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Have a Great Life! Stories about People Who Use Hacking to Do Good

From: "kup3rt1n0 Doe"
Subject: Cyber-warfighting in the military

Hey Carolyn,

First of all, I think you have a great site and are doing a great job of pointing people in the right direction. It is educational sites like yours that will keep budding hackers and security experts from becoming malicious script kiddies or cyber-terrorists.

The purpose of this email is to let you know of some other opportunities that exist in the military. I am currently enlisted in Marine Corps Intelligence where we have an entire platoon dedicated to enemy network analysis and exploitation. We have government-sanctioned courses that we attend and are currently trying to get funding for third-party courses such as the "black hat" courses that are offered. If anyone was interested in this field, they should enlist in the 2600 field to get these opportunities. Normally, Morse operators have the best chances of getting into this platoon and the courses. This isn't just for senior enlisted, either. I'm only an E-3 (Lance Corporal) and many members are even lower ranks. Just thought you'd like the heads up!



Carolyn replies: If you want to join the U.S. Marine Corps, in the U.S you can usually find a recruiting office nearby.

Subject: RE: hackthissite.org
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:48:45 -0500

Here at hackthissite.org [a computer break-in challenge] we try to make our site the friendliest environment to learn in as possible. Anything goes on the site, (excluding dos, and brute force attacks please).

I came to the site with hardly any knowledge about network security at all. By the time I was done I knew more than some of the people working there. The learning curve is great, and if you have real trouble with one of the challenges there’s a forum to post questions and an IRC chat-room to ask questions.

The IRC server is irc.inteliinternet.com and the room is #Hackthissite. Don’t worry about asking “Dumb” questions. If you ever get made fun of for “Noob” questions, just pm me, spiffomatic64, with your question and the person who made fun of you. We don’t take kindly to jerks.

This site is good fun and is always coming out with new challenges.This site has not only let me get in touch with very smart people but has also, in the process, made me a smart person lol. I just started college at Drexel University this year and my knowledge from hackthissite.org helped me find many exploits and problems that I have reported, and in turn may lead to me getting a job there in the future. So hacking can definately be a profession. Just make sure you study how to prevent hacking as well! Cheers once again to the great site!

P.S. I've had many people ask me to be their "mentors" because of your book and I'd just like to thank you! I love helping people and do so as much as possible. If it wern't for you book I wouldn't have been able to help as many people as I have.

From: "A. Mac Hugh"
To: <cmeinel@cmeinel.com>

I started college in 2000 an joined the computer society. They gave a free shell account( for life, I don't attend that college any more). All I knew was I could telnet in and check my mail. Now thanks the happy hacker I now can do so much more. I love learning about computers. That reminds me I found out how to get the full
e-mail headers on Outlook Express .Once you've open you e-mail, go to view and click options it show the whole header.

I was doing a science course and in the second year we had to decided which subject we want to specialise in. I chose Physics mainly cause I would learn c/c++ programming and about Unix Linux. In third year we had to do a project. The ones on the list that interested me were Java programming and studying the college network. You can guess which one I took: studying of the
college network. I used the sniffer pro program to monitor the network, set up a crossover network between two computers and in vain tried to decode a MAC address using a oscilloscope. That project was a lot a phun and in my mind the easiest of all the projects.

Ok, one last thing: do you know were I could get in contact with hackers in Ireland? Keep up the good work.

Carolyn replies: Hopefully this post will reach some Irish hackers who will contact A. Mac Hugh,

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