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More How to Explore the Insides of Internet Computers -- from your Browser!

Evil genius tip: If your victim is a Unix type computer, and if you can manage to download any program with a name ending in the letter "d", it is probably a daemon, a program that waits for the outside world to ask it to do something.  Exploitation of daemons is a common way to break into Unix type computers.

You can go to jail warning: Breaking into computers without permission is a good way to get a long vacation at "Club Fed."  Who knows, you may get lucky and get to share a cell with a member of the Global Hell gang!  Then again, your roommate may be a guy named Spike who is looking for a "girlfriend"….  

Of course you want to read anything that looks fun:

Figure 15.  Just plain having fun.  Hmmm, now we know the email address of a guy who has root on this box.

You aren't necessarily just stuck following links through your browser.  Oftentimes if you can just guess the name of a file, if it is world-readable you can read it.  For example, one site I checked gave me this:

Figure 16: The directory /etc looks empty.  Aw, shucks, we can't see anything  -- or can we?

Looks pretty empty, huh?  But I guess that it has /etc/group (because ANY computer that has /etc should have /etc/group). 

More amazing web browser exploits--->>

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