Wargame section of http://www.happyhacker.org
for announcements of additional live hacking lessons. If you missed the
first one, that's what you get for not checking out our Web site more
often:) Class members who don't have shell accounts get free temporary accounts.
In the first lesson, some participants expected to be immediately taught
how to break in to computers. Sorry, we are trying to teach real hacking,
not cheap, mindless tricks to assault poorly defended computers. Only sign
up if you are serious about learning how operating systems work and how to
make them secure.

How to Keep from Getting in Trouble for Playing the Hacker Wargame

From: scott stevens

When the newbie box comes up again for the war games I'm considering giving
it a try. But I'm kinda spooked by your warning about the ISP shutting me
down if they get wind of it somehow and think I'm doing illegal stuff. If I
call em up what are chances they'll shut me down right there, or if I don't
tell em, will 50 FBI agents be at my door. Suppose you can give me a
suggestion on what's best?

[Carolyn: The FBI won't bother you for playing the Hacker Wargame. We have
let the FBI know all about us, so they realize we aren't training people to
become criminals. Your only problem is whether your ISP might mistakenly
think you are planning to become a computer criminal. The way you solve
this problem is to make friends with the people who run your ISP. Pizza,
candy, and Jolt make great gifts. Rt66 people prefer strawberries dipped in
chocolate and US Space Command mouse pads. Honest, it is much easier to
persuade a friend that you are a white hat hacker than it is to persuade a
stranger. Also, the friends you make at your ISP might offer you a job there.]

*** Call for Volunteers

* How would you like to be one of the few folks with a password to
zlliks.505.org? Simple -- just take on the job of Webmaster. Here's what
the job needs:

1) You must reveal to us your true identity.
2) No illegal hacking. We are *against* crime.
3) You should know serious html programming.
4) You need enough free time to add GTMHHs and Digests to the archives
promptly and make other updates.

* Now here's an obnoxious task: manual processing of subscriptions. We
hope soon -- and for a looong time have hoped -- to be able to get listproc
running on a dedicated OpenBSD box with one time passwords on a LAN with all
network traffic encrypted. Maybe that will keep you folks from getting
unsubscribed against your will, as has happened before several times when we
have used majordomo.
Gee, golly gosh, why do you suppose our volunteers haven't gotten listproc
going yet? Thousands of attacking black hats have anything to do with it?
RJ and Meinel have been sharing the mail list job for a long time. If you
would like to see us put out more Digests and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking -- please, please help us out!

* More Hacker Wargame computers. Here's what you need to get your computer
into the game:

1) You need permission from your Internet service provider. Ours put many
months of hard work into getting their security ready for the assault
against them by computer criminals that we knew would come. (Criminals
fight us because they know our game will train lots of people to fight them.)
2) Be open about what you are doing. The problem is that once a group
decides to hide its activities, some people might wonder what they have to
hide. Why make people suspicious?
3) Once you have told the public that it is OK to try to break into your
computer, don't change your mind! It isn't fair one day to invite people to
attack, and call the police on them a few months later.

*** Inside Dope on the Happy Hacker book

The Happy Hacker book is finally here! It got printed in late March, but
the books took so long to arrive, the printer must have shipped them by pack
goat train. So that's why all you people who paid for the book, or were
expecting a free copy (free copies only go to our hard working volunteers),
relax. RJ Gosselin and I (Carolyn) are sending them to you now by Priority
mail or Airmail.

So just what is the big deal with The Happy Hacker book, anyhow? Time to
pull back the curtain and reveal what is in it and who are behind it.

Table of contents:


Section I:
How to Turn your Windows 95 Computer into a Haxor Box
How to Break into Windows 95 Computers
How to Use Windows to Hack the Internet
Mac Hacking
How to be a Hero in Computer Lab
Hacker Wars on Internet Relay Chat
How to Find Hacking Information on the Internet

Section II:
Introduction to Section II
How to Get a Good Shell Account -- and Keep it
Hacking with Finger
Heroic Hacking in Half an Hour
How to Decipher Headers -- Even Forged Headers
Port Surf's Up!
How to Map the Internet

Section III:
Introduction to Section III
How to Break into Computers -- or Keep the bad Guys Out!
How to Fight Spammers
Email Bombs
Hacker War

Section IV
The History of Hacking
How to Meet Other Hackers
Hacker Humor

Why buy the Happy Hacker book? In case you aren't just totally awed
by it being written by yours truly, Carolyn Meinel (shock, shock!), here are
some other reasons to get it.
The Happy Hacker book is much more than just reprints of old GTMHHs. They
have been expanded, improved, and totally new material added.
This book was made possible in part by the work of hundreds of
hackers who contributed their knowledge to the Happy Hacker email list. For
archives of their contributions, see http://www.happyhacker.org.
Special thanks go to the technical editors of this book: John D. Robinson,
Roger A. Prata, Daniel Gilkerson, Damian Bates, and Mark Schmitz. They
worked long hours to make sure the Happy Hacker book would be easy to
understand and accurate.
We also thank Mark Ludwig, who owns this book's publisher, American
Eagle. Ludwig distinguished himself by being courageous enough to publish a
book that editors at three major publishers had at one time begged me to
give to them. But in each case upper management had a fainting spell. A
hacker how-to book? Eek!
If you wonder why Ludwig wasn't afraid of Happy Hacker, run out and buy his
Big Black Book of Computer Viruses. Yes! Honest! The owner of this
publishing company is an uberhacker.
I want to especially point out those who have served as moderators of the
Happy Hacker list, who played the essential role of keeping it from drowning
in flames, nonsense and crime. They have included Matt Hinze, Jon
McClintock, Strider, Roger Prata, Strider, Ruben D. Canlas, Jr., and R.J.
Gosselin, Sr.
We also have relied on those who volunteered their services to keep us on
the Internet, despite incessant attacks by those computer criminals who
don't want you to learn what is in this book. Our knights in shining armor
have included Tobin Fricke, Patrick Rutledge, Carl Muhlenweg, and Gerard
Cochrane, Jr.
Most importantly, we owe thanks to the staff of Rt66 Internet, the
largest and oldest Internet service provider in New Mexico. It is not only
hosting our Web site, but also working around the clock keeping our Hacker
Wargame running. In particular, Rt66 vice president Mark Schmitz took the
initiative to donate equipment, the use of a T1, and the expertise of Rt66's
computer security gurus. In fact, Schmitz personally built the Happy Hacker
Web server and built and designed its custom firewall. Despite our logs
showing attacks from thousands of hackers, not one has managed to break into
it yet. (Of course, there is no such thing as perfect security, so we won't
be shocked if someone does eventually get in.)
We also thank the army of volunteers who have put the Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking on Web sites around the world, even translating them into
other languages. It is thanks to their help that many talented hackers
joined our mail list and contributed their knowledge.

What are people saying about the Happy Hacker book?

"Carolyn has a delightful wit and engaging style... We even picked
up a few hints to help us secure our systems." -- Mark Schmitz, Vice
President, Rt66 Internet.

"We should be thankful that Carolyn has a good heart, or we'd be in a lot
more trouble than we are." -- Larry Lasker, writer, producer of the movies
Sneakers and War Games.

"Now you can join the ranks of hackerdom and learn how to use your
computer the way it was meant to be used! Do things you never dreamed
possible with the Internet ... break into computers ... track down bad guys
... and have a fun time without getting into trouble with the law. Pull up
your chair, turn on your computer, and crack this book!" -- Mark Ludwig,
PhD., author of "The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses."

"This book will show you how to become a super hacker, yet not have
the FBI or the Secret Service knocking on your door. But your neighbors
sure will!" -- Ian A. Murphy (Captain Zap), first person ever arrested for
computer hacking, now President, IAM Secure Data Systems, Inc.

How to buy "The Happy Hacker"

1) Go to the nearest bookstore and ask a clerk for "The Happy Hacker" by
Carolyn Meinel. If they have it in stock, you're in luck.

2) If your local bookstore doesn't have The Happy Hacker, tell them to order
it for you from American Eagle Publishing. If they say they don't order
books from American Eagle, tell them Loomponics also distributes it.

3) In the US, you can get an autographed copy shipped to you by Priority or
Airmail by sending $34.95 to Happy Hacker, PO Box 1520, Cedar Crest, NM
87008. In Canada or Mexico, send $36.98. Make the check out to "Happy Hacker."

4) Or, if in the US, Canada or Mexico, email RJ Gosselin Jr. (moderator of
the Happy Hacker Digest) at rjg@cmeinel.com with BOOK ORDER as the
subject. In the body of the message provide him with two things --

1. Your name and shipping address
2. The two sets of numbers on the bottom of your check.
These are the bank ABA number and your account number.

5) If you live outside the US, Canada or Mexico, you may order The Happy
Hacker from http://www.amazon.com. They will ship it anywhere in the world.
But you will need a credit card for this.

6) RJ is figuring out ways to get the book to people without credit cards
who live outside the US, Mexico and Canada. Patience:)

*** Windows NT *Can* IP Spoof!
From: Bill Housley

I have been reading on your page and I have some comments.

Windows NT is Posix compliant, therefore any hacker software designed for
use in a Posix compliant UNIX environment should run from the command line
of Windows NT after re-compile on that platform and a minimal of changes to
the code.

Also, I was told by someone that IP address "spoofing" is only possible from
Unix. This is a statement made no doubt by Unix people who do not know
windows. Any dialup account that allows a packet with a spoofed IP from a
dialup client to get out to the net will receive such from any client,
regardless of the OS at the client.

For DOS and 16 bit Windows platforms a special dialer could be written that
will substitute any IP in the sender's offset of the packet. Existing
WINSOCK source code could be re-written for this purpose.

For OS/2, since it can share a COM port, may have a way to insert a packet
into the data stream with anything at all in it.

For any PC based package operating on a LAN that is using NT as a router, NT
could be setup with multiple logical networks allowing any client to have
any IP on any network address and get it's packets out. Also, the newest
versions of both NT and 95 can dynamically reassign their IP address at the
client without rebooting. If you like I could demonstrate this from a
system at my ISP which has no Unix boxes on their LAN. You could see the
spoofed packets using a Windows or Unix based ICMP monitoring program on
your end.

*** Lynx Hack! -- and Poledit Workaround

From: Lori or Nathan


Okay, if anyone out there is using a UNIX Shell account and cannot browse
root because the sysadmins have some kind of menu up or something that only
lets you run certain programs, here's how to get around it. If you have
access to the lynx browser, just do the following:
1)Open up lynx
2)Type "G" for go
3)Type "/" and hit enter.

That's right, you don't have to type in a URL, you can use it to browse the
system it is running on. Lynx also comes with some pretty handy features
for local drives like changing permissions (chmod) and editing files. When
I told my sysadmin of this, he had the program disabled within the hour.

[The ISP I use is super careful with file permissions so this trick doesn't
do much good. Sysadmins reading this, please don't turn off my favorite Web
browser! -- Carolyn Meinel]


If the programs you can run are restricted by a program such as
Poledit.exe, here's how to get around it. First, realize that Windows is
not very smart. It only cares what the program is named, not how big it is
or where it is located. In my case, the only program I was allowed to run
was Netscape.exe. One thing to note is that since Explorer.exe is both your
shell and your Windows Explorer, in cannot be restricted. If you have a
Windows 95 keyboard you can run explorer by hitting the Windows key and 'E'
at the same time. Now just rename the program you want to run to whatever
is allowed to run, ie. Netscape.exe and viola! Security bypassed!
Have Phun!

*** How to Trick Spammers into Throwing away their Junk Email

If you are the sysadmin of a Unix Internet host computer running Sendmail,
you can download a patch from http://www.rt66.com/spam that not only keeps
spammers from relaying off your site (forging email), but also tricks them
into throwing away their junk email.

Here's how this patch works. If someone telnets to your smtp server from
outside domains that you have specified, Sendmail acts as if it is accepting
commands and sending out email. But instead, it sends the spammer's email
to byte heaven.

In accordance with RFC 822, this patch does give back one, but only one,
bounced email message to the spam sender per mail session. Some of the
smarter spammers may figure out that their emails failed to go out to their
entire victim list. However, if you don't mind violating RFC 822, a trivial
change to the code will eliminate even that one bounce message. -- C. Meinel
message "subscribe hh."
This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away! Foo
on you! Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization in the United
States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes! This is all a plot
to save your immortal souls!
For Windows questions, please write Roger Prata; for Macs, write Strider; and Unix, Carolyn Meinel. Other general questions go to R.J. Gosselin.
Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research -- The Technology Brokers

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.