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How to Be a Hero in School Computer Lab

This is a recently (May 2000) revised chapter based upon a chapter in the fourth edition of The Happy Hacker book.

They came for Daniel Gilkerson in the middle of class. He knew why. He was the school uberhacker.

But Daniel wasn't worried. He figured it would turn out to be good news, and he was right. They had come to to ask him for help with the Rio Rancho High School computer system. Seven hundred computers and all networked.

Within days he had found one simple hack that was key to disabling all the Win95 boxes on their NT server system. On bootup, when the login screen appears, don't enter the password. Hold down the control key and hit the escape key (or, if the computer has a "hot" key, hit that). This brings up a task window. Click on "run" and you can run any program on that computer. You can edit and get rid of any controls, including the NT Server's "Policy Editor," which is supposed to control what what programs students can run.

You've probably heard of lots of kids getting in big trouble for hacking school computers. Yet others, like Daniel, are also hackers, but end up being heroes. What makes the difference?

In this Chapter you will learn how to:

  • Customize the animated logo on Internet Explorer
  • Circumvent security programs through Internet Explorer
  • Circumvent security programs through any Microsoft Office program
  • Circumvent FoolProof
  • Circumvent Full Armor
  • Solve the web babysitter problem
  • Break into absolutely any school computer.
  • Keep clueless kiddie hackers from messing up your school computer
  • This chapter will give you some tips for safely proving just how good you are, and maybe even showing your hacker teacher buddies a thing or two. Best of all, this chapter can help you become another hacker hero--to your teachers.

    But I would feel really bad if someone were to use the tips in
    this chapter to mess up his or her life.

    You can mess up your life warning: In most countries kids don't have nearly the legal protections that adults have. If you get involved in a hacker gang at school and you guys get caught, you can easily get expelled from school or even arrested. Even if the authorities don't have good proof of your guilt. Even if you are innocent. Arghhh!

    First task of this chapter, then, is how to find teachers who
    would love to play hacker games with you and give you free run of the school's computer systems. Whoa, you say, now this is some social engineering challenge! But actually this isn't that hard.

    More how to be a hero in computer lab--->>

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