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More Browser Hacking: How to Get into A Site that Seems to Be Shut Down

Next, let's find out how to look inside an Internet host computer that doesn't let you normally view its web site. Here's a slightly foobarred example of http://www.foopowersearch.com. Sure enough, its web site is unavailable. But we're hackers, so maybe we can prowl around anyhow.

We can skip the use of a search engine on this one by just entering interesting URLs. Or you could use a search engine to find those hidden interesting URLs for you. You can go to Google.com and use the search term inurl:foopowersearch.com to find out everything its amazingly sophisticated web crawlers might have located on that site. With Google, if the site is even not connected to the Internet that day, you can also use its archives of sites to get a stored copy. Or, try Archive.org, which carries copies of many web sites so detailed that you can sometimes even view copies dating back to the mid-90s.

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