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How to build railguns and coilguns, continued...
   Why Big and Dangerous Electromagnetic Guns Are Hard to Build

The basic theory of electromagnetic guns makes them seem easy to build. This is probably why the Internet is full of instructions of how to build electromagnetic guns. The problem is, most of them fall into three classes: guns that only just barely make a projectile move, ones that are purely theoretical (with minor errors thrown into the instructions), and ones that are supposed to work super well but are impossible to build.

The biggest problems have to do with magnets and the Periodic Table of the Elements.

There also are techniccal issues specific to railguns and coilguns.

If you really want to learn as much as is known about these guns – not counting secret military lab stuff – there is only one reliable source: the IEEE (http://www.ieee.org). It archives all the research papers on these guns in its IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.



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