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Happy Hacker Digest April 16, 1997
      This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
                        Moderator: Matt Hinze

                 Send posts to: matt@cs.utexas.edu (Matt Hinze)
        [if you can, include a "HH" in the subject header]

               Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
              email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

        To subscribe or
unsubscribe, use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please..
If you decide you just want to use the forum and not get these
mailings, we promise our feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe
from this list.
        H a p p y  h a c k i n g !
URL of the day: http://main.succeed.net/~bbuster/hacking/new/
One of the best, if not *the* best web sites for those new to hacking.
A must read!

Table of Contents

* GTmHH Strikes
* Miscellaneous Questions
* Learning Linux
* More Denial Of Service
* Other Mailing Lists
* Cracking DES
* Stopping Spam
* Using mIRC to Spoof Email
* Restricting talk/write Using mesg
* Uncrackable Passwords (or pretty close..)
* Dos Telnet
* Hacking Rental Cars
* Hacking WindowsNT
* Netstat and IP Spoofing
* General Advice


*** GTmHH Strikes

From: [anonymous]

 You may be interested to know that my school has shut down its
Internet connection indefinitely.  The cause?  No, we weren't infected
by some sUpEr 31337 haxor's virus.  In fact it was the administrators,
themselves, that shut it down!  They were a bit concerned that the
most use it was getting was for students who were eager to print out
all of the GtMHH.  I, for one, am relieved in a way: at _least_ they
got their information from an ethically responsible source... I've had
some very disturbing conversations that have me fearing for our
future. Now if the administrators had only read them, as well, this
may have never happened!

[Matt: Ignorance isn't always bliss.]

*** Miscellaneous Questions

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus@canit.se>

>>I was wondering if you know the correct commands to enter once you
>>connect to the incoming mail port? anything that I type says error!!!!
>>Also is there a way to get my mail from the server through a certain
>>port, if so what are the commands? Thanks!

>>Since you said incoming mail, I assume you mean port 110.

>Read the RFC for that service.  That's how I learned ALL the commands,
>and good stuff on that and other services.

It's just a shame that RFCs can be *so* bloody boring and complicated
over-the-top. This of course depends on the RFC in question, but
sometimes you just want a list of the commands.

>>Also, what programs/files would I need if I just want Internet
>>software?  Thanks!

>Minicom (for dialing your ISP) [note, i beleive this only works if the
>ISP has Unix boxes, It doesnt seem to work with NT crap]

Minicom is a terminal program, right? It should connect to all modems
which answer.

>pppd (for the actual ppp connection)

>I'm not sure about SLIP.  I beleive a program called DIP works for
>slip only.

Isn't dip for dialing in? If you're referring to Minicom as the tool
for for connecting and setting up a PPP connection, it seems like


YO! Happy Hackers ;-)
1. Is C++ the same as Borland Turbo C++? Is Turbo C++ a good
programming language for hacking?

[Matt: Borland Turbo C++ is just a compiler (with some extra stuff)
for standard C++. There are other compilers, though, like gcc, Watcom,

2.  I can telnet to a server running unix from my WIN95 Box and then I
can run  unix commands on it.  Is this a shell account?

[Matt: Yep.]

Which address should we email for posts (hacker@... or matt@...)?
Carolyn, are you quitting this list?  PLEASE DON'T QUIT.  What
happened to HHdigest Apr. 14, 1997, I didn't get it or was there any?

[Matt: Don't worry, Carolyn is still very much involved with the Happy
Hacker Digest. I'm just helping her; she's very busy. Send your posts
to matt@cs.utexas.edu (and try to stick "HH" in the subject header).
There wasn't a HH Digest for Apr. 14; It's not strictly a daily thing;
it gets sent out whenever we have enough good posts and have time to
format it and everything.]

*** Learning Linux

From: James Mastros <root@epix.net>

> I am proud to announce that I have actually gained my very first ROOT
> access yesterday......my OWN!
> I have installed Linux onto my other computer and have done a trillion
> stuff with it so far.
> Compared to DOS or Windows, I would personally think that Linux
> RULES!!!!! ;)
> But with a new OS, comes a whole bunch of new questions that needs to
> be answered.
> (Thank goodness that I'm a fast learner!) ;););)
> I have figured out about most of the stuff that I need to know for
> now, but I have a few questions.
>   one# What is a segmentation fault, and how can I fix it?

A segmentation fault happens when a program makes a big mistake.
In general, there are only three reasons for this to happen
1) Poor programing - the program does somthing very invalid.
2) Poor programing - the program doesn't check its arguments, and you
   gave it bogus input.
3) Extreme low memory - do a 'free', and look at the results
4) I said there were only three!

>   two# How can I check the amount of hard disk space left on my drive?

"df" ("df -h" will look better, but you loose some data)

>   three# I like DOOM and Abuse, but where can a person find some other
> good games on the internet for Linux?

Try QUAKE!!! (Check out
(It's based on 1.09)
Where did you find Abuse?

   James Mastros
   The Orb


From: Blake Leonard <theender@jcn1.com>

Sorry, I new to this Linux stuff. I just got it installed last night
and I want to dial out from my modem. How do I do this( I didn't
install X Windows so if I need that I'm going to have to do the
install all over again). I have Red Hat 3.0.3


From: Iggy Drougge <optimus@canit.se>

>I'm writing you because of finger program.

You mean the finger daemon.

(Carolyn: let's get off this habit of insisting other people use one's
favorite subset. Finger is a class of programs, some of which run in a
way that is called a "daemon." [My half dozen Win 95 finger programs
aren't daemons.] But every daemon is a program of some sort, so it is
correct to call even those finger programs that run as daemons
"programs." So program is a correct designation.)

>I explain you: I've got that program running in my linux system, and
>don't call me newbie (please !!! nOOO  ;) But really I can't see a
>reason to close that port. All I see is that someone can see users who
>are log in that moment in your system, but nothing more (isn't it?)
>Or is there a bug that I dont know, or something they can do in order
>to obtain my passwd file.....
>I DON'T KNOW !!!!!!!!! :(

I agree, I like having the finger port open, if only for my own use,
even. However, your finger daemon can be vulnerable, I turned mine off
after hearing of a bug which allowed people to run any command on my
computer through the daemon, even formatting my harddrive if they
wished. Don't know if your deamon is secure, but if it isn't (is
anything?), then you might want to turn it off or get another one.

>And I've got some philosophic question:
>       Why is password file with read attribs for everyone? It could
>work perfectly without it, passwd command is suid !!

It's checked for things like file privileges and ownership and
checking whether you have access to certain binaries and the such.

*** More Denial Of Service (DOS)

From: Jason Petrone <petrone@uiuc.edu>

>[Matt: The thinking behind lame DOS attacks is that even if your
>machine suffers as a result of shutting down another machine, it's
>worth it. For the most part, flood pinging isn't that strenuous on
>your machine. Avoid DOS attacks, though; the elite don't bother
>themselves with it.]

While DOS for the sake of DOS is lame, it can have some powerful
applications.  For instance, every ip spoofing technique I've seen
RELIES on a DOS attack! Besides, often a DOS attack does not crash the
computer, only denies it of service.  In the case of ip spoofing, the
DOS is generally only necessary for a short time, therefore its not
really destructive or irresponsible.

   ._   __  _
  //_|_\/_// /

[Matt: I agree.]

*** Other Mailing Lists

From: ae630@pgfn.bc.ca (Tim Gutteridge)

I'm looking for some other mailing lists to subscribe to. It's
hard to find them on the internet, and when I do, the e-mail address
isn't usually in operation. Does anybody know of some good lists or
some websites with links to them?

_____    _____
  |      |   __
  |IM    |____|UTTERIDGE ae630@pgfn.bc.ca

[Matt: Geez - there's *so* many. Again, do a web search.]

*** Cracking DES

From: "Mishari \"CykiX\" Muqbil" <mishari@thepentagon.com>

Hello all. I just wanted all you people with cpu's to know that
there're massive projects going on to crack the "Legal" encryption
scheme called 56-bit DES. I have found this really cool place at
solnet http://www.des.sollentuna.se/ which is co-ordinating one of the
projects. I prefer this one because it is for the whole 'net (the sad
folks who host it in the US cannot get participants from outside
because of the export law). So all of you who read this, go there,
grab your client and run it (WITH PERMISSION) on as many pc's,
workstations and servers as you possibly can. Another thing about this
is that at default setting, it takes up IDLE cpu cycles ONLY! So it
doesn't bother with your browser rendering the images on those porno
sites ;-)But, you can use the -n 1 option (like I do) to speed things

What are yaz waiting 4? Go get those CRACKERS!

Platform support for Win95/NT, Alpha(linux), Alpha(OSF/1), MIPS(IRIX),
Linux(intel), NextStep(m68k), Solaris(sparc), SunOS(Sparc), ULTRIX

If your platform isn't supported, you can give them a guest account on
your machine, and they'll compile one just 4 u! After it's all done,
you can put your grandchildren on your lap and say "I helped them
break the 56-bit DES key" ;-)

[MͧhÄrí mÜQßî¦] (MiShArI MuQbIl)
Go to my homepage http://mishari.home.ml.org
Apple Computers: If you make a computer that morons can use.
only MORONS will want to use it.


From: "Mishari \"CykiX\" Muqbil" <mishari@thepentagon.com>

Apparently, winner gets 1000 US$ 'nuff said. :-)

[MͧhÄrí mÜQßî¦] (MiShArI MuQbIl)
Go to my homepage http://mishari.home.ml.org
Apple Computers: If you make a computer that morons can use.
only MORONS will want to use it.


From: Tom Guptill <tgpt@PAS.ROCHESTER.EDU>

Just wanted to point out that there are multiple competing efforts to
crack DES.  A more non-profit effort (which is not as far along) is up


(plug, plug: this is the one my machines are involved with)

A list of a bunch of them is available from:

http://www.des.crypto.org/ (I think.)

- Tom

Tom Guptill                         tgpt@pas.rochester.edu
UNIX SA                             104 B&L RC
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester

*** Stopping Spam

From: GR8GUY <cyoung@northernnet.com>

don't know if you know about this but i found it very interesting...

Spam Ban
spamming-the practice of sending unsolicited e-mail advertising,
usually in bulk-would become a misdemeanor under a bill being
considered by the state of Nevada. If passed, the bil would make a
Nevada the first state to outlaw spamming. Critics say that the bill
would hurt small businesses, wich can't afford more expensive
advertising media. The Nevada senate's judiciary committee is
considering the proposed revisions of the bill and at press
time had not set a timetable for a vote. California and virginia are
considering similar e-mail advertising bans.

May 1997
pg 55


From: [anonymous]

Is about "Spam Hater*. I checked the site
www.compulink.co.uk/net-services, but I had only a "the URL you
request is not on this server" message. After wandering around, I
found the correct address which is the following:
www.compulink.co.uk/pub/net-services. Another problem: I found TWO
"Spam Hater" files, named spam.exe and spam1.exe. Which one is to
download? Perhaps both?

*** Using mIRC To Spoof Email

From: pc2000 <pc2000@hooked.net>

Hello all Happy Hackers:

 I see the latest craze is to spoof email. Well there is another way
to do it via irc. I can send spoofed email from a dcc chat session. It
is pretty easy. I use mirc so I havent tested it with anything else.
Here is how I do it:

First paste this into alias section:

/long /echo 6 $longip( $$1 )

/port {
  raw -q privmsg $me :
  DCC CHAT CHAT $$1 $$2 $+

Next step is to convert the domain to ip then to long ip:
say we wanna send email through lava.net's deamon you do this (all
from mirc)

/dns lava.net

*** Looking up lava.net


*** Resolved lava.net to

Now we must convert the IP to long IP


3353225730  = long ip

Then you type:

/mail 3353225730 25

You will get a dcc chat request from yourself. Accept it and you
will see

220 malasada.lava.net Smail3.1.28.1 #9 ready at Tue, 15 Apr 97
14:08 WET

You can type HELP and get the help menu put to quickly show you how to
do it
first type:

HELO someone@somewhere.com

You will see the response:

250 malasada.lava.net Hello someone@somewhere

Next input who it is from:

MAIL FROM: bgates@microsnot.com

Then say from who it goes to:

RCPT TO: santa@north.pole.org

Now type: DATA and you will see:

354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself

Now type whatever body message you want and when you finish the email

put a "." by itself w/o " " and you will see:

250 Mail accepted

Then type: QUIT to exit the system and close the dcc chat

You can also use this to port surf places to and find new ports.

Just use this syntax:

/mail <<long ip> <<port>

Remember you have to convert a regular ip to long ip and that is
it. Have fun. BTW I have found many ports surfing like this. And I
didnt have to use a shell account. (I get lazy sometimes..hahahah =) )


*** Restricting talk/write using mesg

From: ".o0ORSNAKEO0o." <rsnake@ecst.csuchico.edu>

> >I was wondering what I had to change to keep from getting msgs when
> >people use the write command or the msg command.
> I am new, but i know that my commands, (at a school also), are  mesg
> yes and  mesg no  yes and no being on and off :)

 There is another mesg setting.  It is mesg g.  Mesg g allows
for talk requests and for writes (assuming the sender has mesg g or
mesg y) but not for banners cats or echos that are re-directed to your
terminal. (I am not quite sure where wall comes in because I don't
want to piss off everyone here at Chico...).  Mesg g is considered to
be the safest of the three, when combined with .talkdeny and
.talkallow, however there are still programs to mess with terminal
settings that work through talk-requests.  IE:
Personally I always have mesg n, and tell people to send me e-mail if
they want to talk to me (using newmail -i 10 to notify).  You can send
a talk request as mesg n but cannot recieve one, so you can send a
talk request as mesg n, and then have the recipient turn their mesgs
to n before responding to the request, to have secure chatting.  Just
some thoughts.

*** Uncrackable Passwords (or pretty close..)

From: "Alan C. Ramsbottom" <acr@ALS.CO.UK>

This is based on insights gained by writing a brute-force "cracker"
attacking the SAM hashes. In the *worst case* with typical hardware,
I currently believe that it will take a few hundred years to
brute-force a password that obeys all the following rules:

1) It contains upper and lower case alphas i.e. characters
   from 'A'..'Z' or 'a'..'z'.

   (Mixing the case does not help much in this attack but it
    may hinder other approaches)

2) It contains a numeric i.e. '0'..'9'.

3) It contains a punctuation symbol i.e. '!','&','>' etc.
   Don't just use these three, there are many more to chose

4) It contains a character entered with an ALT sequence selected
   from the following list *only*. Type ALT then one of the four
   digit numbers below to enter these characters in your password.

   0131    0199    0224    0231    0237    0244    0252
   0135    0201    0225    0232    0238    0246    0255
   0149    0209    0226    0233    0239    0247
   0196    0214    0228    0234    0241    0249
   0197    0220    0229    0235    0242    0250
   0198    0223    0230    0236    0243    0251

5) It is exactly 7 *or* exactly 14 characters long. It will give you
   extra protection against random luck if you use 14 characters but
   each half (7 characters) must conform to the above rules *and*
   contain some different characters.

Note the stress on "worst case", the program might get your password
with its first lucky guess. Oh, and there are no guarantees for any
of this :-(

PS: I will send an extremely pretty table showing the "password
entry process Windows Character Set (Unicode above 0x007F) to ASCII
translations" to anyone who can convince me that they know why it
is relevant and asks nicely :-)

PPS: I'm part way trying to document the aforementioned "logic"
behind the brute-force aspect of the SAM attack issue and will post
it ASAP. Are there any potential contributers/"pre-publication"
reviewers out there?


*** Dos Telnet

From: ".o0ORSNAKEO0o." <rsnake@ecst.csuchico.edu>

> Where can I get a telnet for MSDOS?  I mean I do not want the Win95's
> telnet.

 Uhm, I personally always use Q-modem for DOS.  It is really
nice. It has the fastest re-dialer I have seen, and is only mildly
clunky when you aren't used to it.  I don't know where to pick it up,
since I just got a copy from a friend.  There is a newer version for
Windows, but I haven't used it so I can't recommend it.  Hasta!

*** Hacking Rental Cars

From: "E-mail Anonymous" <anonymouszzzz@hotmail.com>

So the other day I went on vacation with my family and we rented a car
from Hertz, and the car had one of those Global Tracking Computers
built in.  Well this got me thinking: I bet this thing is hackable!! I
played around with it a bit but everytime I started to mess with the
wires my mom got p*****d.  On the back of the console ( the part that
is in the front of the car) there is a small serial port plug thing
with no label or anything but It can be easily removed...and plugged
into something else...say a laptop..But I don't have much experience
with this kind of stuff and I was wondering if anyone out there has
ever tried to hack one of these, or if it is even possible?? I think
we're renting a car again in a month or so and next time i want to be
prepared..if anyone has any info on hacking one of  these please post
it to this list or e-mail it to me at anonymouszzzz@hotmail.com,
                                             -- PsyKe

*** Hacking Windows NT

From: Fireforge <forge@binary.net>

>A friend of mine (superhacker range) is able to get into a win95 or NT
>box and edit/delete/create anything he pleases.... he uses a combo of
>winIPcfg and a finger util. all he needs to get in is a username(I
>think, I know he can do it if he has a username and password, it
>doesn't matter what his access is set to.)
>If ya can answer that then I hail to u

Well if the admin of the nt box is stupid then it is so easy its not
funny log into the guest account and look at the registry to see if he
has set up an auto logon if so you get his password i think your fried
just pulled the wool over your eyes with some easy tricks and made it
look good ;) if you configure nt properly it is much harder to get
access to...ie rename admin/guest accounts ... disable guest account
... restrict registry access...NEVER use auto logon etc etc to give
you an idea.


*** Netstat and IP Spoofing

From: [anonymous]

If posted please make anonymous

Hello, whenever i do a netstat in dos on any server it always brings
up my user name and nothing else, why? i want to get information on
places but my computer wont let me do netstat... is there any better
ways to track down ppl? I ahve used tracert, nbtstat, ping and ftp,
but i dont know how to really use them to my advantage. Also where can
i get more information on IP spoofing?

[Matt: For more information on any of the topics discussed here, try a
web search.]

*** General Advice

From: Warpy <warpy@null.net>

This email is basically a general note to all of you "happy hackers"
on why you get flamed and how to avoid it. There might also be some
replies about questions from previous hh's that i couldn't be bothered
writing about.

Please note: Carolyn and readers this is NOT a flame, though it may
seem like it. This is just me getting something off my chest which has
been bothering me for a while.

Why does this list and those who subscribe to it get flamed so much?
This is a pretty easy question to answer actually. I have been "with"
hh since close to the beginning and I have seen the actual content
quality decrease in that time due to ppl asking blatantly DUMB
questions. To begin with it was good, people asking newbiesh
questions, but at least they were regarding Unix, and not that pseudo
32-bit wannabe OS known as Win95. The GTmHH's (guides to mostly
harmless hacking) were good too. I think the point were they started
going under was right after the mapping the internet guide, when
*puke* Win95 began the hot topic.

People write in and ask questions on modifying pretty pictures on
their bloody IE 3.0 browsers. I mean, this digest is SUPPOSED to be
about hacking, and whereas hacking might have been getting a printer
to bump and vibrate across the floor in wierd patterns using some
interesting code back when Carolyn was younger.. the definition has
since changed. I realise that, a lot of the readers of hh realise
that, and the majority of those who read dc-stuff realise that, but
Carolyn appears not to.

But then again perhaps she does. Perhaps she realises that if she had
continued on with her guides in the way she was doing so her
readership would/could get their newbie-selves into trouble, and by
restricting what is published she could possibly hope to avoid that.
But while she can restrict what she publishes here, she cannot
restrict what is out there on the Net. If someone has got enough
incentive to learn, then they will find what they are looking for.

Yet ANOTHER reason why you guys get flamed so much is that you ask so
many STUPID questions. Or rather, the questions themselves are not
stupid, but did you think to spend that 10-20-30 minutes longer to
take the time to look the answer up on the Net yourself? I mean this
digest gets innundated with the same questions over and over again.
Don't you think that somewhere out there, someone has taken the time
to sit down and write put the answer to your very question. The answer
is yes. You need help installing linux, goto one of the hundreds of
linux sites and read the HOWTO's. Need help finding Win95 software for
*cough* hacking? Look at www.tucows.com, one of the largest archives
of GOOD Win95 software, all of which is either freeware or shareware.
Looking for general info on hacking, try entering "hack" at YAHOO or
Altavista. I mean, for crying out loud ppl, the information is out
there at your fingertips, why not spend those terrible extra minutes
to look for it yourself instead of posting to hh-digest. If you've
legitimately got a problem which you have looked for the answer
yourself, and were unable to find, then sure post. But if your post is
like "how do i find the amount of disk space left on my partition in
linux" AYE CARUMBA. Five minutes if not less in #linux or #linuxhelp
will get you the answer. The reason why you get flamed so much is
because the answer is out there and you're all to lazy to find it.
Btw, the answer to the dudes question is by typing "df" at the command

Well I think i've managed to encapsulate both why the hh-digest and
the people who post to it get flamed so much, and how it can be
avoided. Use COMMON SENSE. As a very funny but too true quote said:
"Invent something idiot-proof, and they will invent a better idiot".

Now for some responses to questions..

*To anonymous - IP spoofing is difficult enough to understand for most
Unix heads, how do you think a Windows programmer will be able to
comprehend it? In other words, no there is NO (as far as i know) Win95
application for ip spoofing.

(Carolyn: I got a Win 95 IP spoofer:):)

*To Psst - The reason you should close the finger port (79) is mainly
because it gives away too much information to any casual remote user.
Not only that but on older versions of finger daemon you could crash a
system by finger @@@@@@@@@@@@host.com

*To Robert Finger - In regards to your question about Corewars and
winners publishing how they managed it. NO! This is one of my biggest
worries about it. That corporate security will turn it into some
"let's learn what the hackers are using now". As for regular hackers
watching the competition, i think a descritption like - used a buffer
overflow, incorrect permissions, or old sendmail should be more than
enough information.

(Carolyn: Warpy, Warpy, this list is about *legal* hacking. We want to
make it easier, not harder, for people to make their systems secure.)

*To EVERYONE asking about local hackers - No sensible hacker is going
to announce "I'm here!" to the world. If you want to look for hackers
in your local area why not try looking at the 2600 Meeting list at:

That's about all I have to say today... :)


(Carolyn: Warpy, all us people who enjoy legal hacking are happy to
identify ourselves and help others to learn. True, recently it has
become a big deal among certain elements of the hacker world to
believe that if something is legal, it isn't real hacking. I say
"pooh" to them.)

A great hack is accomplished before it has begun...
(paraphrased from Sun Tzu)   -[warpy@null.net]-

[Matt: I agree with most of this, Warpy. Thanks for the post.]

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.