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More Browser Hacking: The Amazing World of Cgi-bin

Anyhow, here's something interesting I uncovered at that "unavailable" website by using Google.

The directory /cgi-bin/ holds helper programs for web servers, things like shopping carts, guest books, chat programs -- and more. In this case I was interested in the /accounts directory.

Newbie note: cgi-bin stands for Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binaries. Common Gateway Interface is a standard for how web server helper programs are supposed to work with the webserver to do their jobs. A binary takes its name from the fact that it is a file composed of just zeroes and ones -- binary arithmetic. Often when we talk about a binary we mean compiled programs, installed and ready to run.

You can go to jail warning: Computer criminals try to find out what is in the cgi-bin directory because many CGI programs have vulnerabilities that make it possible to deface a web site or take over the entire Internet host. These criminals will use Google to search for a listing in cgi-bin that includes the names of known vulnerable CGI programs. Anyone who uses the knowledge of this Guide to commit crime is heading for a long vacation with cell mate Spike at "Club Fed."

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