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How to Run Linux and Windows on the Same Computer

If you want to keep Windows 95, 98 or ME on your computer but also want to run Linux, here are several ways to do it.

Start with Partition Magic/Boot Magic, see http://powerquest.com to get this powerful software.Use it to move your Windows into one partition and set up a second partition for Linux.

Then get SuSE Linux. It has options to set up partitions within the partition you set aside for Linux so as to make it run better (for example, by setting up a swap file for better memory management). Then when you install it, you get the option of either creating a boot floppy or writing to the master boot record. Either way will work.

If you write to the master boot record, it will boot up in Linux but has an option you cna click to reboot into Windows. If you choose the boot floppy option, you have to set your computer to boot from the floppy drive.

Usually computers are already set to boot from the floppy if you have one in the drive when you power up or reboot. If not, while the computer is starting up, hit the del key to get into setup. Exactly what you do after this will depend on the motherboard you have.

If this doesn't work, there aremanymore details on setting up a dual or triple boot computer in Überhacker II: More ways to break into a computer.

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