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The fourth edition of Carolyn Meinel's The Happy Hacker, from American Eagle Publications, has new chapters that tell you how to:

What are people saying about The Happy Hacker book?
Forbes feature story: hackers claim The Happy Hacker book made them hack the New York Times!
Scientific American's article on war in cyberspace by Carolyn Meinel shows she is a serious expert on hacking.

You can get an autographed copy of The Happy Hacker, 4th Edition shipped to anywhere in the world by sending a check or money order, made out to Carolyn Meinel, to PO Box 1520, Cedar Crest NM 87008. Its price, including shipment by Priority or Airmail delivery, is:

  • US: $40;
  • Canada, Mexico US$45
  • Ireland, Great Britain, Western Europe and other countries served by Global Priority mail: US$47
  • Everywhere else: Airmail US$53, economy letter $46. (If you live outside the US, just ask your bank to make out a money order for US$).
  • Click here for an order form you can print out.

Get the book fast and at the lowest cost -- just walk into your nearest Barnes & Noble bookstore and it is usually on the shelf. They probably only have the third edition only right now, sorry. However, you can ask them to order the fourth edition and they usually can get it for you in a few days.

If your bookstore doesn't know how to order it, tell them the ISBN number is 0-929408-29-2, and give them the phone number for the publisher, 866-764-2925 (within the US) or 623-556-2925 voice, 623-556-2926 fax. Note: the publisher gave the 4th ed the same ISBN as the 3rd edition, but since the publisher is out of stock on the 3rd ed., you are certain to get the 4th ed.

You can buy The Happy Hacker book direct from the publisher, American Eagle Publications with a credit card over the phone at 623-556-2925. Yes, they have the 4th edition in stock!

Or -- you can order The Happy Hacker online at Loompanics and its companion book for advanced hackers, Überhacker!, online from Loompanics . Prefer to make a phone order? Use a credit card over the phone: 800-380-2230 (open 24 hours per day, for Überhacker! it is order number 91217, for The Happy Hacker it is order number 91161). For international sales, call 360-385-2230. Note: no phone sales can be made to people under age 18. Books purchased over the phone will not be autographed.

  • Sample chapter: How to Be a Hero in School Computer Lab
  • Sample chapter: How to Set up a Home Hacker Lab
  • About the author
  • American Eagle Press
  • More Books By Carolyn P. Meinel

    Special bargain rate for beginners: the Hacker Pack! Get autographed copies of both The Happy Hacker book and Überhacker! How to Break into Computers -- with CDROM at a bargain rate (this special rate only available from Carolyn Meinel) Click here for an order form you can print out.

    A limited number of the Third Edition of The Happy Hacker are still available from Carolyn Meinel at a sale price. It offers chapters that are no longer in the Fourth Edition because the publisher says the book is getting too big!. Click here for a list of chapters available only in the Third Edition. If you want the Third Edition, be sure to specify it when you send in your order.

  • Carolyn's most
    popular book,
    in 4th edition now!
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    hacker studies,
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