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How to Turn Your Win95/98 Computer into a Hacker Box (continued)

The easiest way to thwart these Windoze 95 start-up and shut-down screens is to go to http://www.windows95.com/apps/ and download some of their programs for designing your own. But we're hackers, so we like to do things ourselves. The first thing you may want to do is save the original logo files. The safest way to bring back your original Win95/98 logos is to save them.
· Bring up File Manager.
· Click " file," then " copy."
· In the " from" box put " c:\logo.sys."
· In the " to" box put " c:\logo.bak."
· Do this with c:\logow.sys and logos.sys also.

OK, now you are safe. Note: Some versions of Windows 98 and 95 do not come with a logo.sys file. It is hidden in io.sys. You can't edit io.sys (unless you know what a hex editor is an understand something of binaries).

Now you are ready to make your own evil haxor start up and shut down screens. You may use either super easy or elite techniques. To begin, we start the Paint program.

Super Easy Way to Make Your Win 95 Startup Screen

1) Within the paint program, click " File"
2) Click " Open"
3) After " File name" type in c:\windows\logos.sys. This brings up the graphic you get when your computer is ready to shut down saying " It's now safe to turn off your computer." This graphic has exactly the right format to be used for your start up graphic. So you can play with it any way you want (so long as you don't do anything on the Attributes screen under the Images menu) and use it for your start up graphic.
4) Now we play with this picture. Just experiment with the controls of Paint and try out fun stuff.
5) When you decide you really like your picture (fill it with frightening hacker stuph, right?), save it as c:\logo.sys. This will overwrite the Windows start-up logo file. From now on, any time you want to change your start up logo, you will be able to both read and write the file logo.sys.

Note: This technique will not work with Win98.

More on turning your Win95/98 computer into a hacker box --->>

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