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More Browser Hacking: Admin Directories

What are some more things that might be interesting? On a Windows-type server you are more likely to find something interesting in a directory named "admin."

OK, I confess, the reason "password.txt" is black instead of blue is that I sneaked a peek. A file like this would typically have passwords or related information for minor programs running on the server. For example, porn for pay web sites are notorious for keeping the passwords of paying customers in files a hacker can find. Judging from the date of this file, someone doesn't change passwords very often, either. Why, oh why, do systems administrators do these things?

You might go to jail warning: In theory, if a web site offers passwords to the public, even by accident, the owner of the site shouldn't be able to persuade law enforcement to go after anyone who uses them. However, you might have to spend a lot on a lawyer if you get caught using passwords you found this way in order to make this point. And you still might lose. What is worse, people under age 18 (at least in the U.S.) don't have the same legal rights as adults. A kid who abuses school network passwords found on a web server will get expelled from school and maybe much worse. Besides, it's creepy to abuse other people's passwords.

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