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Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking

Vol. 4: Information Warfare Series
No. 1: Hacker Wars: Fighting the Cybernazis

There is a war underway in cyberspace. It is a war between the forces of repression and those of us who treasure freedom. On the side of repression are governments who fear the untrammeled freedom of speech that is today's Internet -- and several bands of computer criminals who have the nerve to call themselves hackers.

I prefer to call them cybernazis. They are the spiritual descendants of the Nazis of the Germany of the 1930s, who burned books in their campaign to keep the German people ignorant.

The tactics of today's cybernazis are to shut down people's email accounts, deface Web pages, and to use terror tactics to get people kicked of their Internet service providers. In some cases cybernazis also target their victims with massive credit card fraud, death threats, and worse.

So far, the cybernazis have been far more successful than governments in shutting down Web sites with which they disagree, blocking email, and getting people whose ideas they dislike kicked off Internet service providers.

It's a war that has targeted this Happy Hacker email list ever since we started it in August 1996. The cybernazis have felt we merit a wide range of attacks, not only digital but including blackmail and threats against those who have been courageous enough to be part of Happy Hacker.

In this Guide, the first of the Information Warfare Volume, you will learn about:


The most serious battle in these wars took place Oct. 4-21, 1997. It targeted Bronc Buster. During the course of this battle, jericho and Modify sent me many email messages that made it clear that Bronc was being hit because of his high quality Web site (hope you can find it still up at http://showdown.org) and his association with Happy Hacker.

This war escalated beyond an initial spate of forgeries beginning Oct. 4, 1997 that attempted to make it look like Bronc was a self-confessed pedophile, into scorched-core warfare that shut down the Succeed.net ISP repeatedly. They attacked Succeed.net because it was providing Bronc with a shell account.

I helped muster both the FBI and volunteer technical help from an Internet backbone provider to aid Succeed.net in its struggle against these vindictive computer criminals. If you, too, get hit by the cybernazis, too, tell me about it. I will be delighted to help you fight them.

I don't want to get sued disclaimer: Just because jericho and Modify acted as spokesmen for the attackers, and in the case of jericho claimed considerable knowledge of technical details of the attacks, does not mean they are guilty of anything. Nosirree. I am not saying they did it.

So, do you want to join us in our battle against those cybernazis, against those who are trying to wipe out freedom on the Internet? Want to enlist in the good guy side of information warfare? One way is to learn and practice defensive skills against hacker war criminals.

In this GTMHH No.1 of the Information Warfare Volume we will cover hacker war only. But an understanding of hacker war will prepare you for No. 2, which will help you protect yourself from far broader attacks which can even lead to your 'digital death," and No. 3, which will lay the foundation for becoming an international information warfare fighter.

More on hacker wars--->>

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