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Importing keys

Okay, now what? Hhhmmm....let's look at an example of how to import keys. Go to:


(Sorry, this URL above is out of date)

There are two key blocks on this page...looks like two different versions of PGP. Great. Look at the larger one...now highlight it, including the lines that contain 'BEGIN (END) PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK'.

NOTE: We are only going to import the lower key block. Do not include the upper key block...the smaller one that says 'Version 2.6.2'.

Highlight the entire 'Version: PGPfreeware 5.0i' block, and
press 'ctrl-c' (ie, hold down the control key, and press the 'c'
key) or choose Edit -> Copy from your browser.

Minimize the browser and open PGP Keys.

Choose Edit -> Paste, and you'll see Satori's key in the dialog window. The email address used is 'satori@rt66.com'. Click 'Import'. Now you have Satori's public key, and you can encrypt messages to him...and only him.

PGP ships with two public key servers built in. To see them, open PGPKeys, and choose Server -> Search. The drop-down box at the top of the Search Window will list an LDAP server at PGP.COM and an HTTP connection to MIT.EDU. You can search for keys by typing in the name of the user you are looking for...I found the Happy Hacker's public key in a matter of seconds! I just clicked on her key, and dragged it to my PGPKeys window...

Hint: For the search, use the UserID of 'Carolyn Meinel'.

Creating a group of keys

Now let's create a group of keys. What this does is keep several keys together, so if you have several keys from friends and you want to encrypt a file for all of them, you don't have to go about encrypting the file for each person.

In PGPKeys, choose Groups -> New Group..., and enter the information asked for.

Choose Groups -> Show Groups, and a lower dialog window will open in PGPKeys, with the name of the group you just created.

To add keys to the group, highlight the key you want to add and click 'ctrl-c' to copy the keys to the clipboard.

Highlight the group, right-click on it to open the popup menu, and choose Paste. The keys will be pasted into the group.

More PGP for newbies-->>

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