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More How to Explore the Insides of Internet Computers -- from your Browser!

Figure 7: Another failed attempt.

I'm showing you what failed attempts look like so that people who get these screens don’t email me by the thousands asking me what they did wrong.  You didn't do anything wrong.  All this means is that the sysadmin of your intended victim knew better than to run anonymous ftp on a webserver!

Just be patient and after trying a few web servers you will hit pay dirt.  Your browser should show you something such as:

Figure 8: An FTP directory listing using Netscape under Windows 98.

If you are having a hard time finding vulnerable computers, don't try the major web sites such as Netscape, Yahoo, or Happyhacker.org.  We all have a clue and won't let you prowl around sensitive parts of our computers.  So where can you find webservers whose sysadmins let you get away with this?

Just to make sure there are lots of webservers vulnerable to this attack, I went to Hotbot and searched for "astrology" + "New Age".  The listing this request returned gave a gold mine of vulnerability.  Almost every webserver on that list was susceptible to the ftp directory listing attack.  For example:

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