Home of the Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking Brought to you by... The website computer criminals don't want you to read!

Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking:

Beginner's Series

Fun tutorials for beginners, with screen shots to make it easier:

Wireless Series

  • LANJacking: the New Hacker Mecca l
  • Volume 1 (all Unix hacking and often out of date):

    Volume 2 (more Unix):

    Volume 3:

    Vol. 4 - Hacker Wars: Fighting the Cybernazis

    Vol. 5 - Programmers' Series 

    Vol. 6 - Real Hackers 

    Vol. 7 - Hacker Wargaming: The best hackers learn about breaking into computers without ever breaking the law! 

    Vol. 8 - Through the looking glass: Finding Evidence of your Cracker 

    Ancient Microsoft Series

    Special Issues:

    GUIA PARA HACKING (essencialmente) INOFENSIVO, Série para Principiantes, #1, Então queres ser um hacker inofensivo?

    Why do we freely give out information that even the total beginner may use as a two-edged sword of cyberspace power? We do this "to turn over to mankind at large the greatest possible power to control the world and deal with it according to its lights and values." -- Robert J. Oppenheimer, head of the Manhattan Project, which created the world's first nuclear weapons.  





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