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Happy Hacker Digest April 2-3, 1997
      This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
            Moderator: Carolyn Meinel and Ruben D. Canlas Jr.


               Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
              email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

        To subscribe or unsubscribe,
  use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please.. If you decide
you just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, we promise
       our feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
                       H a p p y  h a c k i n g !
Catch a moderated discussion of denial of service attacks featuring Carolyn
Meinel on the Infowar IRC channel #hackers tonight, www.infowar.com:6667.

Table of Contents

· from the moderator
· Infowar Forum Errors
· Help Needed
· Getting Shell from Pine
· Help for Telnet and Finger
· Payfone Hacking
· calc.c
· My So-called Shell Acct
· Scanning Ports
· Anonymizers
· Flames, Flames, Flames
· What's Up With the Headers?

IMHO [from the moderator Ruben D. Canlas Jr.]
I've been out of commission because of really pressing work. So I have
to say my piece on Galf just now.

Let me clarify first that I am sympathetic to gays, working with a
lot of them onstage (occasionally, I am a theater artist) and doing
creative stuph. I am also averse to any form of censorship and do not
follow Carolyn's religious beliefs.

However, when I volunteered to help out Carol in moderating the Happy
Hacker, I agreed to play by Carol's rules, which I found reasonable.
Carol convinced me that this is an international forum for newbie
hackers -- some of our readers may not be able to dig the language and
how it's said, hence the need for editing and bleeping. I guess
bleeping is Carol's compromise too, because she doesn't totally delete
the cusswords and you can still get an idea what the cusswords were

One basic tenet of freedom of expression is that you can always choose
not to read/participate in something you don't like. In between these
extremes, we can always make compromises. Since I liked the Happy
Hacker Digest, but didn't like censoring the curses, I decided to
accept a compromise and go ahead helping the digest.

The point is, Carol left it for me to decide whether I should help or
not. She did not tell me to get lost or stop participating in the

This is basic Freedom: you choose what you want to do, and you can do
it as long as it does not cause other people harm. You also respect
other people's freedoms. Freedom and power entail lots of
responsibility. Since hackers are free and powerful, they need to
realize that sense of responsibility.

What makes me disapprove of the Galf attack? Happy Hacker is a newbie
digest, for god's sake, and it wants to distribute free information to
all budding hackers. To attack it is to attack what Happy Hacker
represents: freedom of information.

Happy Hacker never once tried to force any religious belief into any
of its issues. If moral debates and contrary opinions were raised, the
digest never suppressed it and in fact encouraged debate.

So IMHO, the Galf attack was lame because the Happy Hacker Digest was
the wrong target. Galf should pick on people their own size, or since
they seem like brave kids, someone bigger -- like maybe military sites
or microsoft.

   -- benc [ruben d. canlas jr]


From: hedrek@wantree.com.au

I want to use the infowar forum, but it is still a mass of 500 errors
etc. Is there a problem with the site or could it be my system? Any
advice much appreciated.

Carolyn: We are negotiating with the ISP that maintains it to please,
please install more memory. The errors come when too many people
access it at once and there isn't enough memory to hold all the
processes so it starts swapping stuff back and forth from disk and,
well, we are using Win NT, enough said. But -- GALF has never hacked
the infowar server on account of they don't know the first thing about
NT, so it does have its advantages.

From: " Red  Baron" <the_redbaron@hotmail.com> (by way of

Hi !

I Am A 23 Year Old Male From South Africa

I Need Help On How A Letterbomb Or 'Nastygram' Works

One More Thing - You're Articles Are THE BEST !!!
 If You Need Info On Hacking Prime Or Pick , Then
I Am Your Man.

I Wrote My Own "VIRUS" By Accident. The Only Way We Could Stop It Was
To Reboot The Machine (CHOWS HARDRIVE SPACE) Imagine Bringing A HP
Unix Machine Running Prime To It's Knees !


The Red Baron
Flying Low , But Shooting High
( The Quest For Knowledge )


From: Peter Beckman <beckman@nova.org>

On Tue, 25 Mar 1997, Valerie Henson wrote:

> You wrote:
>    There are two ways to do this.  First, create a file that
>    contains the following:
>    #!/bin/sh
>    /usr/local/bin/tcsh
> Doesn't work on my system, Pine 3.95 on Linux.  It gives you an
> error message of "[ Alternate editor abnormally terminated (255) ]".
>  Just so you know (since my school lets you have shell accounts,
> heh).

More than likely, tcsh isn't the shell you have on your system.  You
need to know the exact path of the shell (/usr/bin/csh, /bin/sh, etc).
 What sysadmins normally do is disable direct use of a shell for an
editor, which is why you have to use a shell script, such as above.

Try replacing /usr/local/bin/tcsh with /bin/sh, and try again.  It
will work, you just need to massage it a bit.



From: CaBzTag@aol.com

I read the list of things to  try to do to try to finger or telnet and
every time I try either it will say "cannot retrieve http..........."

so I am using AOL and I don't know if this has anything to do with it
because it is not saying "access denied" or any type of message that
is letting me know I am forbidden. I used to have Netcom but.... My
mom thought that she got rid of it but the actual account is still
active but.....

In Config PPP I lost all the info so I can't get on to it anymore. So
if you know the stats for config PPP, please help me, and I also need
the stas for the Internet Dialer. do you think it is because i am
using AOL??????

well this is my first time ever trying to telnet or finger so i might
be doing something wrong. the other thing is i dont have a shell
account and I was wondering if you could set me up w/one thanks for
your time in reading this. Even though u think I'm probably another
loser who will just do something stupid and get in trouble!

From: Adam Christopher <mjolnir@thor.pla-net.net>

Does anyone know where I can find an acoustic coupler or something to
use with a payfone?  My friend saw one in a mag, but he can't remember
which one and I can't find one. TIA

From: "Mac )(" <mac_x@geocities.com>

where can i get calc.c?

From: Twigz Wiggy <twiggy@hq.tcfarm.com>

The sysop at my ISP sayz I have a shell account and he told me I just
have to telnet into the server and that's it. but when I telnet, a
window comes up with some options (Pine, Tin, an FTP thing, etc.)  But
I can't find anything about how I can type in thingz like 'telnet->
boring.isp.net 80' I can surf around with my telnet program but I
can't use the 'shell account' that your talkin about (I am a newbie...
therefore I could be wrong :) I was just wonderin if you could help me
out to figure out if I actually do have a Shell account or not.  If so
I would really appreciate it (:
PS:I just found out about yur e-zine gtmhh from Silicon toadz website
and I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love it!!!  And I
can't wait to start receivin more filez (:  so far I have read 1-1
through 2-1 I have more than that on my computer though (: anyway...

benc: twigz, by the looks of it, you have a telnet account running a
menu program. look for an option that says Exit to Shell or something.
or go ask your sysop!

From: hwsnyman@medic.up.ac.za (LiquidMetal)

Hi there again!

I have a few more things on my mind that only you can tell me...

1 - Is it possible to get ROOT access through TELNET? If so, how would
I go about doing it? 2 - Do you have a "Guide to Social Engineering",
or something like that? I am     REALLY interested in learning more
about it.


From: Stigmata <stigmata@geocities.com>

> I use netcop to scan. What does it mean if I don't get an answer
> after scanning port 0 to 256. Does this mean there are no open
> ports?

Not sure about netcop, but I'm using pscan under linux.. I *think*
what it generally means is that yes those ports are open, kind of..
For example if I got back ..

5376 (ftp) is running.
5888 (telnet) is running.
etc etc.. More standard service but on weird ports..

I'd *assume* that it's a firewall running port redirection, as when I
telnet to one of these service on the standard port I get exactly what
I'd expect to see if the scan had showed smtp on port 25..

Hope this clears up the subject a bit..

Disclaimer: I'm a newbie so any of the above could be wrong..

 o                                                                 o o
  |    Stigmata                                                   o o
 o                                                               o
o-\/|\/- "I'm not the one who ran out of lies.."                    o
o  //                                                               o
o  \\    The Message courtesy of the Ministry of Digital Dreaming.  o
o   |                                                               o
 o       ..oo http://yswwsb.home.ml.org oo..                       o

From: Marko Samastur <SAMASTUR@fmf.uni-lj.si>


Sometimes it's not enough to use anonymizers to be anonymous. If you
use java, then you are vunerable (more details were revealed on one of
the security lists, but I can't remember which one right now).


benc: try to remember marko, and then share us the info ;)

ruben d. canlas jr.
outdo, v.t.:
    To make an enemy.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

 *** Flames, Flames, Flames

From: jericho@dimensional.com

> From: " Damien  Treffs" <no0n3@hotmail.com>

Just so everyone is clear, this is not me at all. At least two people have
made the mistake
of assuming it is me since this person is 'Damien' too.

>Carolyn: Whoa, I am just *so* terrified of having "the wrong people mad."
>It's the law enforcement people that I should worry about having mad at me,
>and for good reason. If I ever were to let my hobby of hacking lure me into
>committing the destructive, childish acts of GALF and johnny angry, I'd
>better figure on fleeing the US, getting plastic surgery, and living out my
>days as a computer programmer in Wombat Swamp, Australia (no offense, Warpy
>and all you Oz dudes:)

Please don't forget your repeated posts about how we should fear your (and
FBI/SS/NSA/CIA/NAACP/whatever friends. Why should I be terrified of them
when I am
only posting to a list? Why do you bring that up as some form of a quasi-threat
every week or so?

And why do you never directly answer my questions?

>From warhead@juno.com

>Hmmm, you are looking for a fight aren't you?  Well, unfortunately not all

No. I am looking for the truth. Something that she seems to want to disguise.

>of us suffer from what you do - A huge pre-pubescent ego.  I know it may

Oh, so I have an ego for correcting such careless mistakes such as the one
Carolyn and
others are making? Whatever.

>seem odd to you, Jericho, but *GOOD* hackers don't go picking fights so they
>can boost their egos but rather use their knowledge mostly in defense from
>people like you.  Yes, I CAN download "Up Yours".  Yes, I CAN put in your

In defense from people like me. What hacking skills can you use to defend
my posts to this list? You sound as ignorant as the other person who made
too many wild
assumptions. Let me also take this moment to remind you and the others that
you don't
have the first clue about my hacking skills. I may know nothing, or I may be
fairly decent.
My entire existance on this list has been to clear up mostly non-technical
Occasionally when Carolyn goes out of her way to post up something halfway
I will correct that too as it is usually wrong.

>e-mail address.  Yes, I CAN subscribe you to hundreds of list-servs.  The
>thing is, that doesn't take a brain!  Laughing at people like you and having

Oh. Threaten to mailbomb me for my opinion.. and you call ME a lamer? I have
never said
it takes a lot of know-how to mailbomb. I have simply defended their right
to express
their opinion wether or not I agree with their means. I happen to agree in
their case
this time. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the
death your right
to say it." - Voltaire

>pride in your abilities and knowing when to use them does.  If you'd like to
>continue this in e-mail, feel free.

Why? You seem too unwilling to read my messages and accept them for what
they are. From
what I can tell, you seem too quick to jump to inaccurate conclusions.

>If you'd like to mail-bomb me there, feel free!  Really!  I would be
>overjoyed if you would because then you would simply prove to everyone
>on this list how much of a lamer you really are.  Now, if you'd like
>to hack into Juno and disable my account I would respect your
>abilities, I'd still hate you but I'd respect your ability to hack
>Juno's minor security defenses.  Catch you all later

As I was saying above.. why do you assume I would mailbomb you? I haven't
anyone on this list (or any other) for any reason, especially not for
expressing their
opinion (which you are doing now). If I were to mailbomb anyone, don't you
think I
would have hit Carolyn a while back? As for the "how much of a lamer you
really are"
comment, I don't know what to say to you. Maybe that you shouldn't judge me
because you
know nothing of me? Or maybe that if you consider me with my skills lame,
then it speaks
volumes about your ineptness? Or just laugh at you as another 'juno' user
that doesn't
apparently even have a shell account to play with yourself? You pick
whatever makes
you happy. I will sit back here at work doing exploitation and security


>Carolyn: For the record, no post on the Happy Hacker list has claimed that
>jericho is a member of GALF or that he is angry johnny (the mass email
>bomber). To make such a claim without sufficient evidence in a public forum
>would be libel. However, a number of posts, for example

But they have insinuated that I am a member, or the person responsible for
their actions,
or other things. See below for a quote from the last digest.

>wraith@dimensional.com, have noted jericho's close emotional identification
>with these people. But emotional identification does not equal identity. In
>trying to hunt down computer criminals, it is wise to keep in mind Will
>Rogers' dictum: "It isn't what you don't know that hurts you, it's what you
>know that ain't so." So please do not jump to conclusions about probable
>motivations for jericho's recent posts.

Thank you for pointing that out to our less than cluefull members.


> 2)Crackers who rm system files, as GALF has done in the past at UTEP and as
> jericho appears to be threatening to do to them again, are breaking the law
And you wonder why I think YOU are starting these assumptions?

Carolyn: Your last post was hard to read in any other way than as a threat
to commit a computer crime against the University of Texas at El Paso. Your
corrections of technical errors that people post on this list are generally
typos or gripes about wording that could be misinterpreted, for which we
thank you for your sharp editorial talents. If you wish at some point to
begin posting highly technical tutorials of the quality we get from, for
example, Bronc Buster, you may find that the readers of this list will take
you more seriously as a real hacker and not just a knee-jerk sympathizer
with the criminal element.


From: " Intergalactic  <--" <intergalactic@hotmail.com>

>From: jericho@dimensional.com
>Don't you get it?! A lot of us don't like this forum because it >teaches
people incorrectly. On top of b******* opinions from a naive >moderator,there
is only inaccurate technical information. Who does >that help?

I guess I'm gonna PO everyone on this list. Jericho is right! Not only
"b******* opinions" and "innacurate technical information", but, Carolyn likes
to disguise it as being "legal hacking". Alot of the stuff on this list will
have you at the least searching for a new ISP. In addition, while I don't
advocate massive mail-bombing, I agree with angry johnny when he said that
Carolyn is giving the newbies just enough rope to hang themselves with. I don't
know GALF. I don't know what they want. So why should I "bring them down
legally" or even bother with them? I'm not gonna sit here and make judgements
about jericho or GALF just because the moderator of this list happens not to
like them. Alot of people like to post to this forum and say "jericho's scared"
or crap like that. Please, do tell, what's he to be afraid of?? Is a gang of
HappyHackers going to break into his computer and change the "Its now safe to
shutdown your computer." message?? Or (gasp!) change the animated logo on his
web-browser? Of course, that would require 2 weeks of discussion in this forum,
so he'd probably catch on.

Carolyn: Intergalactic is right, thanks to the bad name groups like GALF
have given to us hackers, even doing legal harmless stuff can oftentimes get
you booted off your ISP.  As for giving newbies just enough rope to hang
themselves, I'm flattered that Intergalatic thinks we are teaching enough to
get into trouble with. Some 31337 d00dz have been complaining that all we do
around here is teach rudimentary Unix and Windows. Meanwhile, will you
newbies please remember that if you are learning hacking by reading this,
you don't know enough to successfully cover your tracks if you were to
commit a computer crime.

 *** What's Up with the Headers?

From: n-treeg@ix.netcom.com

Hey Caroline, I just got the latest issue of Happy Hacker Digest, but the
headers look strange.  Can you tell me why the e-mail is apparently routed
through escape.com?  Isn't that Netta Gilboa and her crew?  Whats up?

Carolyn: I'm doing this to irritate GALF. Now what I'm waiting for is for
someone on this list to be elite enough to figure out exactly what I'm doing
with Happy Hacker mail. Who around here is a wizard at deciphering headers?
Oh, and that guy on the dcstuff list who thought the root@escape.com in a
header meant something terrible, no, that's just what you get on any
undeliverable mail message from escape.com. One of these days I have got to
write that GTMHH on how to read headers!

 *** Bye, folks, and Happy Hacking!

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.