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How to Use Netcat for Windows
Netcat for Windows is a free program, originally written by Weld Pond and Hobbit. Nowadays the best way to use Netcat is the version that is included in Nmap for Windows, at http://nmap.org/download.html#windows.
Netcat is basically telnet on steroids. For example, using netcat, you can set up a port -- also known as a back door, depending on your motivation -- that will allow people to telnet into a DOS shell. Use this command:
C:\>nc -L -p 5000 -t -e cmd.exe
You can specify a different port number than 5000. Just make sure it doesn't conflict with another port by checking with the netstat command. Then you and your friends, enemies and random losers can either telnet in or netcat in with the command:
C:\>nc -v [ipaddress of target] [port]
Of course you will probably get hacked for setting up this port. However, if you set up a sniffer to keep track of the action, you can turn this scary back door into a fascinating honeypot. For example, you could run it on port 23 and watch all the hackers who attack with telnet hoping to log in. With some programming you could even fake a unix-like login sequence and play some tricks on your attackers.
For more on how to hack with telnet, see the Beginners Guide #8 at http://www.happyhacker.org/gtmhh/begin11.shtml
Where are those back issues of GTMHHs and Happy Hacker Digests? Check out the official Happy Hacker Web page at http://www.happyhacker.org.
We are against computer crime. We support good, old-fashioned hacking of the kind that led to the creation of the Internet and a new era of freedom of information. But we hate computer crime. So don't email us about any crimes you may have committed!
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