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Notice of libelous statement about me on your web site
From: "Kevin Mitnick" <kevin@defthi.com>


It's surprising that you would write defamatory and libelous statements about me without making any attempt to contact me to check the facts.

The following statement about me is false and defamatory:

Newbie note: Wonder why there are all those "Free Kevin Mitnick" Web sites in the haxor scene? Many people think it is ludicrous to keep that man behind bars because he was such a lame hacker that he apparently didn't even know how to program. In fact, there is evidence that he didn't even compile his own C programs! There are transcripts of him on IRC begging his friends to compile programs for him.

Please accept this note as a demand to remove this false and defamatory statement, otherwise your action will be indicative of actual malice.

I've worked in the private sector as a programmer for several years and I never begged anyone to compile any code for me.

Please remove or correct this false and defamatory statement.

Just for the record, it's quite easy for another person to use my name on IRC or any other type of messaging application.

Re: Notice of libelous statement about me on your web site
From: Carolyn Meinel
To: "Kevin Mitnick" <kevin@defthi.com>

If you are interested, I would be happy to tell you all that I heard
about you from various governmental/law enforcement sources. For
example, I thought it outrageous that you were tricked into accepting well-known narc/social engineer/Federal contractor Brian Martin as a consultant on your defense. Here's what is really weird -- his invoices to you were stored in a world-readable file at exo.com, a Federal front for various interesting activities.

At the time Martin consulted for you, he was also working under contract to the Defense Criminal Invesigative Agency. (If you would like, I could give you the name of a DoD person who could verify this. Martin now works for CIA contactor CACI.) IMHO it was dead wrong for the Feds to have played that social engineering trick on you. Obviously they failed, because my sources say they are convinced you were a spy for Israel, but they never could get an indictment. Presumably they will go to their graves convinced you are the spy who outsmarted them.

I would be happy to publish any response you have to what I wrote.You will come across better, however, if you could cite the specific contracts on which you did programming and provide people with whom I can speak to verifty this.

At the time I wrote this you were unavailable for interviews. I did the best with the information available to me at the time.

However, here's my BIG problem with regard to any claims you may make.

You wrote a book on how to deceive people. So in order for me to accept the concept that certain forensic investigators have provided me with false and defamatory information about you, you would need to go the extra mile in making it possible for me to verify your allegation that you were a programmer and had never asked for help compiling programs at the time of your last arrest. Names and phone numbers of people who will vouch for you will be essential, for example those who taught computer programming/science classes to you, those who paid you to write programs for them, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.

RE: Notice of libelous statement about me on your web site
From: "Kevin Mitnick" <kevin@defthi.com>
To: "Carolyn Meinel"


It is you that has the burden of proof regarding any statements you've made about me. You should speak to your attorney about the laws regarding libel and slander.

My previous correspondence put you on legal notice in re: the libelous statement you have made about me on your website. The law is well settled that once you are put on notice and continue making such libelous statements, you're acting with actual malice.

I'm going to refer this matter to my lawyers. I intend to file suit against you for libel and any associated costs for attorney's fees in this matter unless your libelous statements are immediately removed.

Kevin Mitnick

Re: Notice of libelous statement about me on your web site
From: Carolyn Meinel
To: "Kevin Mitnick" <kevin@defthi.com>

OK, if you want to pay your lawyer to provide me with proof that my sources lied to me, that is your privilege. As I said in my last email, I will be happy to post any reply you wish to make. I just want to make sure you understand how bad it will look if the self-described expert on deception refuses to provide any evidence of being a programmer.

RE: Upcoming story about you on my web site
From: "Kevin Mitnick" <kevin@defthi.com>
To: "Carolyn Meinel"

I just located two addresses for you in New Mexico. You'll be receiving correspondence from my attorney. Get ready to spend some $$$ on legal fees to defend a libel suit.

As I advised you in my previous correspondence, you published statements about me on your web site that are false and defamatory. I'm not required by law to provide you proof of anything. I've requested that you immediately remove these defamatory statements. You declined my offer. As such, you are acting with actual malice in your efforts to defame me.

The other information in your correspondence regarding Mr. Martin is irrelevant to this issue. I'm only interested in the retraction of the false statements you have intentionally made about me.


Kevin Mitnick

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