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How to forge email.

The first hacker convention I ever went to was Def Con III, held in the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas in August 1995. I brought a subnotebook computer running Windows 3.11, and a modem. It seems that the ballroom had a live phone connection that wasn't doing anything, so I kind of colonized it. I telnetted into the various Unix type computers where I had shell accounts and entertained lots of hackers by showing them how they could forge email on almost any Internet host computer.

Gregory Gillis of the Dis Org Gang thought this was so cool that he had me write instructions for forging email, which he put on a floppy disks and sold to people at this Def Con.

It's much harder nowadays to forge email than it was back when I published this Guide. The reason is that spammers use email forging to send junk email. This puts a heavy load on the computer used for forging email, making it unable to perform its legitimate tasks. It also makes the people who get all those "live hot XXX chicks" emails madder than heck! So only the clueless leave their email servers open to the public.

If you want to forge email, it still is easy to do -- you just have to know more than the spammers. In the Guide below I've added instructions on how, in less than ten minutes, to find a computer on which to forge email. Oh, yes, if you want really, seriously detailed, up-to-date instructions on how to forge email, see my Happy Hacker book, which is on the bookshelves of most Barnes & Noble bookstores. -- Carolyn Meinel



Vol. 1 Number 2

In this issue we learn how to forge email -- and how to spot forgeries. I promise, this hack is spectacularly easy!

Heroic Hacking in Half an Hour

How would you like to totally blow away your friends? OK, what is the hairiest thing you hear that super hackers do?

It's gaining unauthorized access to a computer, right?

So how would you like to be able to gain access and run a program on the almost any of the millions of computers hooked up to the Internet? How would you like to access these Internet computers in the same way as the most notorious hacker in history: Robert Morris!

It was his “Morris Worm” which took down the Internet in 1990. Of course, the flaw he exploited to fill up 10% of the computers on the Internet with his self-mailing virus has been fixed now -- on most Internet hosts.

But that same feature of the Internet still has lots of fun and games and bugs left in it. In fact, what we are about to learn is the first step of several of the most common ways that hackers break into private areas of unsuspecting computers.

But I’m not going to teach you to break into private parts of computers. It sounds too sleazy. Besides, I am allergic to jail.

So what you are about to learn is legal, harmless, yet still lots of fun. No pulling the blinds and swearing blood oaths among your buddies who will witness you doing this hack.

But -- to do this hack, you need an on-line service which allows you to telnet to a specific port on an Internet host. Netcom, for example, will let you get away with this.

But Compuserve, America Online and many other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are such good nannies that they will shelter you from this temptation.

But your best way to do this stuph is with a SHELL ACCOUNT! If you don’t have one yet, get it now!

Newbie note #1; A shell account is an Internet account that lets you give Unix commands. Unix is a lot like DOS. You get a prompt on your screen and type out commands. Unix is the language of the Internet. If you want to be  a serious hacker, you have to learn Unix.

Even if you have never telnetted before, this hack is super simple. In fact, even though what you are about to learn will look like hacking of the most heroic sort, you can master it in half an hour -- or less. And you only need to memorize *two* commands.

More how to forge email -->>

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