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Mostly Harmless Hacking

Hang on to your hats, folks. Now that Uberhacker! is at the printer, scehduled for July 2000 release, Carolyn Meinel is writing a new book.

Mostly Harmless Hacking will be the MAD Magazine of computing. It offers even novices a high-octane education in how to master - heck, bludgeon into submission -- Windows, Linux, LANs, modems and the Internet. Humorous screen shots and anecdotes from the wacky world of real hackers spice up keystroke - by - keystroke instructions. Meinel has collaborated with hundreds of her hacker confidants to bring these amazing techniques to the public.

The title is a play on the Douglas Adams science fiction book, Mostly Harmless. ("Mostly harmless" is the two-word description of Planet Earth in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.) As with Planet Earth, there are some parts of Mostly Harmless Hacking that are definitely not harmless. However, this book emphasizes legal pranks and self-defense techniques. It tiptoes away from activities that can win the user a long vacation at government expense with roommate Spike.

Who will want to read this book? How about people ranging from computer novices through experts who seek to impress their friends and torment computer criminals unlucky enough to try to pick on them. Many techniques in this book will be new even to experts. Yet even beginners should be able to master Mostly Harmless Hacking.

What will be in this book? Here's the tentative outline:


Absolutely anyone should be able to learn anything in this book. No genius required. "Newbie notes" will explain all technical terms. "You can get punched in the nose" and "You can go to jail" warnings will make it easy to understand in what could get the user in trouble. Screen shots will make everything perfectly clear.

Section I: Hacking with Windows

Happy Hacker web statistics reveal that over 95% of all viewers use some form of Windows, and currently most of them use Windows 95 or 98. However, we also will cover Windows SE, which will soon dominate the consumer market, as well as Windows NT and 2000, which many readers use at work.

Chapter 1: How to Warp Windows - and Live!

This chapter reveals how to control the look and feel your Windows desktop. Big deal, huh? Hang on --this is not about merely using Control Panel. This chapter shows how to make hilarious, profound changes that Microsoft doesn't want you to make. When done with this chapter, your Windows operating system will look totally unique. These techniques work on Windows 95, 98, SE, NT and 2000.

The magic tool is a hex editor such as the ms-dos "edit" command, as well as some free programs that are easier to use. We show where to get them. This chapter makes it fun and easy to edit your operating system so that it does what YOU want it to do.

We show how a text editor can, with amazing results, alter absolutely any program, without having to anything at all about programming.

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