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April 1997 Digests part a April 1997 Digests

                   Happy Hacker Digest April 1, 1997
      This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
                        Moderator: Carolyn Meinel

Digest archives are held under the "New" button at the Infowar site

               Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
              email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

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  use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please.. If you decide
you just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, we promise
       our feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
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Table of Contents

o  NT Crack Version 2 Released
o  Preventing Denial of Service Attacks
o  Telenet it *Not* Telnet Misspelled
o  Deleting Bash History File
o  Oh, no, did I really surf THERE??:(:(
o  Hacking Sendmail
o  Update from the Front on the War Against Spam
o  More Phreaking
o  Customize Your Internet Explorer Animated Logo
o  Outrage Certain People by Scanning their Ports
o  Call for Finger Lakes NY Hackers
o  Flame Wars

 *** NT Crack Version 2 Released

Sender: Windows NT BugTraq Mailing List <NTBUGTRAQ@RC.ON.CA>
From: Jonathan Wilkins <jwilkins@SECNET.COM>

NT Crack version 2 has been released.

I apologize for how soon it follows the initial release but I
think that a massive optimization in speed in the new version
justifies a new release.

We ran a user list of length 1006 with a word list of around 860,000 in
5 minutes 30 seconds on a Pentium 133 with 32MB RAM running
Windows NT Server.

Roughly 2,606,000 cracks per second..
The old version seemed to get around 15,000 cracks per second..

This is due to Windows NT's lack of any salt functions as well as a
few optimizations regarding the encryption routine and a change in
the way NTCrack processes user files.

The new version is also independent of the cygwin.dll and so is
much smaller but it seems that the cygwin libraries are marginally
faster. When NTCrack is compiled and linking in the cygwin
libraries it was somewhat faster but I decided to release the smaller
version because our little ISDN net connection was getting a little
choked.  Anyone who wishes to mirror this program should contact
me via email at jwilkins@secnet.com

Speed freaks are encouraged to compile their own copies
for various UNIX platforms rather than deal with the
overhead of Windows.

One other feature was added, the program now attempts to use
the username as the password.  I have found in many smaller
offices, especially ones that run NT or Netware, that users are
generally uneducated about what constitutes a good password
and so will often use their username.

                                        Jonathan Wilkins

again, I am sorry to re-release so soon, but I really believe that
the improvements justify it..

the new files are only ~22k

Jonathan Wilkins      |  Futuaris   | If only they had used their
jwilkins@secnet.com   | Non Irresus | terminals for niceness instead
http://www.secnet.com |  Ridebus    | of evil ...-Maxwell Smart

(To subscribe to NT Bugtraq, email listserv@rc.on.ca with message "subscribe

Carolyn: I just spoke with Dead Addict, a famed hacker and Microsoft
employee, on this issue. DA says that while a password of a given length is
easier to crack on NT systems, NT will accept passwords of much greater
length than Unix systems. There are also utilities which prevent an NT user
from entering a password that is too short or too easy to guess. But NT
sysadmins must remember to install a program that will force users to choose
these high-power passwords.

 ** Preventing Denial of Service Attacks

From: "Mishari \"CykiX\" Muqbil" <mishari@thepentagon.com>

Hi. I've got more stuff on port 19 :-)
Basically, instead of using telnet and piping it to port 7, another
HIGHLY effective way is to just use good ol' lynx. That's right, the
good little goody goody hostile java applet-proof browser has a deep
dark secret:
lynx http://localhost:19/
Notice the number of bytes transferred increasing rapidly?
Use screen to have several sessions of lynx running. That UNIX box is
gonna Crawl! Here's another something which works:
lynx http://my.isp.net:19/
Seems to disconnect the modem from the ISP. Anyone here has the same
And... *drumroll please* MSiE! Yes! Micro$0ft hasn't been doing their
homework. Port 19 hasn't been disabled and it has a much more drastic
effect than lynx on a windows NT environment (http://localhost:19) Check
it out, it's worth a few laughs. NetScape has done their homework well
and disabled access to the major ports with security hazards. e.g. port
19 and port 7. Three cheers to Netscape!

[MͧhÄrí mÜQßî¦] (MiShArI MuQbIl)
Go to my homepage http://mishari.home.ml.org for the Ultimate Collection
of full length 28.8 Streamable Weird Al Yankovic Mpeg3's!


Carolyn: Thanks for the warnings! I can't emphasize too much how important
it is to close not only 19 -- the worst of the lamer denial of service ports
-- but let's add 7 (echo) to the list, too. It would be soooo easy for some
self-styled "kewl dood" to offer a download site for a program that any
idiot with Win 95 and AOL could use to crash a major ISP.

 *** Telenet is *Not* Telnet Misspelled

From: brian <brianzad@asan.com>

I thought Telenet was a misspelling of telnet until the question about
the two was posted.  I couldn't find the Telenet/Telnet article at
infowar.com so I put a link to the article that describes Telenet at
The article was written by Revelation of LOA.  It explains Telenet.

 *** Deleting Bash History File

From: "OD|phreak" <butler@tir.com>

>I recently found that I could delete the contents of the bash-history file
>on my ISP using telnet. Logon to your shell using telnet then do something
>like a bunch of finger's and whois's. When you're finished,  use the up
>arrow to scroll back through each command you made deleting each command
>with the del key as you go, then  use the down arrow to scroll back to the
>present. You must scroll all the way back to the present for this to work
>count the number of commands you delete if there are a lot of them.
>Then type quit and logoff and the only thing that will be left in the
>bash_history file is the last quit command you did.
>Does this work on other operating systems? I'd be curious to know if
>anybody can reproduce this on their ISP.
>Carolyn: It doesn't work on my account at escape.com, which uses BSDI

I found it works on almost any system that uses BASH I just have a fake
.bash_history on my comp
for when I use BASH but I usually use SH cause it doesn't log but here is how I
have it on my comp
for fake bash files

AND the 1 hour log is about 1 hours worth of stuff like saying harmless
things like and u can make it
switch shells if you run out of ideas.

rm work_paper

After you upload this rm .bash_history (in a shell other than bash) then
rename 1-hour_on to .bash_history
its really no big deal



From: "Xenakis" <xenakis@epix.net>

| Anonymous post:
| I recently found that I could delete the contents of the bash-history
| on my ISP using telnet. Logon to your shell using telnet then do
| like a bunch of finger's and whois's. When you're finished,  use the up
| arrow to scroll back through each command you made deleting each command
| with the del key as you go, then  use the down arrow to scroll back to
| present. You must scroll all the way back to the present for this to work
| count the number of commands you delete if there are a lot of them.
| Then type quit and logoff and the only thing that will be left in the
| bash_history file is the last quit command you did.
| Does this work on other operating systems? I'd be curious to know if
| anybody can reproduce this on their ISP.

What gain you gain by deleting your history file? You would then later have
to waste additional time typing in repetitious commands! If you want to
*edit* your .bash_history just use fc [-e editor_name] [-n] [-l] [-r]
[first] [last]

e - editor name (vi or emacs)
n - suppress command #s
l - lists matched commands
r - reverse order
first/last - # range of commands

to use another .bash_history, use history [-r|w|a|n] [filename]
r - read the content of the current history file and make them the current
history file
w - write the command history to the history file (overwriting)
a - appends the history file
n - range

 || xenakis@epix.net    o0xenakis0o@hotmail.com    ||
 || http://www.epix.net/~xenakis/         [SPROCKET] ||
 || http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/3407/      ||
There are two Bills running this country, and few like any of them...


Carolyn: Our discussions of bash history logs has inspired a great deal of
derision on the dc-stuff list. If you want to join in the incessant flame
wars that list cultivates, email majordomo@dis.org with message "subscribe

 *** Oh, no, did I really surf THERE??:(:(

From: gtmhh@juno.com (M. A David)

This is a tip for the Win95 Netscaping community :)

Here's a fast way to clear your URL History in Netscape (the list of
domains that you see when you click on the down arrow to the right of the
Enter URL box).  The basic idea has already been "put on the table", but
its much faster than editing the registry every time.

The idea (in case you didn't get a chance to read it when it was put out)
is to get into the registry (Run => Regedit) and get to the Netscape
directory which contains what was previously in the Netscape.ini file.
It is under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\netscape\netscape navigator".
When there, you will be looking for the folder that says "URL History".
When there, DO NOT delete URL_1, URL_2, etc., (if you do, don't worry --
Get out of registry editor, Load Netscape, Exit Netscape, load registry
-- Go to folder listed above)  Press enter for each of the URL_?? and
clear out the Value Data.  Do that for them all, and the history in the
pull-down menu will be cleared.

Now, to do this in 2 mouse clicks:
1)  Load registry
2) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/netscape/netscape navigator/URL
History and then clear it out as listed above.
3) Click on the URL History folder.
4) Click on Registry (on the menu bar) and select "Export registry file"
5) I'd save it on tha desktop.  Name it anything you want.
6)  Next time you want to clear your History, 2x click on the file you
just made!

M. David

 *** Hacking Sendmail

From: Robert Finger <finger@rust.net>
Subject: hack ?

when I made a hard link from /etc/passwd to /var/tmp/dead.letter,
dead.letter became owned by root, with the read only mods to match. How does
this help me? Send mail must have root authority but unless it deliberately
changes the mods, it still cant write to that file????

- PLEASE USE MY EMAIL ADDRESS AS "seva@techie.com"
- AND MY NAME AS "seva"

>    Hello!
>    I have currently installed Slackware Linux at the office.  The
>    installation went out fine but the problem I encountered was
>    how am I going to connect to the Internet and also to our LAN?
>    I have used netconfig and IMHO, I was able to input the
>    correct values.  Still if I try to ping our DNS, Linux says
>    that the network is not reachable or something to that effect.
>    I am using Ethernet 3Com 509 and I have another box using
>    NE2000.  What should I do?  I've skimmed through Linux
>    Unleashed and it assumes that we are connected properly.  I
>    tried GNU Linux too but the same thing happens. Please help.
>    Thanks in advance! :)

make sure you load the Ethernet card driver.  if you have a newer (2.x)
kernel you can use command like "insmod 3c5x9" in one of you start-up
files (like rc.inet1) of better yet recompile you kernel with the card


man insmod
read ethernet-faq

 *** Update from the Front on the War Against Spam

From: k.p@snet.net

> A California software engineer takes the annoyance caused by unsolicited
> e-mail messages seriously, and has developed an anti-spam weapon he plans to
> unveil next month.  Dead Bolt allows online users to share their
> "blacklists" of spam purveyors so that they can more effectively filter
> offending e-mail.  "The problem now is that everyone who is filtering is
> keeping their own blacklists and they're not working together to tie their
> lists together in a meaningful way," says Dead Bolt's creator.  "What I hope
> my package will do is allow people to work together over the Net and filter
> all this stuff out and finally put these people out of business....The
> problem is that it costs the sender virtually zero dollars to send out a
> million messages, and even if the response rate is minuscule by all
> standards -- say .001 percent -- they've made money.  So from an economic
> selfish point of view, it's in their interest to annoy the other 99.99
> percent of the people."  (Miami Herald 24 Mar 97)

 ... Which leads to a very interesting Denial Of Service attack: What
happens if I blacklist (along with various other
"undesirable" accounts) and share my blacklist with everyone who
chooses (foolishly) to run Dead Bolt?  White Supremacists will blacklist
*@*naacp.org, Christians will blacklist *@*athiest.org, and anyone with
half a brain will blacklist *@*aol.com.  Or are there mechanisms in
place to keep these abuses from happening?  I should hope so.

"What a pretty thing man is when he goes in his doublet and hose and
leaves off his wit."
     -Don Pedro in "A Much Ado About Nothing"
     By William Shakespeare

# Exit The System. #
#   k.p@snet.net   #

Carolyn: I approve of these blacklists as long as the users are aware of
their existence. But you point out a great danger, that people could join an
ISP that blocks major regions of the Internet and not realize their access
is being censored.

 *** More Phreaking!

From: "Chris " <pbx@crackhouse.com>

I use a program called scavenger dialer..

ftp.fc.net /pub/defcon/SCAVENGER/sca-072.zip

The PBXPhreak


From: Tom Nelson Scott <tom-scott@veda-home.com>

> Carolyn: Thanks!!!! We have had almost no info on phreaking on this list.
> Please continue to contribute!

I might as well follow up on my own posting: Hackers young and old
like to play with computers and peripherals. Oddly enough, I don't see
many who get their phones into the game. That's what I'd like to
encourage. You don't need a T1/DS1 line; all you need is ISDN (well it
could probably be done with analog but I'm more interested in
digital). So why don't you hackers take a look at the whitepaper on
"The Java Telephony API: An Overview" at:

http://www.javasoft.com/products/javatel/Overview.html (whitepaper)
http://www.javasoft.com/products/javatel (home directory for JTAPI)

This is an opportunity to be ultra cool: ISDN, Java, esoteric
hacking, ... All you need is an ISDN NT1 box like an Ascend P50 or
something a heck of a lot less expensive (anybody know about that?)
and some software. Then you can start to record phone conversations on
various storage devices (hard disks or whatever you like) and edit
them, or delete them, ... As in most hacking adventures, there is an
element of risk: You can't record interstate conversations unless you
inform all parties. Usually intrastate recording is okay with the
narcs as long as one party knows it's being done.

Disclaimer: I'm not an attorney. I don't know for sure what is legal
and illegal so I advise you to contact your local exchange company
(LEC) before you start recording.

Anyway, doesn't this sound like hacker heaven? Who will write the
first JTAPI code for the rest of us? Not me; I'm just learning Java. I
can help with the ISDN signaling protocols but an experienced Java
hacker will have to get us going with the code. Better know your beans

You can get my ISDN UNI signaling files by anonymous ftp to
alpha2.uwm.edu: cd to the /pub/Veda directory and get the gzip'ed files.
One is the AutoCAD diagram, the other the first chapter of the manual in
html and gifs. Plot the gunzip'ed isdn.dwg on D size paper. I think it's
36"x48" but it may actually be 24"x36" -- you can figure it out if you
play with the plotter long enough.

Let me make another statement for the sake of the university cybercops:
This is an educational exercise. I'm not selling anything. Nada. Rien.

Let me know how you progress. Happy Hacking, mes amis!

Tom Nelson Scott                  Phone/Fax: 1-414-966-2902
[company name]                    Business email: tom.scott@veda-home.com
W330 N8357 West Shore Drive       Academic email: veda@csd.uwm.edu
Hartland WI 53029-9732            Academic web: http://www.uwm.edu/~veda
                     "Do less, accomplish more."

 *** Customize Your Internet Explorer Animated Logo

From: "Tom Ben-Yehoshua" <tom@lightnet.co.il>

This is for all the guys and gals querying about customizing the
IE-rotating logo...
Well, sorry this took so long, but I've recently re-installed MS-IExplorer
and this cleared the registry entries
required to make this change... so.. here we go..
To customize the rotating logo or/and the toolbar background image in IE
follow these steps:

Step 1 : get into the registry (typically by typing REGEDIT in the
Start>Run box.
Step 2 : open HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer
and    place the cursor on +Toolbar (this should so you Default, Layout,
NoText and VisibleBands at the right frame.
Step 3 : click on the right frame and then choose from the Edit menu New >
String Value

NOW ....

to change the rotating logo add the following string/s :

Effect                   |  String                  | Value
change the small  |SmBrandBitmap    | path to bitmap*
ie rot. logo            |                           |
change the normal | BrandBitmap       | path to bitmap*
ie rot. logo            |                           |
change the toolbar |BackBitmap         | path to bitmap**
backgroung gfx      |                           |

* for this to work you need to make a strip in BMP format containing the
  images to animate (if you want an example, e-mail me)

** just any image in BMP format

Have Phun,
Tom Ben-Yehoshua

 *** Outrage Certain People by Scanning Their Ports

From: wysedom@juno.com (Nicholas D.)

For all the win95 and winNT hackers who need a port scanner go to:
This program works great and the best part about it is that its free!!!
Have fun and play safe. Later.



From: k.p@snet.net

> Say I do a telnet to AOL.COM *just an example*...If AOL.COM has this new
> program,  it automatically dispatches a remailer to my host ISP.  This is
> not funny either.

 For more information on the headaches this daemon has caused, please read

# Exit The System. #
#   k.p@snet.net   #

 *** Call for Finger Lakes NY Hackers
From: rydell@juno.com (Lupus C Kiyoti)

 I've been wondering if anyone in the Fingerlakes Region of NY
would be interested in starting some sort of meeting if we're close
enough.  This area used to have a large hack scene back in the early
nineties and late eighties but well after a LARGE crackdown everyone
 Things have changed now most of the old ones have moved away
(read: grown up, got married, got jobs) except for one who runs a local
bbs, I've taught what I've learned to two or three other kids and there
is one mac hacker nearby (hello!  I know your reading this) but it'd be
good if we were able to get in contact.
 Email me if your somewhere near the Finger Lakes (I'm closest to
Cayuga) and yes I KNOW there are ppl in NYC... let's organize some of the
others =)

Lupus Kiyoti

 *** Flame War

Carolyn: When you read this stuff below, don't worry that you will be the
next to get flamed if you post to Happy Hacker. We only conduct flames among
people who have consented to being flamed. Both jericho and I have agreed to
be flamed. If you haven't, you won't get flamed.


From: " Damien  Treffs" <no0n3@hotmail.com>

>From jericho@dimeonsional.com
1) The supposedly dire hacking attempt on jericho from the University of
Texas at El Paso (UTEP) was merely a port scanner. Word to the wise --
please don't port scan jericho's obscure.foobar.org, it gives him
conniptions! However, it is legal to do so. Watch out, jericho, my next
visit may be from the account galfina@escape.com.

where in jericho's post did he say anything about "dire hacking attempt"?
please CM point that out to me.  my eyes seem to be failing.

2)Crackers who rm system files, as GALF has done in the past at UTEP and as
jericho appears to be threatening to do to them again, are breaking the law
and acting REALLY lame. Besides, that buffalo.utep.edu box that GALF

you should watch what you say CM.  you are beginning to make the wrong
people mad. computers are such a small part of the world.

go back to writing.

3)Both GALF and angry johnny -- both of whom jericho so emotionally defends

how does he 'so emotionally defend' them?  please show the emotion CM.  you can
do it.


Carolyn: Whoa, I am just *so* terrified of having "the wrong people mad."
It's the law enforcement people that I should worry about having mad at me,
and for good reason. If I ever were to let my hobby of hacking lure me into
committing the destructive, childish acts of GALF and johnny angry, I'd
better figure on fleeing the US, getting plastic surgery, and living out my
days as a computer programmer in Wombat Swamp, Australia (no offense, Warpy
and all you Oz dudes:)


From: jericho@dimensional.com

> From: wraith@dimensional.com

Post s*** as anon instead of lying about your email address.

> Ahhh!  GALF speaks.  I assume from the tone of his last post that Jericho
> speaks on behalf of GALF or is directly a representative of that
> organization.  If not, I write in vain.

You write in vain you ignorant fool. I am NOT associated with GALF in any
way. Don't make assumptions off someone else's opinion. Duh?

> 1.) COOL and FOOL are only 1 letter apart...... didn't take much to turn
> your peers against you did it?  GO figure.

Who turned against GALF? To 'turn' implies that it was a former member or
friend, and that they betrayed the group, or gave up information to help
bust them. Did that happen?

> 2.) Messing with the Happy Hacker, who is the one who graciously provides
> this forum for you to expectorate upon in the first place, is the same as

Don't you get it?! A lot of us don't like this forum because it teaches
people incorrectly. On top of bullshit opinions from a naive moderator,
there is only inaccurate technical information. Who does that help?

> 4.) I propose we meet and discuss amongst ourselves the possibilities and
> concerns of all involved before GALF gets itself put out of commission.

You sound stupid.

> Carolyn:
> 1) The supposedly dire hacking attempt on jericho from the University of
> Texas at El Paso (UTEP) was merely a port scanner. Word to the wise --
> please don't port scan jericho's obscure.foobar.org, it gives him
> conniptions! However, it is legal to do so. Watch out, jericho, my next
> visit may be from the account galfina@escape.com.

That isn't the point monkey. The point is our agreement was for YOU to try
to hack the box. It doesn't give me conniption fits to get scanned, but for
you to bring others in on it. I have had about 5 serious attempts a day
recently. I am not worried about that either. Today I gave another person
permission to try to hack the box, just as a challenge to him and me.

Oh.. if anyone comes from escape.com, I imagine it will be GALF again. And
GALF like everyone else who asks, has permission to try.

> 2)Crackers who rm system files, as GALF has done in the past at UTEP and as
> jericho appears to be threatening to do to them again, are breaking the law

That is slander you stupid bitch. Quit your pathetic monkey shit out. "to
them again" implies I have a) threatened them already, or b) actually done.
I have done neither. Your f****** "uber-friends" have port scanned me. That
is more than I have done to them.

> fourletter worded over was set up with the sole purpose of acting as a lure
> to get data on GALF. GALF is easy to social engineer, and I am patient:)

When you catch GALF, then I MIGHT believe you.

> 3)Both GALF and angry johnny -- both of whom jericho so emotionally defends
> -- have been far more destructive than Kevin Mitnick or even Kevin Poulson
> ever were. And look where those guys are now. GALF, angry johnny, do you
> quit while you're still free, or do you find out how compatible you are with
> your future cellmate "Spike"?

Dare to evolve Carolyn. I am not scared to state my opinion. I respect
both because they are doing what they feel is right, at risk to
themselves, to get a message out that they believe in. I do the SAME THING
in my own way, through my zine. We each chose a different way to make our
marks on the world, theirs is just different than mine. Besides, you are
under this stupid impression that I am the only one who feels the way I do.
There are a lot more, but they don't waste their time explaining simple
concepts to you.

Your continued threats of "collimate spike" are getting really old. Your
attempt to link me to being a member of GALF or a partner in crime to
Johnny are getting older. Now, your attempt to imply I have threatened or
rm'ed UTEP are enough. 1) I do not know who GALF is.  2) I have only had
email contact with johnny (which you and I have discussed at greater
length) 3) I have never even 'pinged' UTEP. Remember that.


> Carolyn: Thanks!!!! We have had almost no info on phreaking on this list.
> Please continue to contribute!

Because Carolyn has no experience with phreaking.. just like hacking.


>From warhead@juno.com

> jericho said:

>No.. because you CAN'T take out GALF. Don't front Carolyn. It has been
>proved several times you are incompetent when it comes to hacking.

Hmmm, you are looking for a fight aren't you?  Well, unfortunately not all
of us suffer from what you do - A huge pre-pubescent ego.  I know it may
seem odd to you, Jericho, but *GOOD* hackers don't go picking fights so they
can boost their egos but rather use their knowledge mostly in defense from
people like you.  Yes, I CAN download "Up Yours".  Yes, I CAN put in your
e-mail address.  Yes, I CAN subscribe you to hundreds of list-servs.  The
thing is, that doesn't take a brain!  Laughing at people like you and having
pride in your abilities and knowing when to use them does.  If you'd like to
continue this in e-mail, feel free.

If you'd like to mail-bomb me there, feel free!  Really!  I would be
overjoyed if you would because then you would simply prove to everyone
on this list how much of a lamer you really are.  Now, if you'd like
to hack into Juno and disable my account I would respect your
abilities, I'd still hate you but I'd respect your ability to hack
Juno's minor security defenses.  Catch you all later


Carolyn: For the record, no post on the Happy Hacker list has claimed that
jericho is a member of GALF or that he is angry johnny (the mass email
bomber). To make such a claim without sufficient evidence in a public forum
would be libel. However, a number of posts, for example
wraith@dimensional.com, have noted jericho's close emotional identification
with these people. But emotional identification does not equal identity. In
trying to hunt down computer criminals, it is wise to keep in mind Will
Rogers' dictum: "It isn't what you don't know that hurts you, it's what you
know that ain't so." So please do not jump to conclusions about probable
motivations for jericho's recent posts.

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.